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High intensity bullet reviews

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137 reviews

This buzzy little bullet is a decent, low-priced bullet for those of you who prefer this type of vibration. I prefer rumbly vibrations, so I wasn't overly impressed with this one. It does make a nice little teaser toy, though.

I really enjoy using my High Intensity Bullet. It's waterproof, packs a nice punch, and it's inexpensive. My only real complaint is that it requires "N" batteries. These can be found at Radio Shack, but usually not at your local supermarket or gas station. It's nice that your fist battery is included, but it is also a little bittersweet.

I would not recommend this product. I just do not enjoy it very much. It is to hard to change speeds on this toy; the button likes to either stick or not click at all.

I fell IN LOVE with the High intensity Bullet by Cal Exotics. I wasn't expecting it to be as powerful and pleasuring as it is. No wonder this is the highest rated bullet on Eden. I'm surprised it doesn't cost more than what it does. It's well worth the price. If you like strong vibrations on your clit, GET THIS! You'll love it.

It's powerful, durable, velvety soft, and works anywhere. The best bullet for an affordable price, what isn't there to love?

For the price, this is probably the strongest little bullet you can find. Given that its quality reflects the price as cheap plastic and limited functions, it's still not a bad toy to have around as a staple. My only qualm is that it uses N-batteries.

What a fantastic bullet vibrator! Great for someone looking for a travel friendly bullet that's quiet and easy to conceal, or someone shopping for a first time bullet. But then, this is really great for anyone, as long as they keep in mind that it is SUPER powerful and the highest setting is almost painful.

This has to be my favorite little bullet. It's affordable, small, discrete and powerful. What more can you want!? The material feels awesome against your skin. Not only is it a fun toy, but is also comes in other attractive colors and material. Every girl needs a little handy bullet. This never lets me down. I highly recommend you add it to your collection too.

It's amazing, as long as what you want is maximum power to your clit both per dollar and by size. Nice stuff.

The High Intensity Bullet is my go-to toy. It's perfect for solo and couple's play, and is a quick fix for a great clitoral orgasm. For the price, it's a deal you can't pass up.

For how nice and inexpensive this bullet is, it'd be a waste not to add it to your collection! Definitely recommend.

Are you tired of using the spin cycle for your enjoyment? Do you long for a powerful and discreet toy? The High Intensity Bullet is a powerful little vibe that is easy and fun to use. Even if it seems you have tried all the bullets out there, give this bullet a whirl. You won’t be disappointed.

The High Intensity Bullet is a powerful discreet pleasure tool that is perfect for travel or spicing up sex. It is simple but effective, easy to use, and you can't beat the price. This is a great useful buy!

If you're looking for a bullet with vibrations that are truly intense, then this may be the toy for you. However, if you're put off by the thought of spending this kind of money on a clit vibe, then look elsewhere. It is cheap, and this is a case where you get what you pay for.

This is a very simple, vibrating bullet with a lot of power. It’s quiet and compact making it a great travel companion.

The high intensity bullet has become my new go-to for ease and clitoral orgasms wherever and whenever I want them. This bullet packs a punch(more of a roundhouse kick) and will always be welcome to join my "Me" time.

Over all, I would recommend this vibe as a good in between toy and so far it has held up very well as a temporary main toy.

I would suggest you stay away from this. It is a waste of your money. If it is being offered as a free gift, choose a different one. And whatever you do, do not spend any money on it.

For a bullet (and especially having gotten this as a free gift), I am pleased. This is one of the strongest bullets I've used. I definitely think that this is a nice bullet to have on hand for use solo or with a partner.

This little guy's value comes with all the ways you can use him. If you need a good bullet for some of your toys or have some sleeves that can fit this bullet, the High Intensity is worth a try!

If you're looking for a powerful bullet, look no further. If you don't want to be numbed to further stimulation, look elsewhere.

Although this product was good for its intended purpose, it is sadly just not all that exciting. If you are looking for intensity, it might be smart to look elsewhere.

This is a very small, yet powerful vibrator. It is very small and sleek, yet packs a punch. It can also be quite loud. The power can also be a little too intense for some. The battery is included, but it is an N battery and most people don't have extras lying around usually.

For the price, this toy is a must have for any collection. With it's sleek feel and beautiful colors, this toy packs a great punch. If you need something strong and sound level is of no concern for you, you must add this to your cart now! Be sure to have the battery in correctly though! It will work still, but not correctly, so you will just think it's defective if it's in wrong.

