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Personal moisturizer reviews

33 reviews
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33 reviews

This item is worth it for anyone who just wants a normal lube without the bells and whistles for solo, or partner play. Lelo just lets the product do the talking for itself.

The most amazing thing about the product was how much a little bit could do for us. It really upped our game in the bedroom and isn't that why we are here? Everyone wants to add a little something to their sex lives, maybe easy entry is what you are looking for. Try this.

You are going to pay more for the name, but with this lube; it's worth it. There is no smell, it's water-based, and all around a good lube. Only issue is the aspartame, which I didn't have issues with.

I've always been happy with my purchases from LELO, but this lube just feels like a cheap ripoff. If you're looking for a decent water-based lubricant, look elsewhere because this one will just evaporate on you within minutes and leave you feeling sticky, gross and chafed.

As far as lubricants go, this one is middle of the road. It's not great, it's not terrible. It does have a slight edge above other similar lubricants because it is paraben and glycerin free.

This personal moisturizer by LELO does not live up the LELO name. It is on the same level as any other less expensive lubricant on the market.

I was less than impressed with Lelo's Personal moisturizer. For being such an expensive product, I would expect it to perform better. Within minutes this lube became sticky, like honey, and had to be wiped off, even reapplying a bit more was not helpful. It was easy to wash off, which is a plus. All in all, I would not recommend this product as a lubricant, if the price wasn't so expensive I could recommend it as a moisturizer, but at five bucks an ounce I'll have to pass.

This lubricant is a great option for those of you who can't tolerate glycerine or paraben ingredients, and who are also looking for a water-based lube. This product works very well with silicone toys that are not intended for anal play.

This is a great lube to have in your toy collection. It is nicely packaged, and is easy to use. This lube is great for solo masturbation and intercourse.

Although I'm not thrilled about the packaging or price, I expect to continue using Lelo moisturizer regularly. I may need to keep an unopened tube on hand so I don't worry about running out.

LELO Personal Moisturizer has become a must have in my toy collection. My boyfriend and I cannot live without it. If you're looking for a great, water-based, silky lubricant, then I highly, highly recommend LPM to you!

This is a nice lubricant that absorbs nicely into my skin and performs fairly well. Its clever packaging looks rather classy. My main issue is the price - for the few advantages it offers, I'd rather just go with a cheaper lube that offers similar performance.

Overall, LELO disappointed me with their Personal Moisturizer. I didn't see quality, or pleasure with this purchase. As a previous reviewer said, if you want a lotion this is for you, but if you want a lubricant please venture elsewhere. You will be slightly underwhelmed by this purchase if LELO excellency is what you're used to.

Although I didn't travel by pod in a complex machine to try out Lelo's personal moisturizer, it was a journey discovering a lube experience without any irritation. While this lube lacks the stamina of silicone lubes, it does make up for it by being body-safe, not damaging to my toys, and not making me want to stand under a lab shower head to wash it off.

OK, I did it and if you knew me, you would know that I am very frugal. I splurged and yes, the Lelo moisturizing lubricant is a little better than the others. I like the bottle even though it gets a little slick when you have the lube on your hands. It looks good on the night stand. We will see how long this lasts which will determine if I purchase it again. This lube is MINE!! I may share it with my husband if I see fit, otherwise it's a little bit of niceness for my solo sessions!

Lelo personal moisturizer is everything you could want in a basic lube. It works great with my silicone toys and during sex. I'm definitely going to buy more. The price is totally worth it.

Tried lots of lube and still cannot find one that makes your vagina happy? Try this really expensive lube by Lelo!!! And yes, it is ridiculously expensive. But if you are like me, and have spent a lot of money trying to find something that won't cause oodles of problems, make you smell or make you itch funny, this might be something that could work for you. I have fallen in love with it... but I hate the price.

While this Lelo product has many redeeming qualities as a personal moisturizer, it a lackluster lube. With those expectations and a tolerance for a few stray chemicals in your formula, you will probably be pleased with this product. It leaves intimate skin and the surrounding area feeling smooth and moisturized. It's great for after play/sex, and for that purpose I would recommend it.

