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Meet Our Dragon's Gentle Scepter

This attractive multi-speed vibrator is discreet in every way; it's small, quiet, and designed to look like anything but a sex toy. Its moderate vibrations may not please every clit in the kingdom, but it's still pleasurable for foreplay and sensual massages.
Quiet, waterproof, attractive and discreet.
Vibrations may not be strong enough for some. Turning the toy off can open it.
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Enchanted Crystals is a set of 6 differently colored multi-speed mini vibrators that are best used for clitoral stimulation or teasing external erogenous zones. They *could* be inserted vaginally, but the small size might not equal big satisfaction for many users. If a clitoral orgasm is the goal, this vibrator would be better for women who prefer gentle to moderate diffused vibrations, and as a warm-up toy for the rest. Enchanted Crystals are not considered safe for anal play.

Material / Texture

Made of odorless phthalates-free ABS plastic, this vibrator has a combination of surface textures. The part that resembles a crystal ball is as smooth as glass and glides over the skin easily without any lube. The rest has a satiny soft feel, with the obvious raised rings down the center portion. This too performs well without lube, though if you plan to insert the toy a little lube is always helpful. The center rings don't provide a lot of stimulation either way, so it would still be suitable for sensitive users. Those rings do, however, help you maintain a good grip on the toy even with wet fingers.

Design / Shape / Size

With a design that brings to mind magickal scepters, few people would argue that the Enchanted Crystal vibes are as attractive as they are discreet. Measuring only 4.25" long and a little over 1.5" wide at each ball, it would be easy to travel with or store nearly anywhere. We would say that it would be easy to hide too, but since it looks nothing like a sex toy there may be no need to.

The small barbell-like design also makes it suitable for users of any experience level, and easy to use in a variety of situations.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Enchanted Crystals needs 1 AAA battery (not included), which is installed by unscrewing a portion of the crystal ball end to open the shaft.


To turn the toy on and increase the vibration speed, you twist the crystal ball, not the shaft, clockwise. To decrease the vibes and turn it off, you twist the ball in the opposite direction, and it's here that we've had a minor problem with it. The ball on ours is a little stiff to turn at the beginning point, so if we're too vigorous when turning the toy off it starts to unscrew the shaft. Not enough to open the battery compartment, but enough to compromise the waterproof seal which otherwise works well. Keep this in mind before cleaning it under running water or taking it in the bath.

The vibrations range from very gentle to moderate and somewhat buzzy in nature. They are felt most strongly in the end opposite the crystal ball, and to some extent in the shaft.

One of the best things about this vibrator (aside from its looks) is how very quiet it is. A partner may hear it from a few feet away, but there's no chance of it being heard through a closed door.

Care and Maintenance

Assuming you've made sure the shaft is tightly closed, this toy is fully waterproof and thus easy to care for.
Any type of lubricant can be used, and it can be washed with soap and water or a commercial toy cleaner. It may take a little extra time to clean oil-based or silicone lubes out of the grooves, particularly at the very base of the crystal ball and along the ringed shaft. A soft brush can be helpful in that case.


Evolved Novelties packages each of the Enchanted Crystals vibrators in a convenient clear plastic tube that is suitable for long-term storage. The bottom of it pops off so you can insert the toy, and snaps back on securely enough that you don't have to worry about it coming open on its own.


Alan says:
Well it looks great. Enough so that my wife has stored it in the arms of a pewter dragon statue we have in the room, minus the case, and it looks like it belongs there. As far as performance goes, it's gentle enough to feel good on the testicles during foreplay, but not strong enough anywhere to be boner-inspiring.

Michele says:
For me the vibrations are just too mild and spread out to reach a clitoral orgasm with. I tried inserting it since I do like milder vibrations that way, but this is no G-spotter either (at least not for me). It's nice during erotic massages or for muscles that are too sore to be worked with stronger toys though, and I love the way it looks! I think that for women who like larger egg vibrators but don't want their clit vibrated to near numbness, this would be a good choice.
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