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Well, The Bed Smells Really Good

This is a great product for freshening up just about any fabric around the house. Use it to make the bed silky before sex, make the bed feel slightly less "sexed up" after sex, or to make the wait until laundry day more bearable in the warmer months. Just be careful how much you spray on darker sheets as the powder will be more noticeable then.
Smells lovely, makes sheets feel great.
Do pheromone sprays ever actually work? Can leave white spots if you're not careful.
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The intended use of Silky Sheets is to use pheromones to help entice your partner, or you, to be in the mood, as well as providing a soft and luxurious silky feeling to your bedding and dry up wet spots on the bed. You can spray it before having sex to give a silky feeling to your sheets, after having sex to dry up a few wet spots and "freshen up" the sheets until you feel like changing them, or you can just use it to freshen up the bedding. I've also seen some people use it to freshen up other furniture elsewhere in the home.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Silky Sheets comes out as a powder. It really does make the sheets feel silkier, which is awesome. According to the back of the can, you are supposed to shake the can well, and then hold the can 6-8" away from the area you will be misting. It sprays on dry, but if you overdo it a bit, you can just use your hand to sort of smooth everything out and make the powder spread evenly.

The powder that comes out is a light talc powder. It doesn't get sticky or change consistencies over time. For best results you do have to spray the sheets down every couple of days, because unless you're changing the sheets that often, the silkiness does not last until you do laundry.

Taste / Aroma

Ok, well, I didn't taste this, because that would be very bad. In fact, just don't even worry about what it might taste like, because even if it doesn't make you sick, I can pretty much guarantee that it will not be pleasant.

As for the aroma, I ordered Vanilla Fields. Honestly, I find it to be almost a bit too strong. At least at first. It smells very sweet, almost like candy. Once it dies down a bit the smell is just wonderful. It almost smells like vanilla extract, minus the alcohol scent usually attached to the extract.


I find that you do have to reapply every couple of days or so to be able to really feel the silkiness on your sheets. But for the first night it's sprayed on, it is wonderful. As with most things that claim to contain pheromones, I didn't really expect any jumpstarted libidos, and I never told my fiance exactly what it was for, to try and prevent a placebo effect, and it didn't seem to affect him any. But I didn't buy it hoping it would kickstart anything.

I bought it for what it could make my sheets feel like. And it makes flannel sheets feel just lovely.

I didn't wake up the next morning with any powder stuck to my person anywhere, and it didn't seem to show up on the undergarments I wore to bed either.


I received my can in a plastic bag that had been taped shut. Once removed from that you're left with the can which is your basic aerosol can with a convenient little cap on top that you have to remove to spray. The front of the can tells you that you have Silky Sheets Pheromone Powder Mist for Sensual Sheets, and the scent you chose with a little picture underneath that. Mine shows a vanilla flower and says Vanilla Fields. Underneath that is the warning telling you that contents are under pressure and that you have a 4 ounce net weight.

The back of the can tells you, among other things, that you should shake well and hold 6-8 inches away from the surface you're going to be misting. You should not use on your pillows due to the powdery consistency. They recommend Passion Pillows Pheromone Pillow Mist, which currently comes in Plumeria and Lavender Rain. I haven't tried these as of yet.

As with all aerosol cans, remember that your product will be flammable, do not puncture or incinerate the container, even when empty. Make sure not to expose to extreme heat or store at temperatures over 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

The ingredients listed are: Alcohol Denat, Talc, Propane, Butane, Isobutane, Fragrance (Parfum), Mineral Oil, Copulandrone, Copuline-alike, Reconstituted Adronone.

It's fairly discreet in that it doesn't scream "hey there, I came from a sex site," but it's not as discreet as say, a can of Febreeze.

Special Features

Supposedly the pheromones included will make you and your partner more aroused, and not so much. One night he just got into bed, rolled over, and went to sleep.

Personal comments

When used correctly, ie: sprayed 6-8" away, you won't end up with a wet spot from the spray. If you spray it really closely, the spot will be a bit wet and the powder that you can normally just spread around by hand will be pretty much embedded in your fabric until washing.

For best results, spray in a sweeping motion, and make sure to turn off any air circulating devices before you start spraying. It didn't occur to me to turn of the ceiling fan until after I had started spraying and the spray just went up into the air.

The reason this product is supposed to dry up wet spots is because of the talc powder. This will work great on anything that's just kinda damp, but it is not intended for full out soaking wet spots. However, turning the wet spot into a clump of powder will probably make for slightly easier cleanup, but it's still not a spray it and forget it solution.


I really like this product so far. It does smell wonderful and depending on how much gets sprayed onto the bed even leaves my skin feeling a little softer. I sprayed some on the bed the other day before I left for work and my hand still smelled faintly of it a few hours later, and I could still smell just a hint of it when I walked back into my bedroom later that night.

This spray will also be a godsend in the summer months when my fiance sweats a lot while he's sleeping. Rather than having to either change the sheets every few days or just dealing with the inevitable smell (we both work a lot and doing that much laundry is not feasible), I can instead spray the sheets down with this to make the wait til laundry day more bearable!
Follow-up commentary
I still use this to freshen up my sheets, it's been a godsend with this warmer weather. We don't have the time to do much of anything, so to be able to make the sheets last all week, smell fantastic, and feel even better, my fiance and I are really happy with this stuff. So much so that we bought the Spring Rain scent.

We use it to freshen up the cars and even our shoes too. For the price, I'm still really happy with this stuff.
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  • TacoODoom
    i'm still going with my theory that smelling like a glazed doughnut gets my hubby going... personally i like blood orange, leather and dirt myself...
  • Jul!a
    Lmao. If I smelled/tasted like a glazed doughnut, my fiance would probably just start chewing, and he's randomly started "gnawing" at my arm before, lol.

    I might try a few of the other scents to see if that makes a difference, but I never put much stock into pheromone sprays really working much anyway, lol
  • Miss Cinnamon
    My boyfriend gnaws on my head sometimes... Once I got a forehead hickey. Um.. Story for another day. I'm pretty ambivalent about pheromone sprays myself, but at least this one has the added benefit of making sheets feel and smell good! Nice review!
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    Very nice review!
  • Sammi
    Good review! Smile
  • Jul!a
    Thanks Newme and Sammi Big smile

    Cynthia, don't you just hate it when they start randomly gnawing on you?! lol
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    Great review thanks this is going on my wishlist
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    Great review! I love this product!
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