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Pink Water reviews

45 reviews
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45 reviews

Totally worth it. It helps with intimacy and helps me feel relaxed when I'm alone. Seems to make climaxing easier and more enjoyable

All in all, I would recommend this lube to everyone - which I have. I pick this lube over any of them. It's great, and well worth the money.

This is a great lubricant for solo or couple play. It removes any unwanted friction, and creates a slip-and-slide barrier like a silicone-based lube. It is easy to dispense, close and lock with a turn, and toss aside when the play time begins.

Overall, I'd say this is a descent lubricant. It's effective and it serves its purpose. If you care about what ingredients are in your lube, Pink Water may be for you.

This is a fantastic lube, and I love having it nearby for use. It makes for a little helping hand when working with bigger dildos. It smells fantastic, cleans up easy, and does not stain.

Pink Water Lubricant is a water based lubricant made especially for women. The size that I purchased was the 1.7oz, which is the smallest size. This lubricant doesn't contain any glycerin, which is a plus. It does contain natural ingredients such as ginseng and aloe vera, which can be beneficial. Overall, my experience with this lube was great. It is safe with condoms and toys. The pump top really comes in handy and the bottle can be stored anywhere. It's discreet and easy to use.

I've tried many, many lubes over the years. I have to say, Pink Water is my absolute favorite for self-play.

The lubricant works great and has no smell. A little goes a long way. I like the fact that the manufacturer has it in different sizes. The lubricant does not make a mess once applied. Cleaning the lubricant off is easy and quick - just use soap and water.

As my first water-based lubricant, I am happy with my purchase. Pink Water does its job. It's a relatively thin, natural feeling lubricant that is perfect to pair with silicone (or other) toys. It's easy to both apply and clean up, so this lubricant won't get in the way of your fun times.

Pink water lube is a pretty good water based lube. This lube is perfect for solo play as well as partner play. It isn't overly thick and depending on your own personal needs you may need to apply more than once. Cleaning up is quick and easy. You don't have to worry about ruining your clothing or bed sheets. For the price pink water is a very good water based lube. Because pink water is water based you can use it with any toy.

Overall, Pink Water is a really fantastic lube that everyone should at least try. It has some very nice, natural, moisturizing ingredients, and absorbs beautifully into the skin. Although it does have parabens, it is glycerin free. It produces a great, natural-feeling glide for intercourse, with toys or even as a vaginal moisturizer. It lasts a pretty good amount of time without reapplication and my lady bits always feel soft and pampered after use without a sticky residue.

This is everything I could ask for in a lubricant. It's natural feeling and not very thick. It actually moisturizes and has never led to infections or any such problems. It is my favorite, bar none.

This was the first lube I have ever used. I am glad I went with this choice in lube. I actually got this to go with a toy that is really big that I will be trying it on soon. It has a pleasant scent to it and moisturizes as well. This lube is perfect for people who don't get enough lubrication on their own. Go ahead and give it a shot you will not be disappointed.

You'd probably do the same amount of lubricating with water from the faucet. It goes all over the place and doesn't do what it claims, I'd stay away.

Pink Water is an outstanding lube with the exception of its hefty ingredient list, which includes parabens. This was, unfortunately, a deal-breaker for me. I was sad over this, because it is such a nice light lube imitating the slickness of a silicone lubricant, despite being water-based.

I bought Pink Water expecting it to be a generic experience. I have never had much luck with lubes, but Pink Water has changed my outlook on lubricants. Yes, it can be tacky, but it works for quite a long time. It isn't my dream lube, but it has gotten me closer to realizing that there is a perfect lube out there for me. For the price and overall performance, I really cannot complain too much.

Don't take my word for it, just go out and try it. EF sells it cheap, and you won't be let down. I can't see how any woman could dislike Pink Water. Lovely discreet bottle, broke person friendly, and you're vagina will feel lovely and thank you for it in the morning!

Of the lubes I have tried so far, this is my favorite. It may contain parabens, but it has met my needs quite well. I personally do not regret buying this.

This is a lube I don’t recommend unless you like very thin and runny lubes. It is water based so it is compatible with all materials, and is easy to wash off. It has a handy pump top which makes it easy to manage.

My partner and I are hooked on this lubricant. We have one other, but this is our all-time favorite. Pink Water saves the day for the both of us. Now we can be intimate whenever we're in the mood. Great for use outside of the bedroom as an everyday vaginal moisturizer. I can imagine this would be great for other girls like me who just have trouble with lubrication. I recommend Pink Water to everyone!

This item is well worth the price it will make your vagina like a slip and slide (in a good way). There really are not drawbacks in my opinion. I love it and, to me, if it makes my vagina happy it makes me happy.

