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Broken Crystals

Quiet vibrations, waterproof and a petite size, this beauty will gladly go on vacation or in the tub with you! From the texture to the balls at the end, this thing had me in heaven! I enjoyed the highest setting which at times became too much. Great for most users and beautiful enough to drool over, this was perfect until it broke. Although my Enchanted Crystal's life was cut short, I don't regret a single orgasm- I mean minute with it!
Amazing for G-spotting.
Crystal is plastic, scratches.
Broke after 2 uses.
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Enchanted Crystals has been a wonderful vibrator, but there are a couple of things that truly let me down. It's easy to use, has a bit of texture and 3 vibrations speeds making it perfect for beginners and great for advanced users as well. However, some people may find problems with insertion due to it's short size. For size queens, I would think it would make at least a great warm up. For me, it was perfect... until it broke!

Enchanted Crystals can be inserted. I found it most comfortable to use the slightly smaller pink end for insertion. The ball worked wonders for G-spotting. So much so, that I describe it as "mind blowing."

You can use either end for insertion as well as either end for clitoral stimulation. I enjoyed the clitoral stimulation, but it was more of a warm-up toy for that. It doesn't provide pin point stimulation and the crystal ball doesn't carry vibrations as strongly as the opposite ball. It does have some great vibrations, but using it alone for clitoral stimulation would take me a little longer to "get there" than with some of my stronger toys. Still the highest setting was pretty strong for me.

I bought this expecting the crystal to be glass. Do know that this is not glass. I expected a somewhat heavy crystal that would be a perfect alternative to our back/neck massages with my Pink glass Rotator. That was a let down. This will not work well at all for massage unless you like a very light one. It's not heavy. In fact, the crystal isn't any heavier than the plastic pink ball at the opposite end. I guess it's just plastic. For $26 I did hope for glass or something heavier. Also, the crystal scratches easily. Mine got scratched the minute I opened it and it's a pretty bad one so I recommend keeping it in something like the small container it comes in.

It's an awesome toy, but was not made to last. We thought it was perfect for warming up and even better for G-spotting. Since it is short, it may not reach everyone's G-spot. It hit mine better than any vibrator I have! This would also work well for solo play and probably make a nice toy for someone who's just starting their journey into the world of toys.

It's a quiet toy making it suitable for dorm use. I wouldn't call it silent, but it's by far one of the quiter toys I own.

I am happy to say, the colors are just as vivid and beautiful as I'd hoped!
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Material / Texture

The Purple Sapphire Enchanted Crystals is made of body safe ABS plastic, rating an 8 on the material safety scale. The ribbed/bulged texture may take you by surprise. I'm quite the fan of ribbs, bulges and swirls, but upon first glance, I didn't expect these ridges to be so noticeable. The ribs don't provide intense stimulation, but they are there and texture lovers will appreciate them. On the other hand, if you don't like a lot of texture, I don't see the ribs creating a problem or discomfort. If you just despise any texture then it may not be something you could enjoy internally. Since the texture is minimal, I would say it's nice for beginners. I think this makes a great toy for an advanced user as well.

The Enchanted Crystals are not flexible and are made of hard plastic, but thankfully, the plastic does have a satin smooth coating. It seems to be silicone, but don't mark my word. I find the material to be perfect. It's firm, but smooth with a slight feel of velvet. The soft coating glides across the skin well.

Material is made of food-grade material, it's hypo-allergenic, latex free and phthalates free! One great thing about this lovely toy is that it's lube friendly meaning you can use any lubricant without damaging it.

It has no taste, but I do notice a very faint smell. That's only because my sniffer's so good though. My partner isn't able to detect any smell. The smell could possibly be from the plastic container it comes in.
    • Smooth
    • Somewhat porous

Design / Shape / Size

I love the design of the Purple Sapphire Enchanted Crystal. It is beautiful and to be so small, is quite the capable little thing. I do want to stress that the Enchanted Crystals are small! I, for some reason expected it to be much bigger than a mini vibe. I didn't read the properties because I knew I wanted this, but I don't want anyone to be surprised or upset with the size. So here's your warning, it is small! I personally don't mind the size, but was surprised given that it's a $26 mini.

