Lockable sex toy case

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by BMS Enterprises

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Great for if you're sticking to a couple of your favorite toys. If you're building up a collection I recommend splurging on a bigger case.

I think it is worth it because it does lock, it holds several items or will contain that special big one and it is durable enough for the money. I have had mine for several years and it still locks fine and is all in one piece and still looking great.

I'd like to see the manufacturer make this case in various sizes and price them accordingly. It would also be nice if they add a mesh netting to the lid to store flatter items (e.g., pasties). I am still surprised at how much I could fit in mine. This storage case definitely helps me keep my toys readily available for whenever the notion strikes me!

This is a great box and can be used for anything. I love the different colors. It's easy to hide and travel with.

This lockable case is perfect for storing a small stash of your favorite toys close at hand without having to worry about prying eyes, the code is easy to reset and opens in a snap when you need fast access to your toys.

This product is constantly selling out because it the best storage case here. Combination lock which can be changed whenever you want.

Overall I am happy with my storage box. I like that there are three differnt colors that it comes in and I love that it has a lock that you choose the password to open it. I love that I can leave this out around the house and I do not think anyone would question what it is.

We had someone in our home who took some jewelry while they stayed with us for the weekend, so my wife bought this for me to keep my rings and necklaces in to keep them locked up. This worked well. The only thing that was a problem was the slick, plastic interior had things rolling all over. I put felt on the inside and wrapped up the stuff - problem solved.

I love this it's great for travel and isn't so big that it will get in your way I may just get another.

This box held a lot more than I had expected. That was a pleasant surprise. Interior of box measures 13.5" * 3.5" * 3.5". I was able to get quite a few toys into this little box. It is perfect for travel on a weekend get away. Don't limit yourself to storing just toys, it would be a good storage box for a number of things. It comes in 3 colors purple, black and pink. I rated it 5 out of 5 for ease of use, durability, and quality.

Since I don't have a lot of toys, this lockable sex toy box is perfect for the toys I have. In the review section I put a list of my toys that fit inside. If you have a lot of toys that need to fit inside of a box, I wouldn't go for this. If you love the look of this and want it for something, it doesn't necessarily have to be used for sex toys.

I honestly couldn't be happier with this box! It fits so much more than it looks like it would, it's durable and lockable, and comes in 3 different colors and patterns. Since it locks and is on the compact side of things, it's very travel friendly! I am so glad they brought this back in stock!

I am not too impressed with this toy box, other than it is inexpensive, and the lock is a great plus for me.

I have hope that if the lock is treated kindly, this box will last me a long time. It is attractive to look at and I feel safe having it in any room in the house when locked.

I could not be happier knowing that with my lockable box I will not have to worry about my valuable toys getting into the hands of anyone unintended. I think every lady/guy would feel safe having this to hold everything you wouldn't leave out for Grandma.

The Lockable Sex Toy Case is a perfect gift for your girlfriend or best friend, or even for yourself. It locks with a 3 digit combo, and it's a beautiful metal case with a fabric design on it. It's very roomy and holds plenty of toys and lubes for me. It's perfect to use as a jewelry box or just a lock box for any personal thing. I recommend it to anyone!

Buy! Buy! Buy! I absolutely love my toy case. It may not be able to hold to many bigger items but it is great for your smaller toys, lubes, and condoms.

You have a beautiful box, my dear, if you've decided to buy it yet. Whether it's pink, purple, or black, you have an absolutely wonderful choice for small sex toy or other storage. I'm proud of you for reading this review and deciding to finally buy it!

It's compact and travel-ready. If you have roommates or you want to bring your toys with you and keep them (and your privacy) protected, this item is a must-have!

So long as you know how big (or small) this box is, it is a pretty cool storage case. It works great for carrying a nights toys around the house or to a friends house and maybe even on a vacation, but if you are looking for a large storage solution for a big toy collection, you will be disappointed. The addition of a combo lock is great. Though some parts feel kinda cheap, it is an attractive case in any color.

