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The name LELO has come to mean something special and distinctive for me. This lube is neither special nor distinctive and in fact, does a pretty poor job of acting as a lubricant at all. Sure, it leaves my skin in better condition than when it started, there is no greasy or sticky after feel. But if I'd wanted a good skin moisturizer that absorbed quickly, I'd order lotion, not lube.
Discreet packaging. Body-safe, water-based, glycerin-free lube.
Nothing special or distinctive, except the packaging. Dries out entirely too fast.
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Lelo Personal Moisturizer is a basic, water-based, lube free from all the usual chemicals you don't want to put on or in your body, like glycerin or parabens.

Water-based lube is generally safe for use with all sex-toy materials, condoms and body parts. This particular lube contains Aloe, which is good for your skin and has neither color nor fragrance that can be detected. So it should work well for anybody sensitive to such things.
    • Foreplay
    • Masturbation

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The viscosity of this product is thin enough for dripping to be an issue, but really it's typical of most water-based lubes I've used. Once applied into the skin, however, it takes on the slightly tacky feel of Aloe Vera. It's not quite "sticky" but definitely goes from slick to tacky in a matter of minutes. A few minutes after that, all that's left is fairly dry, but soft and supple skin.
    • Slick
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

The product really didn't smell like anything, but tastes a bit sweet. I put just a touch on my tongue and given that it contains aspartame, the sweetness isn't surprising.
    • Light taste
    • No smell


My initial experience with this product was not great. I put a small amount on the back of my hand and rubbed it in. After a very short period of time I found all the lube had absorbed into my skin. My skin was left soft and smooth, with even the "Aloe stickiness" fading away. The problem with that is that this is supposed to be a lube, not a lotion. If I have to apply more lube every five minutes during sex, this is just not a product that's going to work for me.

When using it during sex, I found the same thing to be true; water-based lube dries up very quickly. Unless you are using it just to get started and relying on natural lubrication to kick in, probably you'll find this doesn't last long enough for practical use. I don't think this is a flaw on LELO's part, but the nature of water-based, glycerin-free lube. I appreciate the desire to include natural, body-safe ingredients, but not enough to keep reapplying this product continuously.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Dries up too fast


I have the small, 2.5 oz size which comes in a typical lotion tube type package. It's minimalistic and tasteful, saying only LELO in larger letters and Personal Moisturizer in tiny letters above the fluid ounces info. I much prefer the unique design of the larger 5 oz size (see photo on the product page). It is the only part of this product that says "LELO" to me.
    • Can be opened with one hand
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Travel friendly


My overall feeling here is disappointment. But, I think this has more to do with my expectations of LELO than a failure of this product. There's nothing specifically wrong with this lube that I don't find wrong with most water-based, glycerin-free lubricants. They absorb too fast and dry out too quickly.

I like the packaging, I like that the ingredients are natural. It's unscented, it doesn't stain or leave behind a greasy feeling. But as a lube, it fails me completely. I prefer a touch of silicone in my lube precisely because water-based lubes perform this way for me (unless they contain glycerin, but if I have a choice, I prefer silicone to glycerin).
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    That's too bad. I also don't think I'd shell out for this one.
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    Ah, Lelo. Always mildly disappointing.
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    Great review
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