While this bullet is strictly a teaser toy for me, this was the first bullet vibrator I can say has been able to excite me, even better, it's only the second bullet I've owned that lasts longer than 30 minutes! It's pretty and worth it if you're looking for a travel companion or teaser toy. I would also say this makes a great first ever vibrator, and that's not something I say often about bullets.

This is a fun little vibrator that comes in really cute colors. That being said, the vibrations are so buzzy they itch and numb the skin. It's an OK toy for the price, but don't expect anything special.

If you're looking for a bullet that has multiple levels and strong power, this might be a good choice for you, especially if discreet sound isn't a concern. However, if you're living with a roommate or need a toy that's quiet, look elsewhere. This bullet is very loud and buzzy and takes super annoying N type batteries. I'm sure you could find a better option here, at Eden Fantasys.

"Give me back my bullets..." Lynard Skynard Ladies and Gentlemen, make way for the the High Intensity Champion of Bullets. Every other bullet in the drawer should cower in fear of the sheer power and awesomeness that emanates from the Cal Exotics High Intensity Bullet.. for about an hour. But what an hour it is.

As far as staple sex toys go, this one is a winner. While not as strong or varied as some of its more expensive cousins, it holds its own for such a low price.

A powerful and discreet bullet vibrator that's effective and easy to clean. It has 3 speeds and is very easy to use! It has a weird N-type battery that I found to run out rather quickly.

This is a great small, discreet, waterproof bullet. It has powerful vibrations and is great for college students who live in the dorms. Also, the price is great.

Overall, I highly recommend this toy for anyone; male, female, beginner, advanced, etc. It's a great price, even better quality, lots of color choices for personalization. You won't be disappointed!

The high intensity bullet is a stand-out for toys of its kind. Powered by an 'N' battery, it retains its super strength extra long. It's versatile, discrete and great value for the money. I recommend this bullet over most others for clitoral stimulation, use in harnesses and men's toys and even during intercourse to please both males and females.

If you're looking for a lot of VROOM in a little toy, look no further! This baby packs a whole lot of power in a tiny , adorable bullet. While the vibrations may be too strong for some, those looking for intensity are sure to get it with this bullet!

This item totally wowed me. Completely head and shoulders above every bullet vibe, gives jimmyjane a run for its money.

If it weren't for the battery life and rarity this would have been a five star toy. Considering the battery isn't a household battery and dies so quickly this toy looses a star. But because it has amazing power, is nearly whisper silent, has a velvety coating (the pink one), and is super cute, I would give it four and a half. Sadly, it sits at a four.

Other than the problem with the batteries and the lack of a power button, this is a great toy that I would recommend to anyone. It is very basic but packs a punch with its intense vibrations.

This is the best bullet I have ever used and the only one I enjoyed. I love the bright colors. The three settings allow you to pick how intense you want the bullet to be and the vibrations traveled very well through my silicone toys.

It's worth the buy if you would like something small that does great things. In my opinion, the experience is worth it.

Mind-numbing sensations at an affordable price. Perfect for public pleasure or wonderful wake up calls. This little toy can keep up with the big boys.

The high intensity bullet is a great toy overall, I would recommend this to anyone for a little powerful fun.

I would definitely recommend this to friends and anyone looking for a cute, mostly quiet, multi-speed bullet used for solo or partner sex! I love having it in my bedroom and would definitely purchase another in the future.

I thought overall it was fantastic. I got it as a free gift and have no regrets. Just be sure to stock up on batteries if you plan on using it regularly.

Surprisingly quiet for how powerful it is, this bullet vibe is great for the up-front price, but be prepared to shell out for specialty batteries more frequently than you'd like.

I'm extremely pleased with my High Intensity Bullet. I definitely suggest getting this bad boy, you won't need another bullet toy. The continuous vibrations are powerful and can give excellent orgasms. However, more experienced toy users may become bored with the lack of patterns or extra features.

This little toy lives up to its name, and it is a wonderful toy! The only flaw is the difficulty in finding the N batteries, but you shouldn't let that dissuade you.

The amount of power packed into this little bullet, makes it worth it for someone who is looking for a small, easy to use bullet. As a first time toy-buyer, I loved it (and so did my SO)! It's versatile in uses, and despite having a rare battery and being loud, it's great if you just turn on some music.

