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A lot of power that'll hold up for many uses.

While this bullet is strictly a teaser toy for me, this was the first bullet vibrator I can say has been able to excite me, even better, it's only the second bullet I've owned that lasts longer than 30 minutes! It's pretty and worth it if you're looking for a travel companion or teaser toy. I would also say this makes a great first ever vibrator, and that's not something I say often about bullets.
Pretty colors.
Actually lasts longer than 30 minutes.
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This bullet vibrator will grab your attention with its lovely watermelon colors. The pin-pointed tip makes this perfect for teasing the nipples, clitoris, labia, abdomen and even penis if you're into that.

I don't say this often, but the High Intensity bullet is a great first ever bullet vibrator. It's got enough power to please a clitoris that's never felt vibrations before. In fact, had this been my first vibrator, I think I'd have actually been able to orgasm. Instead, my first vibrator was not the best quality and the vibrations were little more than a tickle.

Unfortunately, my clitoris has had the luxury of experiencing Matryoshka and Envie. Although Envie is a much cheaper vibrator than Matryoshka, those are my top two vibrators. In other words, they get me there (clitorally) the quickest. But had I gotten this High Intensity little dude before allowing my clitoris something so much more rumbly, I think this would've been my BFF. As for now though, it's a vibrator I have gone to several times for on-the-go clitoral teasing or my regular mini road trips. The passengar always has the most fun, right? This has made one sweet travel companion.

For someone who just prefers bullet vibrators -- whether they are advanced or not -- this is one I'd recommend without a doubt.

With enough power to at least wake up even the most impossible clitoris and enough battery life to last as long as my road trip does, this dude is a keeper. One I'll purchase when mine takes the dirt nap.

And lastly, this is also a great addition to foreplay. While it seems glass or one of my more expensive clitoral vibrators are our foreplay toys of choice, this one never fails to excite and arouse either. Only I have to be careful not to play too long or it'll numb me. So for couple play, this dude is sweet, cute and non-intimidating to either party. You can even snuggle it right between the labia during intercourse.
    • On a bed only

Material / Texture

Let's just get the lovely scent of this bullet down first. Ahhh... like the smell of new shoes or new plastic. It's always a pleasure to my nostrils, and it really doesn't bother me to have toys that smell like this. When I first opened it, my partner and I were in the car on our way out to eat (no, really, out to eat at a restaurant) I sniffed it and said "I just don't see how people can be unhappy when they smell this!" I mean I really like that plasticy scent. But I understand you may not. It's noticeable enough to my nose, even after washing, but my partner's less than stellar sniffer isn't lucky enough to be able to detect much of an odor from this. So it's not so strong that it'll make your crotch smell like plastic.

And speaking of material, this bullet is made of ABS plastic, with a smooth PU-like coating. Remember, a PU coat only gives the very outer "shell" a somewhat smooth feeling, smoother than plastic, but not something I'd call "buttery" or "velvety." Just smooth, which is preferable over just plain, naked, hard plastic to me. This food-grade ABS plastic is hypo-allergenic, non-porous, latex and phthalates free, so this isn't going to set off any flare-up for those who have extremely sensitive skin.

The ABS plastic rates an 8 out of 10 on EF's material safety scale. The vibrator is totally smooth without any seams or texture.

If you've ever felt of Freestyle, that's similar to how this bullet feels, only less high-quality. But the coating is similar.

The pink bullet is matte and definitely just as bold/brightly colored as the photo shows. It has little drag to it, which was pleasant. I'm able to run this along my crotch without it grabbing ahold of my labia. A dot of Aqua lubricant makes this pretty darn pleasurable though, reducing any friction and gliding along the clitoris with ease.

The only part of the bullet that isn't made of this smooth ABS plastic is the green button located at the base and the green rubber O-ring. Both of these are shiny, smooth and squishy.

Design / Shape / Size

The bullet has a tapered, pin-pointed tip to allow for stimulation exactly where you want it.

This is not discreet. It's clearly a bullet vibrator and there's not many people that would not be able to tell. The sticker you see on the bullet says "must close cap tightly." However, I wanted to warn that the threading must be lined up well or you risk stripping them or breaking things. I've done this before, but haven't had trouble getting the cap threading to line up fine with this bullet.


At only 3 1/4" long, this fits perfectly in my hand. The insertable length is only 2 1/2", but that's enough for just a "teaser toy." The circumference is 2 1/4" and it has a diameter of 5/8". This is suitable for most, considering it's only a bullet. However, if you find yourself wanting something fatter for insertion, you can always use this in combination with one of your favorite insertables.

The size will be enough for someone who's looking for clitoral stimulation. I doubt anybody would buy this strictly for inserting, so it should meet most ladies' expectations size-wise.

As for travel, my personal lifestyle goes well with this. However, I'm the kind of person who doesn't have to worry much about privacy since my loved ones don't really dig through my belongings. So I don't have to worry about others finding this, and if a family member happened across it, I wouldn't be terribly embarrassed. It's small and a bullet is something many females own, so it's not a toy I'd be freaked out if one of my female friends came across it.

It fits just perfectly in a purse and will even fit in larger jeans pockets. While it's clearly a vibrator, it's small enough to be well concealed. If you plan to travel and want to be super discreet with this guy, simply stick it in a lip stick case.

Made in China.
    • Beginner

Functions / Performance / Controls

The bullet takes a single N-1 batter, which is included, and even nicer -- it actually works. That seems to be a rarity when batteries come with toys.

With the green, rubber O-ring in place to prevent water from going inside, this is waterproof. Be careful when taking the battery in and out because these O-rings can slide off, so before you put it in water, be sure you still have the O-ring on it.

