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Enchanted crystals reviews

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37 reviews

There is a lot of power packed into this cute little ball. If you are looking for something that can be universal for you and your partner for those times you want to kick your foreplay up a notch then this is the toy for you.

This vibe was enjoyable and is a good buy for the price, but just not powerful or versatile enough. It’s a different shape than most and definitely made for some fun times in the bedroom, and is perfect for travel. The vibrations definitely could have been stronger but they did the job and got me across the finish line. There wasn’t anything to spectacular about it, but it’s decently average, especially for a beginner or someone who is afraid of a strong bullet or a dildo.

Even though the "Crystal" is just a representation of the real Crystal, the unique allure of the power of crystals or stones brings an interesting aspect to the vibrator for those familiar with the power of stones or those now interested in learning more about them. So if you're looking for a simple vibrator, this one will work just fine. Just don't expect earth shattering orgasms. But you know what? You can certainly enjoy some fun pleasing teasing time with it.

The Enchanted Crystals vibrator didn't leave me feeling enchanted. Instead, it left my fingers numb and my body frustrated. Though teasing with this toy is nice, when it comes to getting down to business, this vibe was seriously lacking. It does have some good features to it, but without stronger, deeper vibrations, none of it matters to me. If you're very sensitive, give it a shot. Otherwise, don't waste your time.

This is a great toy for those who aren't power queens, or who are looking for an adorable warm-up toy. We're happy to add it to our collection and will continue to use it as a nice teaser.

This is a unique compact travel or gift vibe. Not super powerful, but discreet, travel-friendly and compact. It's not a primary toy, but rather something to carry with you for discreet times of need. It was a nice promotional item from EF with purchase, but appears to have been discontinued.

The Enchanted Crystals has a quite a few things going for it. If it was a little bit longer with stronger vibrations, I would be in love. Beginners will really like this toy, while more advanced users will probably find it boring. I really liked the fun design and the ribbed texture, so depending on what you like, this could be a good choice for users of all experience levels. It's really up to you.

This toy is super cute, looking like a mini magical wand, but it just didn't do much for me at all. Its weak, buzzy vibrations left me wanting more. That being said, it'll be a good choice for those of you that prefer those kinds of vibrations, just so long as you're looking for a toy that is pretty much meant to be a clit-only item.

It came free with my purchase and I thought it looked cool. However, the vibrations aren't super strong and if you apply pressure wrong on the knob that controls the vibrations then it will stop working, which can be extremely annoying during play.

This cute little vibe from Evolved is great as a warm up or teasing toy. It offers moderate vibrations that are a tad buzzy. It's designed mainly for clitoral stimulation, but feels nice all over the body. It's made very well and is not likely to fall apart easily. It's very discreet. You could even leave it out when Grandma comes for a visit. I enjoy it very much.

This item is now discontinued on Eden, but the Evolved company still sells this item. Also, if you are like myself, you just got yours recently and hadn't actually opened it until after Eden decided to stop selling it, so this review is helpful yet! Plus, take a look at what a discreet and simple toy is like!

This is a great toy for the price. Each end has a different texture and a different vibration intensity, it can be used in the tub and shower, and it's quiet and discreet for travel or roommate situations. Its shape is good for muscle massage as well. Its vibrations are not extremely powerful, but also not too "buzzy"--they're on the deeper side. If you're looking for a good, simple waterproof vibe, the Enchanted Crystals vibe should be in your toybox!

If you know anyone who is interested in trying toys, this would be a good starter. It is discreet, compact, and truly whisper quiet. Unfortunately, this won't be a long term toy. The vibrations are just too weak.

Evolved has always set itself apart to me because of how powerful their toys are, so when I received my Enchanted crystal, I was stunned at how weak it was. It's a basic shape that only works for broad stimulation as an external vibrator. It's limited uses and weak motor make this toy a bust for me.

I wanted to love this toy, but it's just too weak and buzzy for me. I will still use it for foreplay or teasing of the clitoris and erogenous zones, however. The price and portability make it great to try out. I think beginners will love this piece.

There's nothing horribly wrong with the Crystal; it simply comes down to preference. If you like borad stimulation, average strength, and small toys then give it a try. If neither of those qualities sound good, then pass.

This Crystal definitely enchanted me! I was happy to try this out since it was a free gift, but had no great expectations. Instead, it mesmerised me with its massage capabilities and fun uses. I love this massager for traveling, tub play and foot massages. I think I know what some people are getting as a gift this year--massage kits! And Enchanted Crystal will be the featured item.....