Pink Water is formulated especially for ladies. If you need a little extra lubrication down there for whatever reason, I'd highly suggest giving Pink Water a try. You can use it with toys and condoms, with a partner, or solo if you want! It's easy to clean and doesn't leave any annoying residue if you decide to just let it dry. Be careful though; this stuff isn't flavored and doesn't taste the best. Just remember to wipe it off with a warm washcloth before "going down", and you're all set.

Pink is the "Her Pleasure" of lubricants--a while ago, I decided that "Her Pleasure" condoms were dubbed as such because they're for her pleasure exclusively. That being said, Pink excels when pleasing the ladies, containing natural moisturizers and aphrodisiacs to enhance the experience. This is also perfect for use with a lady and a partner, but when it comes to manly solo time, Pink is hardly a winner.

Overall, Pink Water is one of the best lubes that I've ever used. If you're looking for a thin, natural-feeling, water-based lube - this is it.

Not only is Pink Water an amazing lubricant that leaves your skin feeling light and soft yet makes you wet during play, it only cost me $12.99 for a 6.75 fl. ounce bottle. Now that’s a deal if you ask me. Simple lubricant sold at pharmacies and super markets is $15.00 for a smaller bottle of low quality lubricant. I declare Pink Water my new favorite Water based lubricant.

Pink Water is a great lubricant. It has a natural feel with no stickiness or greasiness. Pink Water is easy to clean up and can be used by both sexes. This would make a great gift and is travel friendly.

This stuff is just what it says, water. It has the consistency of such, and is thus about as useful as using shower water as a lube.

Pink Water is a discreet water-based lubricant. It starts out somewhat sticky, however, when it dries it feels very smooth. The price tag is very nice, though it may not be nice enough to make up for the bitter taste.

My new go-to water based lubricant. Its versatility, silky feeling, and clear color has made this lubricant a staple of my sex toy drawer.

A perfect match, Water-Based Lubricant for Women. Long-lasting, compatible with all toys, great bottle design, you really can't beat this lube! Two words, Pink Water, translates into Amazing Lubricant!! I personally feel that this lubricant, and this lubricant alone, lives and strives to be at the top of the water based lubricants as the "Greatest" !

Jane and I had some specific reasons for wanting to try this lube. Jane's doctor told us that we had to find a lube that was glycerin free, but so far none of them quite did the trick.

I love Pink Water, Pink is my new obsession. Pink water won me over by being subtle, it doesn't tingle, it doesn't warm. What it does do is feel damn good. It makes me feel more aroused and sensitive and adds just enough lubrication without being goopy or greasy and it's never sticky. It just rocks my world!

Pink Water is a lovely, long-lasting, water-based lubricant that's great for vaginal use and comes in great, functional packaging. It is relatively thin and feels similar to natural vaginal lubrication. Yet, it's not quite thick enough for anal play, which is frustrating when you want an 'all-rounder' lube.

A high-quality water-based lube that is ideal for general use, Pink Water is silky smooth and feels natural. It comes packaged in a convenient pump bottle, so no time or effort is spent trying to get it when you need it.

Pink Water is a great water-based lube that's thick enough to stay where it's spread without being globby. It doesn't dry out quickly and is compatible with silicone toys. My favorite water-based lube.

This lubricant is a decent water based lube, nice and gentle. So far this is my preferred water based lubricant

This lube is great. It feels natural which is great, has no odor, lasts a long time, and only takes a little amount to work. What else could you ask for in a lube? That's right...nothing. The cost is affordable and the name is not overly sexual or rude.

This product does exactly what it promises, lubricates and lasts for a long time. I recommend this product to any woman who needs a good quality lubricant. I use it alone and with my girlfriend and have amazing orgasms either way!

This is a fantastic water-based lubricant specifically formulated to work with a woman's natural lubricant for a wonderful glide. It won't clash with any of your toys and it even reactivates when you lick it, so you've got an excellent excuse for a little attention downstairs in the middle of sex. A must have for any woman in need of a water-based lube!

This is a great lube that isn't sticky or watery. It lasts and is very discreet. It doesn't stink at all. I would recommend this product.

This is a fabulous lube that I highly recommend. There is little to fault about it. Simply a fantastic product and believe me I have a long list of ones I've tried.

Pink Water is a very nice slick lube with a feel similar to, but not exactly like silicone. The bottle is cute enough to leave out in the open and a wonderful easy to use dispenser.

Pink Water is formulated for women but will be enjoyed by everyone. It is a wonderful choice for a high quality lubricant. What this lube offers in benefits is hard to beat. This will satisfy all your lubrication needs and I recommend it to anyone!

Pink Water is a lubricant and skin soother in one. With its arousing properties and gentle softening action, a night of passion doubles as a night of pampering for the genitals. Prolonged lasting ability adds to the experience and prepares the user for a night of wet fun.

While this product does not stand out from other, similar products in use, it does have a discreet and attractive appearance.

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