I've been able to submerge this without any damage. The O-ring is definitely effective as long as the cap is screwed on tightly.

I also noticed the very first time I went to use this, it wasn't turning on. I did have to tighten the cap really tight at first for it to actually vibrate, just as the sticker advises.

You have three different vibration speeds with this. To operate, simply push the green button located at the base. This single push-button turns the toy on, off and cycles through the three settings. The vibrations are as follows:

1. First setting is soft, but noticeable. Works best for light teasing. It's buzzy, but not as high pitched as most bullets I've encountered.

2. Second setting is a good deal more intense, but also buzzy and numbing.

3. Third setting is a lot more intense than the first. It's also far louder and can be easily heard. It's the buzziest of the 3 and slightly high pitched. It's definitely numbing after a few minutes of use, but I've found that this bullet is not near as buzzy and numbing as other bullets I've used. I normally end up too numb to feel anything, but this has somewhat slightly penetrating vibrations.

I personally like the third setting the most. It's so intense that placing it directly on my clitoris can be a little much. The third setting can be felt through my jeans.

The vibrations are most felt at the tip of the vibrator, but are felt all throughout, from tip to base.

The green push button is easy to use, and since you only have to click it three times to shut it off, it's not too much of an inconvenience to have only one button. The button is really sensitive, which is good for me. I don't have to work to change the settings. It only takes a light push to change it. Even without the need to push it hard, it hasn't changed in the middle of use by accidental pushing.

This bullet has lasted me longer than any other bullet vibrator I've had, besides Pipe Dream's Lipstick Luv Vibe, which lasted me over a year, but would stop working after a few minutes of use. This one hasn't died on me yet, but has gotten really warm after 10 minutes of use.

I'm pretty impressed that I've been able to use the High Intensity Bullet for long sessions without it quitting on me. I've had four 25-30 minute uses with this and a couple shorter ones without it needing a new battery or dying.

When it does need a new battery, I don't see myself going out and buying one just for this bullet. I like it, it's a lot of fun and a really quick way to get me aroused, but I wouldn't go buy a new N-1 battery just for this toy's sake. If I already had one on hand, I'd absolutely stick it in this bullet. I would absolutely buy it again though.
    • Easy to use
    • Not discreet at all

Care and Maintenance

This bullet is about as low maintenance a toy you can find.

To care for your bullet, always be sure to take the battery out after use. I've had good vibrators ruin due to leaving the batteries inside, and it's a bummer to go to use it only to find corrosion in the battery tunnel. So it's important to remove them. Then make sure the cap is tightly screwed on before washing it as you don't want water inside the battery compartment.

To wash, use a mild soap and hot water. Do not boil of course. If it has a motor do not boil it or you'll spoil it. You can also use a toy cleaner or wipe to easily wipe this small dude clean. I use a natural spray toy cleaner on this.

Since it's all smooth and small, you don't have a lot of vigorous cleaning to do. There's no texture, it's a simple wipe-down-and-rinse process.

This can be stored in a purse, small drawstring pouch, even a lipstick container! It's so small it'll hide out anywhere.

This bullet is compatible with all lubricants, so silicone lovers, go crazy.


The High Intensity Bullet comes packaged in a clear cellophane-like, recyclable wrap that has "Eden Fantasys" and "High Intensity Bullet" printed on it in black. This little bag holds the bullet and the one battery it takes. There are no extra papers or user instructions, but I didn't need any. The packaging is very minimal, simple and appreciated. There aren't any nude, trashy photos to worry about. The clear bag it comes in is not re-useable, so it can't be used for storage. However, I mentioned that this can be tossed in even a lipstick holder.

The bullet itself comes wrapped in what I'm pretty sure is called shrink wrap. In my photo, you can see this shiny plastic wrapped on the bullet. A nice touch I suppose since it lets you know nobody used this beforehand, if that's a worry you'd have. It also means you can remove it from the plastic baggy and throw it in a nice little gift basket for a friend or loved one! And this is something I definitely recommend throwing in any sexual gift basket.

Inside the battery compartment is a paper that says "do not remove." I've heard people say if a vibrator comes with this paper, never remove it or the vibrations become weaker. Very interesting. It also has a "+" and "-" to show which way to insert the battery.
    • Not discreet
    • Would make a nice gift


This is the first bullet I've had a really good experience with. My other experiences with bullets were either terrible because they did not work or only lasted literally a couple of minutes, and then I had 2 bullets I was okay with, but they did nothing at all for me.

I'm pretty happy with this bullet. Even though I usually hate buzzy vibrations, this one delivers such powerful ones that I can use it with at least some pleasure each time. It's gotten a lot of use considering how much I normally hate bullet vibrators.

As for being able to deliver orgasms, it's really going to depend. There's only been one time this bullet has been a part of me actually making it there, and that was because we'd been fooling around for a few minutes, so I was already a little excited.

The best way I personally have found to use this is lying on my crotch with my palm over it and applying pressure. This can also work while lying on your stomach if you can stay in that position comfortably enough to enjoy it.

I prefer using this bullet after some other type of clitoral stimulation be it oral, gently massaging or with another vibrator all together. It's just too buzzy to really get me far on its own, but when used after other stimulation, I enjoy it a lot.

I use this most as foreplay or teasing. I've used it on 2 road trips and just while playing with my partner. My partner loves this vibrator because it's so small he can surprise me with it. He surprised me with this little thing twice today. Since it's small, I don't notice it in his hand until I feel the vibrations. Once we were in the car and he reached over and stuck it to my crotch. It makes a nice little surprise.
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