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This Enchanted Crystal is more than just a magic wand colored for your delight, it's a vibrator! It only takes one AAA battery, has easy controls, wonderful packaging, is waterproof, and pretty quiet as well. I was hard-pressed to find cons for this product that would undo it. The vibrations are weak and slightly buzzy and I was kind of disappointed that the motor was in the "butt" of the vibe. But ya know, those cons don't hurt a reasonably priced, perfect beginner's toy.
~ Waterproof
~ Packaging Doubles as Storage
~ Easy Controls
~ Quiet
~ Motor is Not in the Crystal
~ Buzzy Vibrations
~ Weak
Rating by reviewer:
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The best use for this vibrator? Put it on your body! Externally, of course. This little darling wasn't made for inserting anywhere. And for that reason, anyone can use it. It's not regulated to be used only for those blessed enough to have a vagina. So you gentlemen or genderqueer out there can include the healing power of crystals into your bedroom too! And it's waterproof, thanks to a small o-ring where the battery compartment is. So feel free to include it in your water play.

What I really like about this toy is how nice and smooth the crystal end is. I'll go into more detail later, but this end is wonder for putting some massage oil on and rolling it over your sore muscles (or someone else's)!

And this is not a powerful toy so it's definitely not for the magic wand, needs-to-plug-into-the-wall, type of toy user. But it is a good starter vibe that doesn't hurt your wallet or suck batteries dry. I personally like it best for rolling massage anyway.

Material / Texture

The entirety of the toy is made of plastic. The handle is matte and almost velvety in texture. It makes it easy to grip, even if you're lubed up. And the crystal orb is smooth and transparent. It doesn't carry any smell or taste whatsoever. The texture can be appreciated by both the beginner and advanced, despite being so simplistic. It's more a toy to soothe and gently please rather than to shock or drive you wild, and who doesn't love that sometimes?

Because of the material, it's compatible with all types of lubricant and easy to clean. All in all, it's a great toy with a simple design and easy price. And I know the whole "healing crystal" theme can be a bit hokey but it's really one of the better toys in this price range, so I've tried so keep an open mind.

Design / Shape / Size

So you've got to have noticed by now that this kind of looked like a wand with a crystal on it. See it now? Good, let's move on. So outside of it looking adorable, it does make for good shiatsu-style massage with the crystal end. What's the weird part? The motor is in the other end. Not just halfway but completely in the end. When I first saw the commercial video on the product page I figured it be designed so that the crystal part would vibrate. Oh well, I suppose. At least the other end is matte and it helps to create friction when used for stimulation.

Another interesting choice design is in the handle portion. It's ridged for two reasons: it's easy to grip and it hides the seam where you seal it for the battery compartment. But there are three seams that make it downright evil to clean: one where the battery compartment seal is and the two meeting the rounded ends. Ugh! I hate seams where stuff gets stuck and dried. Just gross.

As far as size goes, it's perfect for pinpoint stimulation and easy to hide. And yet, it's large enough to be able to carry a little power with it - and only on a single AAA battery at that!

Functions / Performance / Controls

Well, I already confessed that this little wand is pretty weak for the vibrators I'm used to. But then again, I'm a wand woman and love anything that uses AC power by charge or cord. So perhaps I'm not the best person to ask. But it's enough vibration for some sweet foreplay and a little something extra when you roll it over your muscles for a pre-coitus massage.

And another unfortunate aspect is one that I accept as practical. It's in the "butt" of the wand that houses the motor. I know they couldn't have put the motor in the transparent crystal without it losing its, well, transparency. So as smooth and wonderful as the crystal is, if you want any vibration you'll have to use the other end.

The controls are super easy to use! You just twist the crystal! Have you ever seen Bedknobs and Broomsticks? Twist it, baby! The range may not be wide (and it's still weak...) but it's super cute controls. And have I forgotten to mention it's impressively quiet? They didn't even design it specifically to be quiet but it's no noisier than a cell phone.

Something they did design it for is to be waterproof and it certainly is! As long as you don't dip it into a vat of lubricant, it's easy to follow up and clean. Water tends to drip off and dry easily but lubricant is designed to do the opposite, so I say you should dip it in warm water before everything dries. You can use its waterproof feature to make cleaning easier!

Care and Maintenance

Er, well I suppose I jumped the gun and already told you quite a bit about taking care of the toy. Some other important things to note are:

~ Do not boil the toy. You'll melt the plastic, the inner motor, and ruin your toy.

~ Do not wash the toy when unscrewed. Use it's waterproof seal to protect the battery compartment when cleaning.

~ DO clean after every use and try to prevent lubricant from drying in those annoying creases.

~ DO use whatever lubricant you want with this toy.

~ DO store however you like. I personally prefer the container it comes in.
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  • tovehunter
    Super cute review for an equally cute toy
  • Anne
    thanks for sharing
  • falalena
    maybe for muscles with a lot of tension, but based on this review it wouldnt be used for pleasure for me.
  • LexiKitten
    Thank you!
  • Kristi :)
    thank you for the review.
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