Length: 4 1/2
Insertable length: 3 1/4
Circumference: 4 1/2
Diameter: 1 1/4
Weight: 2.5 OZ

From the very second I saw this, I knew I would get it. That's not like me because I'm the kind of person that has to wait and decide on everything and usually end up backing out of many purchases. This one was a sure thing so I didn't check much about the details. I just assumed it was something about the size of a traditional vibrator and only used for massage. My partner and I discovered the wonderful ways of using my Glass Rotator for neck/back massage and I originally wanted this for that purpose. However, once I got it I had to know what it felt like internally. I wasn't aware until weeks later that it was designed for internal stimulation! I'll talk about my mind blowing personal experience with this later though.

The design feels as if it was made with for my body. It has two balls on each end. This isn't like the toys with bulbous heads, they are actually shaped like balls. One end has the gorgeous purple ball and the other end is a slightly larger ball made of the same pink material as the middle of the toy. The best way I know to describe the shape is hour glass. The middle is short and gets smaller right in the center while the areas right below each ball is just a bit larger. Just take a look at my pictures to see what I mean. My description probably isn't the best.

The middle of the Enchanted Crystal is ribbed oh-so-amazingly ribbed. Those provide quite a bit of texture when used internally.

While I would have like to see this a bit longer, the size of the balls are absolutely perfect for my body. The middle section of the toy is thin. I wouldn't call this large at all. It's quite small, but the balls at either end provide a fairly full feeling for me and provide some outstanding G-spot stimulation. More on my own experience later (if I can contain myself!)

In my opinion, this is a very discrete toy. So discrete in fact, that I had no idea it was meant for internal stimulation until weeks after drooling over it online and finally purchasing it! This will easily pass as a stress relieving massager. I didn't even know that it vibrated until I got it. Clearly, I did not check much into this toy before purchasing, but I was sure I would love it whether it vibrated, tickled or massaged my tired muscles.

Since it's such a gorgeous toy and so discrete, I don't mind leaving it on display in the bedroom. Nobody has suspected it to be a vibrator. It looks like an innocent, mini back massager. Since the size is about that of my and, it couldn't be easier to hide. Even with the packaging, I'm able to store it in a jam packed toy box, no problem. It can hide in a small purse, a toy box, an underwear drawer,etc.

When I realized this vibrated and provided mind blowing O's, my first thought was 'this is so going on a road trip with us!' I have a thing for car play. Long drives are perfect and no toy could have been designed more perfectly for travelling. While I wouldn't recommend trying to play and drive, I would highly recommend this for traveling. It will tuck away in a suit case (just be sure the battery is out!). It will snuggle deep inside your purse and possibly even fit your jeans pocket if they're big enough. My pockets are small, but it fits in my jacket pocket.
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Enchated Crystals carries vibrations well and almost silently. The toy screws on and off about an inch under the crystal, where the ridges are (see photo above). This is where the battery goes in. It only takes 1 AAA battery. Since mine broke after the second use, I have no clue how long the batteries last. The vibrations are strange. I'm not sure if it's because mine's broken or what, but it seems when holding the pink ball upright, the vibrations are strongest in the purple crystal and vice versa. Either way, it seems the crystal ball doesn't carry them as well as the pink ball does. They are nice, buzzy vibrations, not extremely deep and rumbly.

It is a multi-speed and waterproof vibrator. It worked very well in water and there was no leakage. However, now that it's broken I won't risk taking it in the tub. I was able to count 3 speeds before it broke and now it only works when I twis the crystal to the 2nd speed. The ball seems that's it isn't on correctly. I don't know what happened, but it felt loose and there was a gap and I finally unscrewed the ball to try and fix it. Photo of that below. I was able to make a minor fix which I'll explain in my experience section.

The vibrations are 3 (I believe) steady vibrations. As usual, the first setting is the lowest and the second gets pretty strong, but the third was great! After a few minutes, it began to be too intense for direct clitoral stimulation.