All in all, I was pleased with this massager. Although I wish it was larger and more powerful, it still worked great as a teaser. Since I did get it free, I really couldn't ask for a lot with this toy. I do have to say it was a lot smaller than I expected, but that's my fault for not reading the measurements prior to purchasing it. I definitely recommend this toy, especially if it's free with a purchase, but I don't think I myself would have purchased it outright. Thank god for freebies!

My cute little pink and purple enchanted crystal is my new pocket gal. She is beautiful, elegant and gets the job done. She is great for solo play, partner play, and touch play. She also comes with the perfect little storing package.

The Enchanted Crystals by Evolved Novelties is a neat, whimsical toy that's lacking in power and variety. It will still get you where you're going, but it's going to take a little longer to get there. It's a great teaser toy if you can get over how buzzy it is.

I have only had this toy for a short period of time and have found a variety of ways to use it. From the bed to the bath, you can use this toy virtually anywhere without suspicion. This vibrator is very discreet and silky smooth! If you love small sizes this is the perfect vibrator for you. This vibrator is not only for you soloists out there but for the curious couples too!

This toy is SUPER cute, and I really can't get over that. But it's better served as a teaser toy in couple's play. This is not a very strong toy, and is not going to be enough to ever cause an orgasm.

This is a wonderful little toy. It doesn't have a ton of power, but it has enough to get you there. The construction is solid, but there are a couple of seams where it screws together, so depending on use, cleaning could be a slight issue. Overall a fun little toy that will bring plenty of fun to your activities and a little style to your toy box.

Great for beginners getting into clitoral vibes and for those who aren't power queens. Slightly buzzy, quiet. It teases me but doesn't take me over the edge. The husband does like the sensations on his scrotum.

It's cute and it gets the job done. In a sea of vibrators, it's nice to find one that doesn't look like a tube or a penis. Get yourself an Enchanted Crystal to play with!

Great toy for beginners, but then again, you might want to spend a little less if you are a newbie.

All in all, this is a decent introdution toy. I would not recommend it to more advanced users because this is not the most versatile product.

This attractive multi-speed vibrator is discreet in every way; it's small, quiet, and designed to look like anything but a sex toy. Its moderate vibrations may not please every clit in the kingdom, but it's still pleasurable for foreplay and sensual massages.

It is simple to use, has mild to moderate vibrations, and a compact design. These qualities put together make it a decent toy. The only real downfall for us was that we prefer a stronger vibration.

While I found it cute and a great addition to sex. It just was not strong enough during solo play for me. The vibrations my work for someone who is sensitive. While not good for maturation, it is good as an addition to foreplay or intercourse.

This Enchanted Crystal really does take stress away but how about the others? This petite and pretty vibrators can be used all over the body and are very discreet and non-intimidating. It's a perfect toy for a beginning couple or individual. Just don't expect tons of power.

Quiet vibrations, waterproof and a petite size, this beauty will gladly go on vacation or in the tub with you! From the texture to the balls at the end, this thing had me in heaven! I enjoyed the highest setting which at times became too much. Great for most users and beautiful enough to drool over, this was perfect until it broke. Although my Enchanted Crystal's life was cut short, I don't regret a single orgasm- I mean minute with it!

The Enchanted Crystals discreet vibrator by Evolved has many different crystals to choose from, each representing something they can bring to you in the bedroom. These are cute, body safe, and can bring you lots of fun. The vibrations are located in one end, so your hand won't go numb from holding it. This is really easy to use and you can change the speed just from turning one end. Overall, Evolved has done it again and made one unique, great toy.

This Enchanted Crystal is more than just a magic wand colored for your delight, it's a vibrator! It only takes one AAA battery, has easy controls, wonderful packaging, is waterproof, and pretty quiet as well. I was hard-pressed to find cons for this product that would undo it. The vibrations are weak and slightly buzzy and I was kind of disappointed that the motor was in the "butt" of the vibe. But ya know, those cons don't hurt a reasonably priced, perfect beginner's toy.

This is great if you need a quiet vibrator or like moderate to strong vibrations that are buzzy. It can also be great if you like a rounded bulb to stimulate your clitoris with. It is also cute and discreet. However, if you like bullets or need deep rumbly vibrations, I encourage you to look for something else.

This product is great for beginners and couples looking for their first toy, or to spice things up. Because the vibrations are not insanely powerful, and really don't go beyond a 'medium', those who are new to vibrators would probably enjoy this most.

This gorgeous toy would be great for someone new to sex toys, but veterans will appreciate it's aesthetic aspects but not it's functionality. Not great for insertion, this vibrator is waterproof and quiet which makes up for the flaws. Between the looks and ease of use I'm glad that I got this toy. As a plus, if you have some fantastical lingerie this would make a great sexy accessory!

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