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Silky Sheets; not all that it claims, but a Nice Product None the Less

This product makes several claims as to it's performance. Some, such as drying up Wet Spots, did not seem to work, others such as having "Pheromone" activity were not able to be proven or disproven in our tests. However, this product does work well to freshen, deodorize and soften sheets, and set a nice mood in the bedroom before or after making love.

It is a pleasant to use product, we will continue to use it, despite not all it's claims being useful to us.
Smells good, not too intense, softens and freshens sheets, works on "odors"
Doesn't dry up Wet Spots, no noticeable "Pheromone" activity
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Silky Sheets "Pheromone Powder Mist" for Sensual Sheets is supposed to be a multi-purpose product. The can and the hype say it not only makes your sheets feel "silky" but also can be used to dry up "wet spots" and adds pheromones, supposedly to add to the sexiness of your lovemaking. Some say that certain pheromones can add to sexual attraction and arousal. I am sure, that in real life situations, this is true. Whether this product was able to recreate the exact pheromones that attract one human to an other, in order to make sexual activity more inciting, was not something My Man and I were able to determine. The product, however, does have many good qualities.

I've used it an hour or so before sex, and although I didn't notice any difference from the "pheromones" contained in the spray, it did make the sheets feel silky and "just put on the bed" fresh.

It can also help with that "sex aroma" after you are done making love; if you can get your partner to move or your lovemaking is in the morning so the bed can be sprayed before being made. It helps keep the sheets nice and fresh until the next change. Sadly if you have one of those "WOW, I think you hit my G Spot!" wet spots, then this product does not do all it says.

We also found it helpful for that "sick bed smell." When someone is running a fever, and they have that (sorry if it's TMI) sour "sick smell" on their sheets, and you will be changing the sheets as soon as they are feeling a bit better, this product helps add a cheerful mood to the sick room. With the exception of Gastroenteritis (Stomach Flu) we use this for Sick Beds in our house regularly. (The scent, any scent, is a little strong for those with a jittery tummy.)
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Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The directions say to shake and hold can 6 to 8 inches above area to be misted. It goes on dry, and a bit powdery, but seems a comfortable consistency. UNLESS you try to dry a wet spot. Then, if you are as persistent as I am, it becomes cakey and the smell becomes too intense. I simply don't use it to attempt to dry up wet spots anymore.

As a bed freshener, it goes on light and sweet and works well, with a pleasant aroma and consistency.

It is quite easy to spray this on the bed sheets, open the bed so you can get to both top and bottom sheets, then just hold the can about a half foot from the sheets and spray while moving the can around the bed, avoiding the pillows. A few sprays lasting only a few seconds each will freshen the bed and soften the sheets.
    • Smooth
    • Velvety

Taste / Aroma

I did not taste this. I wouldn't recommend it.

The aroma, ours was the Mystical Musk was very nice. It does smell great! My "Signature Fragrance" is Bath and Body Works Moonlight Path (hey, I'm a cheap date) and it blends well enough with my bath and shower gel, my au du parfume, my toilette water, my body butter, my hand and body get the idea. It doesn't clash with the fragrance I usually wear, so it's good for me there. It also, oddly, doesn't clash with many of our JimmyJane Afterglow Massage Candles which have unique fragrances of their own. The Silky Sheets Mystical Musk is so light and gentle that it blends with most of the good aromas normally found in our bedroom. (Make sure not to spray near an open flame, do not smoke until product is dry, and keep away from heat. Do I NEED to tell anyone this?)

The aroma doesn't last particularly long, not long enough to be cloying or annoying, it seems to blend into the background of your bedroom after an hour or two. Which, for our purposes, was long enough. (When sprayed on the sheets just before making the bed, a soft pleasant aroma was detected when opening the bed later that evening.)

It did keep the sheets feeling nice and soft longer than the aroma lasted. It didn't stain (even when I used too much trying (for Science) to dry a Wet Spot) and the product washed out of the sheets easily. Nearly all our sheets are white or pastel, so I didn't see any of the product on them (with the exception of the ill fated attempts to dry Wet Spots) but it did leave an easily washable powder residue behind on our maroon duvet. This wasn't a huge deal and washed out in a single washing machine cycle.
    • Light smell
    • Smells good


As I have said Silky Sheets works well to freshen the bed, to make the sheets soft and new feeling and although they may set a mood, we didn't notice any added sexual benefit from the Pheromones contained in the formula. This product contains; Copulandrone, Copuline-Alike and Reconstituted Andrononre. The only place where I could find these "chemicals" listed was on other sex toy sites and blogs (most of them related to this product and a few pheromone candles) and one site dedicated to people who use Pheromones for sexual health and body building. I could find absolutely no scientific information about these additives.