Great vibe, Good for beginners and completely waterproof. It was my first vibe and made me into a total bullet fan, velvety soft finish that feels smooth on your skin.

This is a great vibrator with an unfortunate battery requirement. Affordable and effective, if you don't mind ordering batteries every once in a while.

If the shape of bullet toys works well for you and your body, then go ahead and get this one if the thought of not being able to replace the batteries doesn't horrify you. The price is pretty decent and it's a fairly quiet toy so it definitely has some nice attributes.

Overall, the High Intensity Bullet is a good by for the price. It gets the job done and can be used alone or as a good beginner toy for couples. The speed variation gives many options to how it is used. It might not be strong enough for advanced users, but this bullet is a fabulous buy and one of my favorites!

I liked it alright but mine broke after a few months. It was a pain to change the difficult sized batteries that weren't easy to find. It did, however, live up to its name, high intensity for sure!

This is a solid bullet with three settings that would make a great introduction into the world of toys. It's interesting, but not particularly exciting, and if you have the bank you can definitely get a much better toy. The N battery also makes its battery consumption annoying.

A great bullet that won't break your budget and doesn't need much care. Its got powerful vibes and is easy to handle.

The High Intensity Bullet is a powerful bullet that may be too strong for some, but for those who can take it, it'll certainly please. It has multiple uses and it's perfect for solo masturbation or fun-time with your partner. It's small, affordable, and adorable to boot. Beginners, advanced users, whoever: Come one, come all! And you certainly will!

This bullet is simple, easy, and strong. The N sized batteries and the slightly numbing effects of the vibrations can be frustrating.

This is a great product for several reasons, including it's size and shape, power, material and visual appeal. While I'd still consider this a powerhouse bullet, it may not be the right thing for people who aren't very sensitive. It's definitely a good price for what you get, this is one of the highest quality bullets I've come across.

This is worth your money! The vibes you get from this tiny bullet are so satisfying, I found myself gasping for air after my first use and many times after that!

This sleek, surprisingly powerful bullet is stealthily unassuming. Perfect for carrying in your purse for those intimate moments, it won't interrupt your playtime with loud noises or a bulky design. All you get are powerful vibrations delivered first-class to your clit.

This is really a great little item that belongs in any collection. It's small, discreet, and yet powerful and fun. Don't let the small size, battery requirements and click settings turn you away from this little gem.

This High Intensity Bullet delivers not only great stimulation, but also amazing sensations for both men and women. It can be a very versatile bullet---for example, solo, couples, wet environments etc. Even though it is small and compact, the design is very sturdy and should last for quite some time. For the price and quality this is a great buy and I’m glad that I got one, if only it could have one or two more vibration settings it would be perfect.

The High-Intensity Bullet is a great addition to anyone's collection! This small vibrator is both powerful and discreet and is perfect for both solo play and penetrative/couple play. It is quickly becoming my favorite sex toy and for its price, it's hard to beat!

The high intensity bullet is worth it. I enjoyed the simplicity of it, but it still had the power to get get the job done. It is also reasonably price and is very versatile. I must say it is powerful for it's size and if you looking for clitoral stimulation this toy is worth it.

I was overly pleased with this toy and would recommend to anybody. Great colors, amazing vibes, discreet, water proof; whats not to love?

A sturdy little vibrator that is great for the money! Its three settings, waterproof abilities and compact design are perfect for anyone!

I would say that the High Intensity Bullet is a great toy for someone who is concerned about neighbors or roommates discovering the toy; it is small, nondescript, and quiet. However, because it has high-frequency vibrations, it might not be effective for someone who prefers deeper sensations.

If you want an all over teaser to spice things up or add to your foreplay, this is probably a good vibe for you. The slim body and pointed tip make it an excellent, if not buzzy, tickler from clavicle to clit! As for pure clitoral stimulation? Well. I've had better.

This bullet is powerful but great for many uses! It's the perfect size for small or large hands, meaning it's great for solo and partner play.

I think everyone should have this cute little bullet in there collection. If you do not have one then you are definitely missing out on the fun!

The high intensity bullet is a wonder bullet. This bullet is something you may want to keep to yourself. It is strong and portable. Waterproof for some fun water play. The vibrations can be too strong for some. So I would recommend beginners use with caution.

