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Body scrub reviews

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21 reviews

The Venus body scrub is a great way to lather yourself clean and get your skin feeling fresh and smooth. With many scent options, there is bound to be something for everyone.

All in all, this is a pretty good product. It is a shame that the green tea scent smells awful when it comes in contact with water. For me, the purpose of using this product is to smell better, not like a wet sheep dog. I will be buying this product again when I run out, but definitely with a different scent.

All in all, I believe this is a good product for those who don't have sensitive skin who are looking for a gentle to mid-level exfoliant. However, if you are wanting something that will get down and dirty and remove quite a bit of dead skin, then you should probably skip on this proudct.

I think this is a great over-all body cleanser. The scent is very pleasant and the scrub is gentle enough for regular use.

Venus's aromatic body scrubs will gently slough off your dead skin cells as you wash, leaving behind softer, refreshed skin. The range of scents includes everything from unscented to fruity or floral fragrances, offering something for everyone.

The light scent of milky almonds will refresh you while you slough off dead skin and reveal the soft skin you have waiting underneath. The scrub is just abrasive enough to work well without being too rough or too soft. The bottle cap is slightly annoying and it's really the only problem I have with this product. I wish the bottle was bigger because I love this stuff! Highly recommended!

I love the smell of the Milk scent. It is light and tropical. Reminds me of coconut and sweet almond. I like that it leaves my body silky smooth, but did not build up much of a lather. Great scrub, awesome scents. Try this out!

This was a great scrub to use in a sensual bath with my wife. It is also a great product she can enjoy solo, which is why I decided to buy her a bottle for Valentine's Day. I think it just might become a V-day tradition!

I really recommend this product if your purchasing bath/shower products for the first time. You get exactly what you pay for. They certainly do not jip you on bottle size. I got the Milk scented scrub the first time. I plan on purchasing the Peach scent next. The winter time can leave your skin pretty dry sometimes. If you need a skin rejuvenate, check this out and enjoy!

Venus Body Scrub with Dead Sea Salts is an excellent body care product. With its affordable price, there's nothing stopping you from trying out all the scents!

If you want to be left feeling clean and smooth, use this soap. It smells good, washes well, scrubs well and rinses away nicely. No complaints at all except it's lack of a dispenser top.

This is a great body scrub to rejuvenate your skin. It lightly scents the skin, but most of all, makes you feel clean and refreshed.

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, but I wouldn't stop anyone from trying it either. If you're sensitive or concerned about parabens in your products then this is definitely something you should pass on. It's not a bad idea, in theory. I would like to see more natural ingredients paired with the dead sea salt (c'mon folks, it's just salt; it doesn't matter if it's rock salt, sea salt or table salt, it's all the same stuff) and pumice.

I had high hopes and expectations for this body scrub by Venus with reading all the reviews and comments. Sadly in my experience the product fell short of anything amazing or fantastic and seemed more along the lines of a generic brand. I think I would have enjoyed this scrub a lot more if I could have actually smelled the scent it is supposed to be.

I absolutely love this body scrub by Venus. It's gentle on skin, yet removes dead skin and softens my whole body. The scent is sweet and reminds me of milk and honey. Venus also does not test their products on animals.

Make the skin so soft and leaves a soft, clean scent to entice every one and there are so many great scents to choose from!

It is so important for a person (woman or man) to find time for themselves. A little me-time if you will. Whether you have rug rats at your heels all day or the stress of work, 30 minutes in a hot bath with this Venus Body scrub to exfoliate and relax your stress away, is just what the doctor ordered.

I really like this body scrub. It smells great and seems to work. What more can you ask for in a body scrub. Some scrubs/body products smell great in the bottle, but when you get out of the shower the smell is no where to be smelled. Not with this one. I can smell it on my wife after every use.

This body scrub by Venus is a great option for those who like to feel smooth and also try new and pleasant scents. Anyone interested should give this a try, you don't have anything to lose.

I am not sure if I will ever be able to take another bath again without this product! Venus Body Scrub is a top of the line product at an affordable price! I could never find this at retail for such an amazing price. It is a natural dead sea product that works wonders for removing dead skin, while exfoliating the entire body, and providing eleven different aromatic choices. Two thumbs way up!

This product is definitely worth the money. For the quality, I would have expected to pay more! Great value! It leaves your skin smelling like peaches, and there's tons of scents to choose from. Your skin will be soft, re-hydrated, and scrubbed down to perfection. You get a good 8 oz, so it will last you a long while! Perfect gift for any occasion as the package is not sexual whatsoever. Love this product!

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