This is a great case. Yes, of course it could be bigger but then wouldn't almost everything be better if it were bigger!! It is lockable and you can set your own code. It is sturdy and you can hide your most precious stuff away from prying snoopers!!

I'm very happy with the Lockable Sex Toy Case by BMS Enterprises. The size is a bit small but it still holds a good amount. The dials turn nicely, the lock holds well, and it's really easy to set the combination. It's an attractive looking storage case for a great price. I love the feminine pattern to the lavender case. My partner wants the black case because it has a more unisex appearance. I like the case so much that I plan on purchasing a few more for some friends of mine!

Whoops, I bought toys and I have no way to hide them. What if someone finds them? I mean they are just tossed in a drawer. Have you ever had this problem? Are you worried that someone will find your toys? Well . . . BMS Enterprises has a solution for you. This sexy little box is discreet in its appearance; the outside simply looks like a hookah box or something of that sort. Inside, it's a small storage area for all your small naughty pleasures.

I would really recommend this case for anyone who is planning on traveling and can't leave without a couple of their favorite sex toys, or for anyone who has curious kids or roommates. It has a surprisingly high storage capacity. The combination lock is very convenient since you don't need a key that you could lose or a key-hole someone can pick. This case is also very stylish, covered in butterflies and flowers, therefore it makes a very pretty accessory as well.

This really is a tiny storage case. With strategic placement you could probably fit a very small toy collection in there but otherwise it won't hold an awful lot. My whole collection is much too large for one of these cases but I like to use it to keep my favourite toys close by. And I can conveniently keep this on the shelf next to my bed without worrying about my family knowing what's inside since it's lockable.

If you want to lock up your valuables this would definitely work. With its quick and easy access, as long as you know the code, it's simple to use. It's great for storing sex toys or anything else you may want to hide. The good thing is that it doesn't scream "Hey, I'm full of sex toys."

The Lockable Sex Toy Case is an adorable case to store your private toys in, and really anything else. It has a cute design and doesn’t scream “SEX TOYS WITHIN", which gives a great sense of security! I would recommend this to anyone that has a few little secrets to stash away!

All in all, I like this box. Size was the major reason why I gave this product 3 stars. I like the design, and I love the durability, but the size is just something that needs to be addressed.

Who said size matters?

I honestly think this item if worth it! If you don't have a big collection or just want something to securely hold your on the go toys, this would be perfect for you! It may be small, but it fits a lot more than you think it would. I highly recommend it!

This is a very discreet, lockable box that can fit a good many toys. You can pick your own code, too.

This lock box has a beautiful, glittery butterfly design. It holds a lot, and except for the cheaply made lock that it comes with, it's perfect.

This product is a sex toy case for your toys if they'll fit, or anything else you would like to store inside of this case. This would be excellent storage for many smaller items you may have.

If you have items that may need a little extra care when storing (fragile items) or if you have a small to moderate toy stash/batteries floating around or even candles, this might be a decent storage option. Stylish and comes with a handle for easy carrying and no one will really think anything of it if it were to be out and about, visible to visitors. Though, they may question the lock.

This case is probably too small to hold your whole collection, but its small size makes it easy to stow in a closet or slip under a bed. Although it was designed to hold sex toys, I found that it is the perfect size for holding nail polish. It could also be used to hold documents, cosmetics, and other small objects.

This lockable sex toy case is great if you have a small toy collection or need a box to hold a few items. It's easy to use, sturdy, and built to last.

A super sexy secret box of treasures is what we have here. If you own more than a few toys it's not going to be a total storage solution for you, but it can be a cozy home for your favorites. It keeps your sexy weapons out of sight and out of curious hands. Plus, there's so much more you can do with this! Why not grab yourself a couple? I know I'll be stocking up on them.

Need a cute, discreet little hidey hole for some of your vibrators and lube? Or perhaps you just need a spot to stash some other small things. The Lockable Sex Toy Case by BMS Enterprises is a box with those things in mind. It's a little on the small side but there are tons of small sized items you could stash in it besides sex toys. Be creative and keep it safe with the sex toy case!