Unless your clit is very sensitive, this bullet is an absolute must have. It is really strong, and its three settings are more than enough to suit most needs—yet it remains strangely quiet. Lasts great in water, and is extremely easy to clean and hide.

The High Intensity Bullet definitely lives up to its name. It can bring on some intense clitoral orgasms. But you shouldn't just limit this bullet to your clitoris or even other traditional sexual zones. It's great for relaxing/stimulating a variety of sensitive areas on your body. You and/or your partner can have great fun hunting these areas down.

If you're looking for a great toy for foreplay look no further. If your looking for a vibrator to get you off quick and in a hurry keep on looking. The high Intensity Bullet works well for solo and with a partner. Thanks to this little beauty my eyes have been opened to the fun and satisfaction a bullet can provide, I will no longer look over the bullet when choosing a new toy.

I really recommend this toy. It is very powerful, yet very discreet. Even people who need strong vibrations would get pleasure out of this. It is great to use either by itself, or with other toys.

I personally love this toy. It is small yet powerful, discreet, quiet: everything a girl looks for. The only thing I would change would be the fact that I have to put the battery in myself.

It has strong vibrations and a decent price for a beginner vibrator, but you could probably find something more useful at the same price.

Discreet, silky smooth, and incredibly strong, the High intensity bullet is WAY more than worth the money. A must-have in every toy chest!

I can't recommend this toy enough! It delivers insanely powerful clitoral orgasms and is a ton of fun. For $15, it's well worth it! A little noisy at times, but it's a vibe, so it's going to make noise.

The Intensity Bullet is very powerful and simple, but I just don't like it. Its vibrations are buzzy, too small, and the control button is too stiff and unresponsive.

This lovely looking bullet can sometimes be overwhelmingly intense and brings on orgasms of a similar caliber. It's sleek, nice, and easy to clean. My only disappointment is that after some time, it lost its sensitivity/adjustability for cycling through the speed settings.

High Intensity definitely delivers and lives up to the name. Perfect toy for a "quickie" anytime and anywhere. The powerful motor provides intense orgasms, but at times can be overpowering. Great for use on your own or with a partner.

The High Intensity Bullet is a well-made, brightly-colored, velvety-textured bullet vibe. It lives up to its name---the High Intensity Bullet seems stronger than some of my kitchen appliances, and it's easy on the pocketbook to boot. It's a great choice for lovers of power and those who don't mind if their vibrations are buzzy, but for those of us with sensitive clits, this vibe might be a numbing nightmare.

This little bullet will blow your mind without emptying your wallet. It is small, has variable speeds, and is super cute. You can't go wrong with this bullet!

This is a must have, ranging anywhere from beginners to the more advanced of us. It's waterproof which is extra handy if you don't like trying to use the bulky items in the shower/tub.

I believe this to be well worth a try. If anything happened to mine, I would have to purchase another. Cleans up easily, quiet and discreet. Can't stress enough that good things come in small packages.

All in all GET THIS VIBE, don't hesitate. It's currently a freebie from facebook, but that wont last long. The small price and size is a great swap for intense fun, eye popping colors, and orgasms to come. Besides, everyone does it, so who cares if they hear you though the door.

Altogether, for the price, this is a nice bullet vibe to have around. It is discreet, quiet (without the paper insert), and only takes one N-1 battery to be powered. Makes a really nice extra to any gift.

Even though the vibe is a little noisy, it is very intense and the middle speed is plenty for less sensitive individuals like myself.

As a freebie, this was worth throwing into an order. To actually spend money on, I would probably pass. I need heavy, focused stimulation to get off and this toy just doesn't fit the bill. If you can get off from gentle touches, this may be the toy for you. If, like me, you use a hitatchi or it's equivalent to finish, this probably won't do the trick unless you're really worked up already.

I find this toy amazing! So much that the day my poor toy dies I'm buying a new one to replace it and giving the old a proper burial to show it just how much I appreciated it!

The Eden Fantasy's bullet hides its true power behind a velvety soft exterior. With three powerful settings you will never be disappointed. You may also find that this is the only bullet you will ever need. What better to fill all your bullet needs than something that feels soft and also supports your favorite site.

This is a great toy for anyone! It's waterproof, is a great price and man does it have some power!! The only downside I have found is it takes a special battery. The "N" battery is sold on EF though and 1 does come with the toy.

