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If you are looking for a basic vibrator that has a variety of patterns and packs a punch, you might love the Liv. If you know you love texture of a sense of fullness, you should look elsewhere.

If you need a simple toy in your collection, something that can get the job done every time without too much fuss and extra frills, then this toy is fabulous. Everyone needs a basic go to vibe in their collection.

The Lelo Liv makes a splash in the river of vibrators with its unusual colors and variety of vibrations. This 'splash' falls short because the slender Liv is not waterproof like its aquatic cousins (Mona 2 and Elise 2) and its plastic seams act as 'fluid-traps'. If you like the Liv's shape, I would suggest skipping to the 'next evolution' of the Gyarados-equivalent, the Elise 2.

Liv is simple, effective, and durable. Very well designed. I like almost everything about it: the size, shape, and power. I've been using it almost every day for years.

A solid vibrator that just didn't work for me as a G-spot stimulator. Disappointing, but still deserving of being in the luxury category. Should definitely be a contender for your dollar.

The only complaints I have on Liv is that it took a few minutes to figure out how to turn her on and go through the patterns but once I figured it out, I was good to go. I do wish the controls weren't on the handle but other than that I think she is just great.

A wonderful product by LELO, the Liv preforms excellently and is unmistakably beautiful as well! With a slight learning curve required to use it, it's an interesting toy and is something I love dearly!

It's a solid little toy. There are probably better vibrators on the market, but this is a great, little, all-around toy.

The Lelo Liv is near the bottom of the luxury range. It's made well, it ticks all the "quality" boxes you'd expect it to, but it's lacking the wow factor, innovation, and power necessary to make it a favourite.

Liv is great to use solo or during sex, and is the simplest and most beautiful rechargeable vibrator you could ask for. It's best use would be for clitoral stimulation.

Liv it up if you need a smaller toy for internal and external use. It is perfect for a beginner and those looking for mind-blowing clitoral orgasms. Move on if you need them big and stimulating, and especially if you are looking for heavenly penetrative waves of joy.

Liv is a nice toy for someone with a bit of pocket change and extensive experience with cheaper toys. It's a good upgrade, but it's no "end of the road destination." You will eventually move on for greener pastures, I bet.

I highly recommend this for anyone who doesn't need extreme size or power, and appreciates a sleek and sexy vibe that is like a work of modern art. This is a toy that is great when you just need some leisurely luxury. Try it on your g-spot, your clit, with a partner, or as a thrusting's great everywhere. It is on the higher end of the price spectrum, but this is such a sturdy and reliable product (not to mention Lelo's excellent warranty) that I would definitely buy it again!

A great toy. Our first high end vibrator and first silicone toy and now we see what we were missing. The material is top notch, strong vibrations, variable patterns/speeds and recharegable make this a worthwhile toy. It has become our go to vibrator/dildo. Great size for newbies, but may be too small for size queens.

I'm a very sensitive person and the subtlety of the lower vibrations is perfect for me, but if you're a person who can't get off without extremely strong vibrations I wouldn't recommend Liv. However, if you're not desensitized this is probably a great vibrator for you. The design is so good that it makes me want to masturbate even when I dont need to.

In sum, the Liv is fabulous and I'd recommend her. Her shape and vibrations do it for me better than any other vibe I've tried to date. If I could get Lelo to change anything, it would be the position of the control buttons, but Liv is still by far one of the best vibes on the market.

Invest in Liv and she will become your best friend! Strong internal vibrations in a small, sleek vibrator with multiple vibration patterns and intensity make her my go-to toy. She is quiet enough to use without your roommates knowing and powerful enough to please you. Liv is rechargeable making her a dream come true.

Though it met our functional expectations, we expected a little more delivery for the price. The control pad could have been more thoroughly planned, and it could use a bit more insertable vroom. It is still a great toy. It can apply pressure where you need it and provide strong vibrations externally. It is rechargeable and holds that charge quite well. Easy to use, easy to clean, and as long as you don't need larger toys, we'd still recommend this product.

Lelo Liv is a wonderful toy and a great investment. The power is great and a one year warranty is also great!

The Liv by Lelo is a great little luxury vibrator. Everything about it is high-quality, and the price is very appropriate (if not a bargain). The size is a little on the smaller size, making it versatile and great for a first toy. This is would be a great start or addition to anyone's collection.