"Copul-androne" and "Copuline" sound like the word "Copulate" which means "to engage in the act of sexual intercourse" (if you are Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory I guess and use words like that in normal conversation.) And the word "Andronone" is reminiscent of "Androgen" which is a male hormone. Whether these are actually real hormones, synthetic ones I have no idea. The product says it uses no animal testing, so I am assuming these are synthetic hormone with similar chemical profiles to the actual sexual pheromones either humans or animals give off while "copulating." This is pure conjecture on my part, though.

However, I was not able to use Silky Sheets to "dry up" wet spots. Maybe it has something to do with different people's individual chemistry, but when I tried to dry up a few wet spots, the product turned very powdery, caked up, and the odor was so intense, I ended up sleeping on a thick towel ANYWAY! This one on top of the now powdery puddle on my bed, under my butt!

Your bed smells really really good when you use this fragrance, though. I have some Bath and Body Works Pillow Spray to freshen our bed. (Silky Sheets directs you not to use their product on pillows, however.) I have found the Silky Sheets easier to use, as it goes on dry, not wet and slightly sticky, like the Bath and Body Works Pillow Spray. It also freshens sheets longer than the B&BW spray. I prefer Silky Sheets to the more expensive B&BW Pillow Spray.

I have myriad allergies and nothing in this product, under normal use irritated them, with the exception of when I used WAY too much in an attempt to dry up a wet spot. (I'm very persistent; four sprays won't dry up the spot? Use eight!) However, by morning, the aroma and my itchy nose had disappeared. (OK, my nose was still there, it just wasn't itchy anymore.)


The product came in a 4 oz tall thin white can, with a clear plastic cap. It was in a clear plastic bag, and the can had purple and black writing on it, a picture of a....thistle (?) over the fragrance description "Mystical Musk." (I'm not sure why, maybe showing the musk gland of a deer or a civet would have turned people off, although I am sure this is synthetic musk.) Thistles aren't "silky" at all, nor do they smell like musk, so I am stumped on why this picture was used. It didn't detract from the benefits of the product, however.

We've been using ours once or twice a week for about 2 months and the can still sounds about 1/2 to 3/4 full.

There are specific instructions on the can, and warnings and a full set of ingredients. Although this product is not meant for pillows "due to powdery consistency" (it's on the can) one can evidently purchase Pillow Mist from the same manufacturer. It actually might be nice to try.

I am sure this could easily be tossed into an overnight bag or a travel suitcase. And, due to some of the nasty hotel rooms I have stayed in over the years, this would be a great benefit to the economy travel experience!
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Would make a nice gift

Special Features

As mentioned, we didn't notice any added effects from the added "Pheromones." We're a pretty horny couple, so maybe we overrode the effects of it in the first place. ;)

The product does make the sheets feel cool for a while after spraying, which is nice on a warm day, or after making love.

Personal comments

As this product seems cool feeling, as well as soft and slightly powdery, I am looking forward to using this product in the summer, when often the bed just seems too warm to climb into at night.


Despite Silky Sheets not really adding any noticeable "Pheromone" activity to our bedroom antics (who knows, it may have, every time is different. We didn't notice any difference, however) and the fact that it didn't perform well in drying up Wet Spots, it did add a lovely fragrance to our bed and our bedroom. The sheets were silky and soft and the experience of using the product was overall very pleasant.

I will probably buy an other can when this one is nearly gone, as we both enjoyed the benefits that the product did give, although it didn't deliver all that it said it would. Honestly, I didn't actually believe the "Pheromone" claim, and I have been using towels to cover Wet Spots for so long, (or strategically attempting to deposit the Wet Spot on his side it doesn't bother me in the least to continue to do so.

I really wish it was packaged in a larger can!
Follow-up commentary
We continue to use Silky Sheets regularly, and as it is almost gone, are planing on purchasing a new can to replace the one we have.

I have had no problems with the nozzle (as some other reviewers have) aside from a little of the product on the nozzle after use. Wiping it off works and our can has never clogged.

The aroma has remained pleasant and I use it for everything from cigarette smell from My Man's head on the bed, to the sick room, to after sex "freshening" of the bed, to pre sex preparing of the bed.

I enjoy using this product and will buy more of it. Most likely in the Must scent we first purchased.

It still doesn't do anything for wet spots, we don't try to use it for this anymore. Aside from that, it's a great freshening product. Especially in the Mystical Musk scent.
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