The High Intensity Bullet is definitely worth it. It's cute, small, waterproof and super strong! Every woman should have one.

The only way the High Intensity Bullet can disappoint is by dying completely (no vibrations) or it being too small hence the name, bullet.

This bullet will take you to the moon- unless, of course, you're afraid of a fast ride. It's small and jam-packed with power. Hold on tight!

This toy gets an A from me. I love to use it and it is waterproof. I think that I will buy another when this one goes out.

If you like a toy that can take you to orgasmic heights in less than 30 seconds, look no further! This baby's got you covered!

This is the perfect, discreet toy. All three settings are extremely different and caters to pretty much everyone's needs. The best clit toy I've ever used and it works well for sensory play as well. The bottom line: get this toy! Everyone should have one of these.

Even though this bullet stopped working, I still enjoyed it. It was small enough to be used for clitoral stimulation during sex, which is a big plus for me. Despite only getting to use it once, I consider it a worthwhile toy.

With an improved velvety texture and three amazing speeds, the High Intensity Bullet is my go-to vibrator for masturbation and couple-time. It is very easy to use, with a bright green push-button located at the bottom of the toy. This toy is easy to clean because it is waterproof. This bonus also allows for shower-time fun!

Small, powerful, and a world rocker! If you want a powerful bullet that won't cost you a mint, then this is perfect for you. It has a velvety feel and three intensity levels to please most users.

I absolutely love this toy, and it's true that the colors are definitely a plus! This little bugger packs a great punch. Any user from beginner to advanced can appreciate this toy. It is definitely great for clit stimulation, that's for sure. It's one of my favorite toys by a long shot.

This is one of my go-to vibes. There are almost no limits when it comes to this toy. It's definitely worth every penny.

Don't let the small size of the High Intensity Bullet fool you. It packs quite a punch! Not to mention that it now comes in Eden pink with green accents. Just that alone would have sold me.

This bullet is really awesome and I am so glad it is part of my collection. I would highly recommend it if you are looking for something small, discreet, that needs to be powerful. I need a bit of power for clitoral orgasm and this little guy does the trick for me. It has it's own pocket in my purse and I don't leave home without it!

I'd say it's definitely worth ordering, whether it was a free gift or not. It is perfect for beginners. It was everything I could have imagined! I am perfectly satisfied.

Perfect for travel, discrete, and the texture is really nice. Exactly what I was looking for. I really love this little bullet. It's powerful without being too loud, and is really cute to add on to the whole package. It was everything that I could have asked for from this product, especially for the price

This High Intensity Bullet is definitely worth it! It's inexpensive and serves its purpose. If you're looking for a simple way to have some fun with your partner, this toy is the one for you!

The High Intensity Bullet is nothing less than high intensity. It is definitely worth the price and the wait. The only negative thing I could say about this toy is that it uses an N type battery, which can be hard to find, but EF carries them.

If you're looking for a discreet, powerful, waterproof, and super-adorable toy, I definitely recommend the High Intensity Bullet! It's cute, great for travel, easy to hide, quite, and very intense!

The High Intensity bullet is totally appropriately named. It is very intense on the last level. Painfully so. However, I do have a somewhat sensitive clit though. For many users, this will be the only bullet they need. It is fairly quiet, well made, and has a long battery life from what I have gathered so far.

This is a great toy for everyone. Experienced or not. This is great for quick picker-uppers, or teasing in foreplay. Don't let the size fool you! It's small, but mighty.

Don't let this toy's little stature fool you! This toy is truly a little gem in the world of vibrating bullets. For the price, this toy packs a wallop worthy of toys easily twice its size and price!

For a beginner, this could be perfect as a small, easy to take along toy. For anyone more advanced, this may be disappointing. I enjoyed how easy it was to use, and how powerful the vibrations are for something so small. It's great to use on your clit, and you can probably use this in other ways (massages, stimulation on your partner). It's small, easy to hide, and easy to travel with. If you stash it in your bag, at first glance it may just look like a small pen or large lipstick.

I love this little bullet. It's strong powerful vibrations send me into an amazing clitoral orgasm every time I use it. It never disappoints!!

The high intensity bullet doesn't need any bells and whistles. It is simple, it is functional. It knows that it can get you off, and oh, it will get you off. It is fierce. It is arrogant. It is sinfully titillating.

