Silky sheets - spray by Classic Erotica - review by Red Riding Hood

Simple idea, great product!

Even though the product has some hang-ups with the nozzle, it's still amazing. I am not sure everyone could make use of it, but for those who could, they are definitely getting a good product. It is a little pricey for what it is, but for the uses I have for it, I don't mind dishing out the extra cash. It makes a great gift as well, as it's not a blatantly sexual item. I've given these out before with great feedback! Even with the few negative points, I still give this product five stars!!!
Really dries wet spots, smells great, scent lasts, easy to use, multiple (non-marketed) uses.
Nozzle gets clogged, price, talc base.
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useful review


This is an aerosol spray that is intended to be sprayed on bed sheets to soak up those wet spots you get when you've played long and hard. This is the main marketing purpose, but it's also great to just spray in the air to freshen your space. It has an added bonus of pheromones, which I am not sure work, but some may find them useful. The scents are primarily flowery and fruity and I think are really geared for females. I guess if that doesn't bother a man, he could use this product. I have several cans of this stuff at home, but I also carry one around with me, too. I would LOVE for them to have smaller sizes that would fit easily in a purse.

As with any product that you would spray in the air, you don't want to directly breathe this. It has a talc in it, as well (remember drying those wet spots?). Just be careful and cautious when spraying to avoid breathing the powder into your lungs.

Of course, there are people like me who did not heed typical warnings and use this product in ways that it was not intended for. (read on)

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This sprays much like an aerosol hairspray. It's a fine, powdery mist that sprays evenly and lightly over your bed or in the air. If you don't go wild with it, it doesn't leave white spots and it shouldn't irritate. Do be careful not to breathe it in. When sprayed on a bed, I wouldn't call it "silky", but it does take care of any moisture that might have been left.

In not using common sense, I do use this on my body. I LOVE how it feels. My skin has an amazing, silky feel without it feeling dry. I do use cornstarch products intended for the body, but this stuff feels amazing when sprayed on my thighs or between/under my breasts. I try to hold the can away so it doesn't go on "Wet", but the powder lands on the skin and finishes drying and setting completely.

Taste / Aroma

Taste - Don't even think about it.

Aroma - Magnificent!

There isn't a scent I have tried that I didn't like. I do like some more than others, but they are all good in their own ways. The scent is definitely strong when you first spray the product. After you spray the product in the air, the scent lingers about like any other household spray you might use. It doesn't seem to linger too much on the bed linens, but enough that it's worth the use. I expected a sort of chalky, powdery scent, and although it has these properties in the formula, the scent is fairly pure.


This product does exactly what it says it can do and more. Initially I just used it to freshen the air in my home or car, as I really didn't need it to dry anything at first. I really liked the scent, but I can't really say the pheromones work. I finally had the opportunity to use it when I left a window cracked in my car and a little bit of some misty rain had gotten to my seat. I used this stuff and it actually worked! It wasn't bone dry, but it definitely helped it along. I later began using it on my sheets and furniture as well.

Later on, someone I knew suggested I use it because I was chafing a lot between my breasts. I tried it and I won't lie... It stung like a beast! That said, it worked. It left a nice scent, powdered the chafed area, calming it a bit and preventing further damage and was simple to just spray and go. I never have any residual irritation when I use it on my skin. That said, the label warns against these types of uses, so IF you do what I did, do not blame the makers of the product. This may not work for everyone.

I also realized it makes a decent dry shampoo in a pinch. Of course, it's not going to work like a salon-grade product, but on the road, it really makes things easy to carry a few bottles that can do multiple things.


Packaging is about as simple as it can get. Think "hairspray". My only gripe is that the nozzle gets clogged quite a bit. I did notice it seemed to happen more frequently with the Spring Rain scent. I've only owned one bottle of it, but it seemed I was ALWAYS cleaning the nozzle. Maybe it was just a thicker batch, somehow. Apart from the clogging, the packaging is convenient and does as well as any other room sprays.

Special Features

I have a hard time deciding if the use itself is a special feature. Typically, something like this would only be used to freshen the air, but this product contains talc, which dries up moisture on sheets after some frisky playtime. I personally consider this a "Special Feature". This actually works! I have had some sweaty nights or times where I sprayed my bed with product on accident and this really did help it dry up without using much product at all. Another feature is the pheromones that are added to the formula. I can't say these really work, as I've never really known pheromones to work in any product I've gotten. I will say that I do think it adds a nice atmosphere and pleasant feeling, but that could just be the scent itself.

Personal comments

I use this product daily. I mean every single day. From freshening the air, to my bedding to using it as a body powder or on my workout clothes, it really gets its mileage at my house. I have tried Spring Rain, Plumeria, Pomegranate, Citrus and Pear Blossom and I loved each and every one. I would have to say that the Pear Blossom was my favorite scent out of the bunch, but I am still willing to try more. I love how you can coordinate the scents with other products from this brand. It makes things so lovely and simple! It's also not tested on animals, which is a bonus for a animal lover like me!


As mentioned before, I have used this product in ways that aren't suggested on the label, but found it to be so useful.
Example :
While on a tour with a friend, our A/C cut out in the vehicle we were traveling in. We were in Texas and the heat was insane in the car. Not to sound gross, but we were literally dripping sweat. We stopped into the ladies room before the event and used this on our bodies to help freshen up and dry the sweat. It worked like magic! We used it all over. Hair, underarms, underboobs, back - All taken care of.

I am not trying to get anyone to do anything unsafe, but this really saved my skin that day. Use common sense and don't blame the product if you try using this on your skin and have a reaction. And don't blame me if you decide to be stupid like I did. However, if you are stupid and it works, I am welcome to taking some of that credit. (wink)
Follow-up commentary
I absolutely love this stuff and I keep it in stock in several scents. I use it almost daily and I still suggest it to others. I have not found anything like this and I really don't see how the product could be done better. I'm so happy with it. Whoever invented this is a genius!
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  • petlove0311
    nice review
  • *Camoprincess*
    Thanks for the review, I had some of this and I hated it. I wouldn't recommend using it on broken or flared up skin. I would wait til it healed This spray has many different uses it however, didn't work great for me.
  • kkybf
    good review
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    Nice Review!
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    interesting uses!
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    Thanks for the review. I don't know how I'd feel about using this as a body spray. However, I'm glad it's versatile.
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    good review, thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks for the review!
  • Red Riding Hood
    Thanks for reading. Camoprincess, I can understand how it would be bad for skin issues. It burned like crazy when I used it on chafed skin. I loved using it to PREVENT chafing, though. It does has many uses, but I guess it's not for everyone. What about it did you not like? Sisterluck, it's probably not the BEST thing for skin, but I didn't mind taking a chance. It works well for me!
  • Dustin LaBorde
    thank you
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