Ohh! LELO lube! Must be awesome! Nope. Keep looking. This lube may look all classy and luxurious, but you're better off with a bottle of something cheaper. It gets kind of sticky, has a weird consistency, and isn't what you'd expect at all from LELO. The only thing this stuff has on other lubes is the totally discreet packaging, but who cares about packaging if the lube works really well? Come on, LELO. We all know you can do better.

This is a quality water-based personal lubricant. I would recommend this to everyone looking for a great clean non-sticky lube that works really well. It’s healthy, you can use it with any toy material, and there are no harmful additives- like parabens or glycerin. It mimics the body’s natural lubrication with no unpleasant chemical smells. Enhance your pleasures: Get back to the basics with Lelo’s luxurious personal moisturizer.

Lelo can be hit or miss, and this is a perfect example. This is a perfectly acceptable water-based lube, but there's nothing particularly outstanding about it in my opinion. The texture felt slightly gummy instead of as slippery as I would have liked. It's fine as a freebie, but I wouldn't seek it out otherwise.

Nice for travel or a shared living situation. It's good for everyday use if you only use a little or are content to wash up after. Great, natural feel during use means I'll keep using it but it could still be improved on. It also gets points for lasting pretty well while being water-based.

This is a slick lubricant that works amazingly well. It is water based so it is compatible with all materials and toys and is great to use for regular sex. There are no harsh chemicals and it is paraben and glycerine free, so it is the perfect choice for those who have reactions to other lubricants.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a good water based lube, one that maintains its consistency, mixes well with the bodies natural fluids, is latex compatible, doesn’t get sticky or tacky and feels slippery smooth, all while being free of both glycerin and parabens, Lelo’s Personal Moisturizer (a.k.a Lube) is definitely a decent option worth trying.

Lelo personal lubricant has a nice packaging and a sleek look, but the lubricant is short-lasting and has to be reapplied many times.

Lelo's lubricant is decoratively packaged, safe for your body, and infused with Aloe to leave your skin feeling refreshed. If you are searching for a clean, safe, and gentle product... Lelo's Personal Moisturizer just might be the right moisturizer for you!

Usually I love Lelo's products, but Lelo Personal Moisturizer totally fell flat as a lube. Yes, it does moisturize, but that's about all that it can do for anyone.

If you don't mind constant reapplication, this is a nice product. I'd purchase it again, purely for that first applied super-slippery-when-wet sensation.

This is one of my favorite lubricants to use on a regular basis. Easy to dispense no fragrance and taste free make this product is perfect for all of my toy and sex needs. I keep this product next to my bed for easy access and to show off its beautiful bottle.

This is a nice lube to get things started but I wouldn't expect it to last without reapplication. I found it to be more useful as an after-sex moisturizer to sooth raw areas and rehydrate dry skin. It does dry quick so depending on your preferred use this may be good or bad.

LELO Personal Moisturizer is a water based lube that contains no harmful glycerin. Instead it is loaded with aloe, guarana and ginseng and performs as not only a lube but a personal moisturizer throughout the day for those who have issues with vaginal dryness. It is of medium thickness and, while not the best bet for anal, should be adequate to suit the needs of nearly anyone.

The name LELO has come to mean something special and distinctive for me. This lube is neither special nor distinctive and in fact, does a pretty poor job of acting as a lubricant at all. Sure, it leaves my skin in better condition than when it started, there is no greasy or sticky after feel. But if I'd wanted a good skin moisturizer that absorbed quickly, I'd order lotion, not lube.

A good, medium thick lubricant. Safe with toy materials, condoms, thick enough for anal play, free of many common irritants. Contains herbs, also contains chemical ingredients. Although this product didn't really "moisturize" any better than any other high quality lube, it did perform admirably well, and protected tissues and held up under heavy friction and marathon love sessions. It is a decent clear, non staining lube that might be improved by a formulation with fewer ingredients.

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