You will never get tired of the Liv. Whether you use it once, or three times a day, the experience will always leave you weak in the knees and anxious for its next use.

Liv is the Audrey Hepburn of vibrators. This classy, discreet, but powerful little toy is certain to please a wide range of pampered pussies with her flexible range of vibration intensity and patterns. She is accessible to the discerning beginner or veteran alike. If you can sink the money, she's worth the investment.

I love the liv. I love everything about her from her wonderful size and her amazingly strong power. I was a little heartbroken that she isn’t waterproof, but it’s something I can live without. Lelo has done well when it comes to liv. The lack in size and texture can be a little bit of a problem for some but if it isn’t. I’d recommend giving her a try. She’s rechargeable so you don’t ever have to worry about batteries.

This is a great solo toy, the silicone feels amazing and it's rechargeable. The battery life lasts a long time. It's a great entry toy into luxury vibes.

All in all I give this an 8.5 out of 10. I still prefer the shape of the Gigi, but this is still an excellent toy - every bit of quality I have come to expect from Lelo products. I think it really depends on your anatomy and personal preference as to which shape would suit you better. I still get use from mine since it works well for external stimulation as well. It is a multi-functional vibe that you can enjoy in a number of ways.

I bought this toy a little over a year ago. I loved it then and I still love it now. It's perfect for beginners who are willing to spend a little more, and is a great size for those who have had little to no experience in the bedroom. The texture, the look, the functionality -- it's all very reassuring and lends to an incredibly experience.

This is a great product. I highly recommend it. It's worth every penny. If you are looking for a lot of G-spot stimulation, I would go with Gigi (based on what I've read).

The Liv is LELO's answer to a traditional vibrator, and it serves its purpose well as both a clitoral and G-spot stimulator. It would make an ideal beginner’s toy for someone who is looking for a better alternative to traditional hard plastic vibes and jelly toys, while offering high quality and multiple settings that may still attract some more experienced users.

This item is totally worth it! I loved how simple it was to use right out of the package (or off the charging cord) even without reading the manual.

If you only plan on getting one toy, or a first toy, or have a nervous partner this is the toy you should get. It is sensual, comfortable, un-intimidating and very very well made. The best part about it though is it really get's you where you need to go with it's great curves and amazing vibrations.

The liv is an excellent vibrator. It is worth every penny despite the issues I have with the controls. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a starting vibrator or a multipurpose vibrator that is quiet, pretty and is obviously good quality.

The LELO Liv is the little sister to the rest of the LELO vibrator line but don't let her petite size fool you, she is packed full of intense multi-speed vibrations and multi-functions that any user can find a setting to fulfill their pleasure needs. Her smooth, velvety, silicone, firm, curved shaft is great for pinpoint stimulation of the g-spot and clitoris and also makes her great for thrusting. She is surprisingly quiet for how strong she is and she is rechargeable!

I love my Gigi and Mona, so I wanted to give Liv a try, but I was a little disappointed. Liv is still a good toy, but doesn't work as well for me as the other 2 toys I mentioned. Liv's vibrations are slightly weaker, and the shape isn't as stimulating for me. Objectively, I'd probably give this 4 stars (I'm sure it would be great for some people) but for me, it is only a 3 star toy.

Liv is a fabulous little g-spot vibrator and can also double as a clitoral vibrator. She's powerful enough, though by no means a powerhouse, with deep, rumbly vibrations and a fantastic shape. In my opinion, a must have vibrator. Lalalala Liv has me singing her praises.

All in all, definitely a great little toy from Lelo and I'd get another again in a second if anything happened to her.

There's absolutely nothing about the Liv that suggests a cheap-o sex toy. From the packaging to her materials to her design and functions, she is high quality and well crafted. PLEASE do not overlook her or any of the other Lelo products because of price. Take pride in your orgasms and invest!

Although a bit on the pricey side, this is a fantastic, well made vibrator. It is perfect for clitoral and g-spot stimulation, however it is not large enough for a full feeling during insertion. If you are looking for a nicely designed, well made vibrator, look no further.

This item is definitely worth it! For the money, it's a great deal, and I love having it in my toy box. It is a quiet, sneaky pleasure!