This little bullet is winning the race against others that are unwieldy to use during intercourse or don't provide the intensity that I crave. Flying Eden colors and packing the heat, this compact bullet is a champ!

It's a great little vibe at two inches long. It's discreet, fairly powerful, and waterproof. It's hypo allergenic and made of food grade material. Since it's plastic it can be used with virtually any lube. There are many great things about this product. But a few cons are that it's pointy and could cause pain, and that it might not have enough functions, or functions that are as strong as other toys.

Even though I have no plans to ever use The High Intensity Bullet as a sex toy, I can only imagine that this little thing would be a teeth shaker. But the The High Intensity Bullet that I have is now my husband's and he uses it to get the knots out of his back and it works better than anything else that I have ever tried on his back.

This item is worth the price and proves that size does not matter and that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

I would suggest this to beginners and pros alike! Its small size and large power is a perfect combination! Have fun!

The High Intensity Bullet is a very small little vibrator but is extremely powerful. It has three speed levels that will impress anyone from a beginner to a more advanced toy user who likes their toys with a lot of power.

If you are into bullet vibes, this is a sexy one. It is sleek and shiny. If privacy is an issue, it is very important to remember to skip cycling through the settings to off. Remember to just unscrew the cap. Keep in mind that my low rating of the product may just be due to my lack of appreciation for the simplicity of a bullet vibe. I do like bells and whistles.

This item is most definitely worth the money. I would buy it again. I do highly recommend this product. I like it for the ease of use, the quality, and, overall, the powerful vibrations that it gives me. It is perfect for my everyday needs.

An excellent value for anyone - small, quiet, yet powerful. Great for the times you're alone, or can be used for foreplay and more.

This is a truly lovely toy that does its intended job like a champ. The three speeds are distinct and powerful. It is easy to handle and doesn't turn off or change speeds during play. The push button doesn't become hard to handle if the toy should become slick. Requires an "N" battery which can be tough to find, it does come with one to get you started though.

For the price, you can't find a better, or prettier bullet. It delivers three speeds of power discreetly and quietly. You get quite the bang for your buck with this little beauty.

The High Intensity Bullet is not your normal bullet. This little vibrator packs a huge and powerful vibration. It is adorable and discreet without taking away from the experience. This bullet provides amazing clitoral stimulation alone or with a partner. It can even be used in water. Easily used, and easily cleaned. This little guy has it all!

This was disappointing. It was very weak compared to what I had read about it, and there was only one setting unlike that mentioned (possibly I got a defective piece). This is somewhat cheaply made, the one I got also was cracked. But, the vibe is small, sleek and slender and discreet.

Overall, I would have to say to all the beginners (and even if you are not) YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY THIS!

This low cost bullet is a winning combination of compact, quiet, and high powered. It is water-tight and uses a single N-type (LR1) battery. It has three speeds and uses a single push button to switch. It can get slippery during use but that doesn't detract from it's high points.

The best things come in small packages, especially with this powerful little toy. With so many uses, and such a great price, how can you go wrong?

Overall, price for power it’s a fantastic match. The product itself is relatively inexpensive for the power received. Safe and waterproof, the product offers limitless activities for the amount of power given.

Only certain kinds of vibes work for me. I've tried several and this is the only one that comes in at a close second to my Hitachi wand. Being so powerful in such a compact package lends to lots of fun and sneaky possibilities! I'm very excited about this product. Now I can travel with this and not have to lug around my much larger Hitachi!

The High intensity Bullet is a loud vibrator, but only on the top to settings. The first setting is a quiet buzz, and the noise quickly increases thought the next two settings. Noise aside, it is a good vibe for its price range, and certainly packs a punch.

This high intensity bullet vibrator has a lot to offer with its small, discreet form factor and high powered motor. At under three inches long, this vibrator could fit anywhere, allowing you to experience its pleasure anywhere, any time. It has three speeds that run on a long-lasting N type battery and is waterproof for easy cleaning and bath time fun. This is the vibrator to get if you are looking for something powerful yet portable.

The High Intensity Bullet is a tiny powerhouse that delivers three incredibly strong levels of vibrations in a discreet and adorable package. Excellent for clitoral stimulation either alone or with a partner this toy is waterproof, so you can enjoy it anywhere.

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