This item is now discontinued on Eden, but the Evolved company still sells this item. Also, if you are like myself, you just got yours recently and hadn't actually opened it until after Eden decided to stop selling it, so this review is helpful yet! Plus, take a look at what a discreet and simple toy is like!
Unique Design.
Multiple Colors.
No Longer Available On Eden.
Not Super Strong.
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By far, my favorite thing about the enchanted crystals vibrator is the design. It's like a cross between a crystal ball and a wand. Also, there is an enchanted power granted to each color in this series, which is something that I had not noticed upon ordering. I bought the one incorporated with relieving stress. Others are for love, romance, protection, etc. Upon figuring out this concept, I find this set to be a sort of collector's item. I personally want to own every one just for the concept and because it can almost be classified as a hobby. The enchanted crystals vibrator is meant to be used externally though, as clearly stated on the packaging. This basically contains it to use as a clitoral vibrator, since the vibrations are not necessarily strong enough to stimulate other external parts of the body. The product packaging also states that this should not be used on a prolonged or frequent basis, though I'm not entirely sure why.

There are multiple color choices, some of which are not the standard pink and purple colors. There is a red and black choice as well as a blue color option. I always feel bad when I recommend an item for couples, and that item only comes in a feminine design. However, that's not the case for this vibrator. The enchanted crystals is made of ABS plastic. It is a 7/10 on the safety scale. The plastic is non-porous, yet it can't be sterilized. In toys that cannot be sterilized, condoms are recommended when the item will be shared between individuals. However, that's not necessarily an option to entertain with this one. Therefore, it's probably best to only share this item with a long-term fluid-bonded partner or to keep it to yourself. Plastic does not have a smell nor does it have a taste. Finally, there are two textures to the enchanted crystals...the top crystal ball part is a smooth hard plastic, while the wand part is velvety and smooth.

The toy itself is 4.5 inches long. It is 1 3/8 inch diameter and 4.25 inch circumference as far as the bulbs are concerned. There are two bulbs (one on either end), and the middle is thinner and ribbed. I didn't get any stimulation from the ribbing, but some other users entertained the ribbing on their clitorises or nipples.

I do have a bone to pick in that the way that the AAA battery is inserted and the way that the vibrations are turned on completely clash with one another. About a third of the way down in the ribbing, the toy unscrews for battery placement. To turn on the vibrations, the crystal ball is turned. When I'm trying to turn the crystal ball (usually to turn off the vibration), I inevitably also start to unscrew the battery compartment many times, and I DISLIKE this with a passion. The vibration can be made stronger or weaker by how much you turn the crystal ball. Also, as a side note, the battery is somewhat difficult to remove. I ended up shaking my vibrator until the battery popped out and rolled across the floor. The enchanted crystals is relatively discreet. It looks like a child's toy in some ways.

There were two other issues that I encountered with the enchanted crystals vibrator. First, the vibrations were located mostly in the bottom end and did not travel well up to the crystal ball portion. Second, the packaging was extremely hard to open. I finally pulled on the bottom until it popped off, but it took a lot of tugging!

The enchanted crystals can be washed with soap and water, or you can use a toy wipe. It is waterproof, so cleaning is slightly easier. You may use any lubricant with this toy, and you can store without fuss as well. I store mine in the actual packaging because it takes up so little space.
Follow-up commentary
I've started to like the enchanted crystals more. The same problems exist...the transfer of vibrations sucking and what-not. However, I have begun to try to add more of the color variations of this toy to my toy box. I would like to eventually have a private display of toys (possibly some shelving in my closet or something), and while the performance of the enchanted crystals is mediocre, the concept and the aesthetics are not.
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    Good review--love this little guy!
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    I saw this in a sex shop yesterday, SO much smaller then I thought it would be. Great review!
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    Thanks for your review. I like the look of this toy. But I don't think I'd like it.
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