This is perfect for anyone that wants to keep anything locked up. If it's sex toys that you don't want someone getting into, or important papers that you don't want to lose this is the right box for you. While it's not the most spacious box in the world, it should be perfect for hiding most things!

The Lockable sex toy case is a beautiful and elegant storage container. If you are looking for something to put a bunch of small toys in to keep by your night side table or under your bed, then this would be the case for you. This would also make a cute makeup carrier, which I will be using mine for. Since joining Eden I am running out of space to put my balms and this is the perfect size for that.

This toy case is by no means a toy chest, so come with the expectation that it will hold only a small handful of toys. However, it has a nice design and has worked well for us.

This is a great little box for keeping your toys, makeup, medication, and anything else you can think of. Just be sure you follow the directions when setting the lock, as there is no recovery. Provides basic protection for your toys and keeps them hidden from roommates, children, and other nosy people.

This box is ideal for anyone still living with their parents or living with roommates or children. The box is fairly discreet and the lock holds up well when you try to open it without putting in the correct combination of numbers. I personally wish it had been a little bigger and the numbers weren't so clunky, but all in all this is a very nifty box to have.

Sweet storage, could be bigger though

This is a handy box to keep in the bedroom or anywhere else that you want to keep your private items private. Store accessories, money, jewelry, sex toys, massage items, you name it! I love this case, but I wish it was a tad larger. The price isn't too bad. The locking mechanism is a bit "less quality" than I would like. Overall, I like it though.

The lockable toy box is awesome, every girl should have one! The box is discreet so you can keep it right next to your bed.

Love toys? Love collecting toys? Need a place to store them? Here is your solution! A cute box that has a combination lock on it - comes in 3 colors and easy to open! Stores your favorite toys, or your makeup!

I'm glad I own this case. If nothing else, it provides a great way to keep people away from things the don't need to know about. It's not going to hold your entire collection, but as you will see from the pictures below it still holds a fair amount of product.

If you need a small storage box that locks, is discreet and can hold a small collection of toys; this is great choice!

A great solution for storing a few average-sized toys in. The box doesn't have enough room for anything large, but it's versatile and can be used to store many different kinds of things.

This is the perfect dirty little secret box. If you have too many toys rolling around, that you can not keep track of, you need one of these boxes. This box is great for all of those small toys.

This box is cute and has just enough room for all the toys I want to take with me. It locks for security and I was able to set the code. It has a sturdy rugged design in a cute feminine package.

The lockable toy case is a excellent case for the little things as well as your glass and delicate toys. Perfect size for travel, and to slip away when in your bedroom. It is discreet. It can be used for various things.

This little black box is a great and cheap alternative to the shoebox under the bed, the bedside drawer and anywhere else our toys remain scattered and lost amongst the clutter. It's cheap, versatile and pretty. And with its locking mechanism to keep nosy parents, kids and roommates out it's a great value for any gal looking for a little extra privacy.

So much smaller than I had imagined!

Overall, this is a great buy. I would recommend it to anyone who cannot afford better storage. The box itself is of high quality, and the inner material issues can be overlooked by the fact that you can safely and secretly store your toys without worrying about them being discovered. Great for college kids living on campus and small enough to take anywhere.

Overall I feel that this is a great value, especially if you have a small collection. Although the shape, size and color of this box may not be discreet, the locking function will keep prying eyes from investigating further.

This is just right for stashing your small stash of select favorites under the edge of the bed. It's also great for a bachelorette party gift.

The Lockable Sex Toy Box is totally one of the best goodies for the traveling sex fiend. It's strong and durable. I know that I can fit a weeks worth of things that I would need for a wild time.

If you are looking for something that locks to pack a few favorites in for a night or a weekend away, this is a great box to put a few special things in.

Overall, this toy box is a welcome addition to my collection and will be will used and likely bought again in the future if not by myself but by people I know. Although it could come in a bigger size, it is an affordable storage option for those that want to be able to carry around their naughty items in public safely as well as keep prying eyes out such as nosy parents or guests.