All in all, regardless of not having the strongest vibration levels, I wouldn't change a thing about Liv and definitely recommend her for anyone who doesn't need the most intense vibrations money can buy.

I have had easily 400 to 450 orgasms with the Liv and even with the initial $160 we spent, that's less than $0.40 an orgasm, a more than worthy investment.

Although this toy has a high price tag, it is worth every penny! It is such a wonderful first toy, I have not regretted my purchase for a moment. The material is so silky and the high number of variations in settings makes for a wonderful experience.

Lelo's Liv vibe is definitely a good buy, despite the price. She's a perfect toy for beginners due to her ease of use, high quality materials, inviting design, and packaging. While not waterproof, her multiple functions and variable powers completely make up for it. Her smaller size might not satisfy those looking to feel filled up, but it definitely makes her a great choice for a woman looking for her first toy and wants it to last a very long time.

Liv is a beautiful vibrator that does not disappoint. Fully rechargeable and offering not only deep vibrations but also pulsations and an escalating patterns, she knows how to get the job done. Liv comes in beautiful colors, including this wonderful lime green. The only thing that could perfect her slightly more than she already is would be making her waterproof and perhaps adding another half inch or so of insertable length.

I have had the Liv for a while now and it is an absolute favorite. I love the shape and the power of the Liv. She is much quieter than battery powered vibes I have tried so I am even fonder of the Liv for its discreetness. It's the best first vibe anyone could ever get because of the variety in vibration strengths the Liv offers. Even if the Liv wasn't my first vibe it will probably be the last traditional vibe I ever rely on.

They say big things come in small packages... and Liv will definitely help you come. Hands down the best vibrator I've ever had. She's definitely worth every penny.

Any vibrator will get the job done eventually, but the Liv gave me quite a ride and I haven't ever had a better orgasm. It takes me a while to climax too, so that's saying a lot.

Liv, of all the Lelo vibes, is genuinely my favorite. She's like an old standby, always dependable, comfortably shaped. She lasts a long time, both during play and while in storage. She's, to me, just right in both her moderate vibes and her easy to use shape. Not a powerhouse, but she always gets me there and does it well.

All in all, this is a lovely lovely vibrator, with the sole exception of the control button being placed where one holds the vibe (making them easy to trigger unintentionally), this is a truly fabulous toy.

Definitely worth the buy. The expression on my lover's face when he saw me pull it out will stick with me forever.

This little lady will make your g-spot rumble with her deep vibrations and your senses tingle with her beautiful colors and smooth silicone. You'll fall in love with her easy-to-use control pad and the fact that no batteries are required!

This item is of such high quality, I honestly think I could have paid more for it and still felt the price was just. The type of vibrations it produces are resonating, they don't just sit on the skin. The fact that it is rechargeable is definitely a HUGE plus. I cannot say anything bad about the Liv. It does exactly what is expected of it and more!

This item is worth it as long as you aren't looking for a "filler". As a vibe (of any shape or size) Liv is a standout!

The Liv really is a super sexy toy that doesn't just look good, but also is designed with your body in mind! The materials are safe and high quality, the design ergonomic and there are plenty of combinations of power levels and vibrations that you can access. You're bound to find something about this toy that you can fall in love with so it can Liv forever in your heart! (Awwwww)

While it did take me a little while to orgasm using the standard vibration mode, I would still highly recommend Liv to anyone looking for a quality stimulator at a fair price.

The Lelo Liv is a high quality vibrator! It saves on batteries by being rechargeable. It's multiple vibration settings give the ability to personalize it. It's small enough to be discreet when traveling or storing but packs a punch when turned on! It's silent enough to not wake everyone that may be in your house while you use it.

There is no doubt, the LELO Liv is an investment for most people. But its exceptional design and quality will not disappoint, and its rechargeabilty will save on the cost of batteries. That and its delicious lime green color makes it impossible for me to not recommend.

Overall I think this is an excellent product. With the different and variable functions, built in battery, classic look, discreetness, etc I would like to give it a 4.5. Honestly the only reason I don't go with a 5 is because I wish they'd make this (slightly slimmer) model with the dual motors like the Elise I'd like to try out.

There are many different vibrators on the market. In my mind, there is nothing that can compete with something that offers variety on one toy. The Liv is incredible!

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