The controls are all accessible by screwing it together and then twisting the crystal. Twis just once for the first setting, again for the second and again for third. However, I suggest being super careful because my crystal was so lososely in there that it managed to break. I've no idea what the malfunction is.
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings
    • Strong patterns

Care and Maintenance

Enchanted Crystals is pretty easy to care for. I did have one heck of a time cleaning in between those little ridges though! That was time consuming and much harder than I imagined. When it's been used internally or with lubricant, it should be cleaned thoroughly and this is a job! I would highly recommend putting aside a tooth brush just for this. After trying hot water and a good soap, my finger nail, then a wash cloth, I decided it needed a tooth brush. Those ridges just weren't coming clean enough to please me. Other than that, it cleans up well. Use soap and warm water or toy cleaner. No dishwashing or boiling.

This is lube friendly, meaning silicone and water based lubes are OK to use. I store this in it's original container, instead of in direct contact with other toys. I really doubt it would cause melting, but I prefer keeping it in it's package.
    • Easy to store
    • Hard to clean


Enchanted Crystals comes packaged in a cute, tasteful little plastic container. It's small and sturdy enough to store it in for a good while. It also makes it even more perfect for gift giving! Everything about this vibrator is simply adorable.

There were a nice amount of instructions located on the back of the little container and if you plan to store it in this then you'll have the instructions on hand at all times. Here's what the back says:

"Waterproof, Pthalates free, true multi-speed, latex free, made from body safe abs plastic with satin smooth coating, lube friendly."

Then it has instructions such as:
"Easy to use:
1. Unscrew crystal.
2. Slide in 1 AAA battery positive side up.
3. Screw crystal back on tightly to ensure waterproofing.
4. Twist crystal to adjust speeds.
One Year Warranty. Require 1 AAA battery. Clean with Evolved toy spray."

Those are nice instructions and I appreciate them, but I have to say, I do not recommend screwing the thing so tightly. Be careful when screwing it back on because it easily cross threads and it's not very durable. Take caution not to screw it on too tightly especially if your crystal looks or feels loose. Also be sure it's tight enough to go in the water! This does make things a bit complicated.

The front of the little package says:
"Enchanted Crystals Purple Sapphire.
Relieves stress, clears the mind and sets your path for sensual destiny."

The packaging is small and takes up little space.

I would like to add a little something to those words... "Relieves stress until it breaks and then you're left even more stressed than before. This may cause extreme sadness." Sorry, couldn't help myself there. I am still pretty sad!
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Very informative

Personal comments

This was going to get a full 5 stars from me, but it broke after 2 uses so I have to knock off one star. Still, the G-spot orgasms and the nice texture alone are enough to please.


Enchanted Crystals really excited me. It felt like it was made for my body. Sure, it could've been longer and the darn crystal could've been glass, but I was beyond satisfied. At the beginning of my 3rd use, I inserted battery, turned it on and felt a hint of vibration then it died. I grabbed a new battery, turned it on and nothing! I unscrewed it messed with the battery and noticed that the crystal was loose and looked crooked. I took the battery out and my slightly twisted the crystal trying to fix it. Nothing. My heart started pounding!

I did not want to lose this toy. Especially only on the third use. I kept messing with the crystal and trying to get it to turn on when I realized something was wrong. I was able to slide the crystal off easily and there's a tiny piece of metal jingling around. I have no idea what's wrong or how it happened or anything. I messed with it some more and while the crystal was off, I felt a vibration. I realized that loose metal piece was causing it to vibrate when it touched another piece in there. I positioned it to where it would maybe stay and tried using it. As soon as I moved, it stopped vibrating. I seriously, felt like crying! I loved this toy and was really disappointed that it did this. I don't know if something was loose in there before and my twisting to turn it on and off for the first and second uses just sent it over the edge or what. I haven't heard of this happening to others yet though so maybe it's just mine.

Would I still recommend it? Absolutely! I do wish for the price it would've been more durable and possibly even glass, but it did give me some amazing G-spot O's. Plus, those wonderful ridges...

The couple of times we did use this toy, it delivered over and over for very long sessions. My partner and I both were totally impressed and he was ecstatic with the O's I was able to get from it. His large hands were able to hold the short toy just fine, so if you have a shallow G-spot and about any sized hands, it should be nice for you.

Just yesterday he told me this was his new favorite toy to use with me! How disappointing. I haven't even told him yet that it's broken. Ugh. It's like losing a best friend!
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