This lockable box is great for your small toys, make-up, gift ideas, and much more. I would recommend this cute compact box to anyone.

This is great for someone just starting out their collection or for someone who wants more storage for their smaller products and does not want others to get in it. It is cute and has a style to suit just about everyone. The only bad part was that the instructions were locked inside. I love this, and I use it often.

I think that this case is a perfect way of storing sex toys - especially if you have a lot of small-sized toys that are you favorite. This case would slide easily under any bed. The case is very light-weight, and due to the inexpensive price, anyone could afford it. The case itself is also very pretty to look at.

With five kids in my house, I needed a place for my sex toys. This lockable sex toy case was the answer I needed, plus helped solve several problems such as needing a place for my makeup and also to store important papers. I was able to hold a good bit of my toys in the case, although I wish the case was larger. Anyways, I am the proud owner of 3 of these cases and plan on ordering more.

The Lockable Sex Toy Storage case is a slim, but very usable case. With a setable combination lock and its long shape, this box is perfect for those lengthy toys and taking them with you for a play date.

This lockable box is great for more than just sex; you could use for make-up or jewelry. This box was a little small for me, but great for my sister, which is why I gave it to her for her birthday and she loves it.

If you have just a few things, or several small things that you want to lock away the lockable toy box is a great choice. But, if you have some big toys or need someplace to store quite a few of them, look elsewhere. It's well made though, just also very small. In the end I rate it 4 stars because the fact that it is small is not necessarily a con, just something to keep in mind.

This case is small but can be useful for those who don't have a lot of toys to to store. Need somewhere to store your small vibrators,this case is the way to go. Its also comes with different colors you can choose from and is pretty to carry around!

The Lockable sex toy case is a great case for someone who has just a few larger toys to lock up or a handful of smaller items. Its compact style and unassuming style make it a perfect bedroom accessory and bedside companion.

Easy box that holds more than you think! Great for travel or nosy kids, family, roommates! I bring it on trips to visit my boyfriend without having to worry about crushing my toys :) At home I keep it under my bed for quick access.

Whether you're new to toys or an experienced one who travels, this well-built locking sex toy case is perfect for you! It keeps prying eyes out at an affordable price.

If you're on the road this is great for you. Perfect for carrying your essential necessity toys. Excellent for storing your most intimate private life toys from others! I love it, its absolutely adorable!!!

Alice in Chains reference aside, I'm the man with a great storage box. I can now discreetly and maybe even unabashedly take my sex toys for a walk to my girlfriend's dorm room...without the strange looks now. Don't buy one of these...get two.

Perfect for travel of if you need to hide your toys, look no further for inconspicuous and lockable toy storage!!

Little Black Box ~ Video Review

An inconspicuous traveling companion which can store your dirty little secrets and keep them hidden from prying eyes? Look no further.

In closing, anyone who has a sex toy, or is interested in buying one, needs this toy box. If you have a reputation to maintain, it is essential! Be free to explore without peeping Toms & Tammys!

This is a small but pretty case that comes in a variety of colors. A simple and girly way to hold some of your favorite toys up to 12 inches. Need help with the locking mechanism? Instructions to help are in my review.

This is my bedside companion. I don't fear leaving it out, for even if my roommates were to see it sitting there, I am confident they would not view its contents. This case holds a few of my favorite toys that I just can't stand keeping out of reach, and the convenient combination lock relieves the worry of keys being misplaced or stolen. I think it offers the best value and security for the price.

If you're looking for a small, well-built case that is just as pretty as it is functional, this is the case for you! Your toys will thank you!

Wonderful case to keep things safe and secure from small eyes. Also, great thing to keep your sex toys and lotions together and sanitary not shoved away in a sock drawer or on the floor to trip and fall on and break.

It's not going to solve all your toy storage problems, but the thing is perfect for a few outstanding items that you want to keep close at hand. It has a nice locking mechanism that worked really well, and made me feel much more comfortable about having a supply of toys just hanging out under my bed. The box itself is really cute with its little handle and train case lock.

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