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Get In My Bed!

I love this the feeling, love the light scent, even love the placebo effect of the pheromones. However, this also makes me sneeze like crazy if I get it near my face. This is probably part of why the can says to not spray on your pillow. Silky Sheets sheet mist might be just what you need to spice things up or at least to freshen things up for that surprise visitor!
Light Smell
Boasted Pheromones
Not Wet
Possibly Irritating
Makes Me Sneeze
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Silky Sheets sheet mist in powder form is a pheromone spray and is meant to make any sheet set feel seductively silky smooth. If you believe in the power of pheromones or at least enjoy the placebo effect from not being completely skeptical, this spray may just bring about some bedroom surprises. I also use this spray when I know that my sheets are basically clean (read as I'm the only one who has slept in my bed), but I have a surprise visitor over. Just like lemon scent makes people think that your home is clean, sheet mist gives the allusion that your sheets haven't been tossed and turned in for the last few nights and quite possibly that you haven't been wearing a mumu to bed every night either. Finally, I'd consider using this for massage time as long as you avoid the places where the recipient's head and face will be. Getting a massage while laying on silky sheets without the awkward slip and slide of silk seems like a relaxer to me!
    • Massage
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This is a powder sheet mist, and if it's sprayed on too closely or too heavily, you might feel a powdery texture. For best results, hold can 6-8 inches away and spray lightly and evenly. Doing a second layer is much more convenient than changing the bedsheets because you overloaded them. Also, as previously noted, the can suggests you stay away from your pillows. My sheets are pretty basic Walmart cheapy sheets, and after a light spraying they felt silky, and surprisingly, dry. Simply enough, the feeling wears off after a night of sleeping in your sheets by yourself or a session of play with your partner. For the sake of testing, I sprayed my leg to see if the consistency is the same if you happen to coat the bed heavily and it transfers to your skin. My leg felt like it had been newly lotioned up, was dry, and it didn't feel sticky or greasy at all.
    • Smooth
    • Velvety

Taste / Aroma

I would not suggest tasting this. Just do not. It has parfum listed as an ingredient not once, but four times. As for aroma, I ordered the Make Me Blush scent, and the bottle says it should be a mix of sweet pea, blue violet, and powdery white cedar. I'm pretty sure I don't get the cedar scent from this, but the sweet pea and violet do seem to come through fairly well. They aren't overwhelming though if you do a light misting versus a hosing. I think this scent is more aimed toward the female side, but it's not too florally or girly to the point of turning a male partner off. However, I highly doubt a set of male partners would choose this scent.
    • Light smell


Once again, a light misting is all you need to last through a night in the bed alone or through a play session. If you spray more generously, it'll last longer. Reapplying isn't difficult since this goes on dry though. It does not have to be washed off the sheets, which is a good thing for those who don't have a washer and dryer like myself. I also can't stand to smell florally smells for extended periods of time, so the temporary scent and texture is a pro for me. There are 8 scents total though, and each scent may be different. The only thing that I wish they offered is a parfum-free/scent-free option, as I think it would appeal to many. Finally, this product doesn't stain my sheets or any clothing that has come into contact with it, which is an absolute must for me.


Silky Sheets make me blush scent comes in a 4 ounce pink, white, and silver bottle. It kind of looks like a hairspray bottle with a push nozzle, which is covered by a plastic cap. There is no safety feature or anything that unscrews. This is a pressurized can, so of course the contents are highly flammable and may be dangerous if they come into contact with heat. The can states that this product is made in the USA, isn't tested on animals, is paraben-free, is sulfate-free, is safe for all skin types, and is sugar-free for starters. Basically, all the information you could need is on this can.

The ingredients list is as follows:
Alcohol Denat., Talc, Propane, Isobutane, Butane, Fragrance (Parfum), Mineral Oil, Copulandrone (Parfum), Copuline-alike (Parfum), and Reconstituted Andronone (Parfum)

The packaging doesn't look particularly racy, nor would I instantly think "sex!" after skimming across the text on the bottle. It kind of reminds me of the newly popular room spray. I wouldn't travel with anything pressurized, but that's just me. I think airlines may actually have an issue with someone trying to bring highly flammable products on board though.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Does not leak
    • Easy to use / dispense

Special Features

This product does contain pheromones, though they are a controversial feature it seems. Pheromones haven't necessarily been proven to work when they are manufactured and not natural, but the placebo effect may still be seen. Pheromones may be arousing or a enhance mood and confidence as well.

Personal comments

I did notice on the product page that they recommend this spray to dry up wet spots on the bed...if you know what I mean. I haven't personally tested this feature out as I'm not in a committed relationship, and I'd find it kind of awkward to crawl out mid-cuddle and spray down bodily fluids on the bed. Plus, I'd be worried that I would forget about that wet spot and not wash my sheets the next day, which is a hygiene problem in my personal opinion. I also think that the amount of spray needed might be an issue since the scent could become overpowering if the spot needs more than a light spray. While I'm on this topic...this is a great time to recommend the Liberator throe (or a similar item if you can't get your hands on this discontinued product). The throe, which will hopefully be replaced with a similar alternative, is more convenient and less awkward than spray.
Follow-up commentary
I like this quite a bit still, and I recently found it functional for selling used furniture. In fact, I've sprayed it on the underside of a futon I was selling, which apparently made it more buyable. Something about the smell is "clean." I also am looking forward to actually buying a more expensive sheet set to be coupled with this. My wrinkled up cheapo sheets that are currently on my bed aren't doing this product romantic justice.
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