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Pink Water

Lubricant by Empowered Products

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It Really is Water

This stuff is just what it says, water. It has the consistency of such, and is thus about as useful as using shower water as a lube.
Cute bottle.
Sticky residue, messy dispenser, thin lube.
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I honestly wouldn't recommend this to anyone. I've heard quite a few people rave about it and I decided to buy it as my first lubricant ever. I've hated it since day one. I've given it several tries. I can't stand it. It dries funny and gross, it's sticky, it breaks me out in a rash, and it has the consistency of literal water. It is so thin that it's not even worth bothering with. You'd find that swamp water was a better lubricant than this stuff. The pump dispenser is messy too, you'd think with a pump it would be easier to keep clean but it isn't. Don't be fooled. Skip this stuff completely and pick another lubricant. Let's continue to why I hate it so much, in detail. Yay!

These are the ingredients in Pink Water:
Water, HEC, PEG 45, Methyl/Propyl Paraben, Polyquatemium 5, Tetrasodium Edta, Germall II, Sodium Benzoate, Aspartame, Polysorbate 20, Aloe Vera Extract, Ginseng Extract, Guarana Extract, Avena Sativa Extract, Sodium Hydroxide, Propylene Glycol, Citric Acid

This means that Pink Water is Glycerin and L-Arginine free, which while this is a plus and I often look for this, this lubricant doesn't make it worth it.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This lube has the consistency of water, literally. It is ridiculously thin. It feels sticky when it dries, and it has a water-like texture to it. That is to say that it doesn't feel like a lube normally would to me. It has a semi-greasy feel to it right as it starts drying up. It does not last long at all, and it has to be reapplied if you can stand to do so. It dries up almost immediately. I think it might last 5 minutes total. I was less than impressed. It is extremely runny which means it can get messy easily, you can't put a drop of it on your skin without it running down.

Taste / Aroma

It says that it is an unflavored lubricant on the packaging. However, it has a bitter and nasty after taste. It makes me gag, it's gross. I'm not exactly sure what the after taste really tasted similar to, but it was a gross acidic bitter taste.

As far as I could tell, there was not a specific smell to it, it doesn't really smell like much of anything. I guess you could say that it sort of smells like a lubricant, but that's really hard to say. It is not scented though.
    • Bad taste
    • No smell


Pink Water lasts an entirety of 5 minutes. It dries up, and it says that it "moisturizes" but it just turns into a sticky mess. It leaves a weird coating over my skin that feels disgusting to wash off. I find myself doing the "icky lube walk" to the bathroom after I'm done, where I try not to let my legs touch because I'm so digusted. It washes off with just water well enough, but I use soap because it leaves a rash if I don't. The pump gets messy easily, not the top part, but the lube drips down the front a little where the actual pump is. It doesn't drip onto the bottle that I've noticed though. I can't stand this stuff, it's terrible for oral sex because it tastes so bitter, and while it doesn't smell and that's great... the consistency is that of tap water. It dries up so fast that I might as well not have used a lube at all. It is however, water lube, so it can be used with just about any type of toy and condom. I felt like I should mention that. I just don't like this stuff at all. You also can't use it for anal because it is terribly thin. It would be a complete disaster.
    • Dries up too fast
    • Gets sticky
    • Reapply often


It has a gorgeous bottle packaging. It has a unique looking pump that isn't similar at all to any of the pumps on my other lubricants. However, that just makes it messy in my honest opinion. The packaging is not discreet, it came wrapped in a baggy, but the bottle clearly states that it is a lubricant. It comes with a plastic cap that keeps the pump from pumping out lube if it gets hit, however it doesn't stay on well at all and pops off easily. I would not recommend traveling with this because of that, I think it would leak on whatever you packed it in. The packaging is however, very informative in my opinion. It lists all the ingredients, and general information about the lubricant that one would like to know.
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Messy dispenser
    • Not discreet

Special Features

L-Arginine free/Glycerin free, Moisturizer (supposedly) I however, do not feel that this moisturized at all. There is no way that I would leave that sticky residue on my skin to even see if it WOULD moisturize. I don't really see how it could in the first place. But hey, who am I to judge? It doesn't do anything special such as increasing blood flow or warming or anything. It's just regular lube.

Personal comments

If you're looking for an all around lube, this isn't it. It can't be used for anal, and it honestly is terrible for any type of sex if you ask me. I would suggest a different kind of lube. I know there's a lot of hype about this one amongst my friends, but it didn't work for me and I didn't like it, nor would I tell anyone about it. Now Maximus...there's where the hype is at. You want a good lube, get some Maximus.


I waddled to the bathroom trying not to let my legs touch because it was gross feeling. It gave me a rash if I didn't wash it off with soap, and it tastes terrible and I made faces over it. I was going to use this with my toys, but I can't stand to reapply it every 5 minutes on top of it drying out and leaving this sticky residue that eventually tries to peel off my skin, much the way glue would if it dried on me. Can we say ew?
Follow-up commentary
I honestly can say I haven't touched this since the initial review, and I don't plan on it. The consistency is terrible and it does NOT lube me up well enough for sex, and I get a nasty rash if I touch it now, I don't know what's going on with it, but it's hitting the trash.
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