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You get what you pay for...

Overall I think this is an excellent product. With the different and variable functions, built in battery, classic look, discreetness, etc I would like to give it a 4.5. Honestly the only reason I don't go with a 5 is because I wish they'd make this (slightly slimmer) model with the dual motors like the Elise I'd like to try out.
Quality material. Quiet/Classy. Built in battery life. Settings and customizable vibration.
Bit expensive (but you get what you pay for). Wish it had dual motors like the slightly larger Elise
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somewhat useful review
I wrote a previous review to this, but I wanted to put in a more official and slightly more thorough one in.

I purchased this to use with my partner just before a trip and surprised her with it (after blindfolding and securing her to the bed). While the combination of new sensations were surely a factor she enjoyed the effect the Liv had on her immensely. The variety of functions made her smile and she giggled at a few, but in the heat of the moment I'd say she enjoyed the constant vibration the most. The nice smooth surface is nice and we needed no lube, however she does get quite wet and we've never needed a lubricant for any of our play. So if you're a 'drier' gal you might need a little.

Personally I love using toys like this on a woman as it lets them lay back, relax, and enjoy letting someone else do the work. Odd as it sounds to the uninitiated letting someone else help you 'masturbate' brings it to a different level. It also lets your partner concentrate on pure pleasure instead of having to make sure this or that was in the right spot or position. She tried it herself briefly while laying on her back and couldn't quite hit the right spot as I was easily able to, but I suspect if she was in more of an upright position it would not have been any trouble.

The built in battery and charger setup is great. No batteries and a charge lasts longer then most battery operated toys I've dealt with. It comes in a nice fancy box/package, but honestly I think that's just fluff as it takes up far far less room in the small drawstring sleeve that comes with it, which you can store with your other toys. The Lelo's Liv (and its close counterparts) are also what I would call... well, 'classy' in appearance. So many toys look gaudy, or cheap, or like a more prudish person would call pornographic. This is not the Liv.

Sound was pretty discreet. I am pretty sure you could have this on it's highest setting and it would barely be audible behind a closed door. It is almost completely silent while inserted.

What with all the tugging she was doing on the straps and moderate moans that escaped her I know she got quite a kick out of it. I'm looking forward to giving it a second go. I don't think the Gigi's shape would be to her liking as the Liv is obviously a much smoother shape. I would LOVE to try the Elise with its dual motors, it sounds like it would be all that much better... but I'm slightly concerned the extra diameter might be slightly too big for her and I am hesitant to spend the cash on something I can't return only to find it's too large.
The first recommendations I would give on actual use are...

1. It's great for teasing the nipples and inner and outer vaginal 'lips' during foreplay. Don't get completely caught up on this being an 'inserted' device.

2. If you know the precise location of you or your partners G-Spot, when inserted if you tilt the Liv slightly upward (assuming 'she' is on her back) the sensations will almost surely be more pleasurable for her (remember you can fully adjust the vibration strength as needed too). Even if you're not sure of the exact spot, experiment a little... I'm sure reading the reactions on her fact will tell you where to concentrate). This is part of why she enjoyed me using it on her instead of trying it on her own.
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  • Juliettia
    How long does last for once charged? What kind of material is it made out of? Is the vibration throughout the 'wand' or is it just at the tip?
  • AverageJoe
    Around a couple hours, made of Silicone (and plastic at the bottom obviously) and the vibration is at the tip. All details you'll find in the basic description of the product itself, something you should surely read if you're looking at the product.
  • AverageJoe
    Around a couple hours, made of Silicone (and plastic at the bottom obviously) and the vibration is at the tip. All details you'll find in the basic description of the product itself, something you should surely read if you're looking at the product.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I think Julietta asked because, after reading a review, we shouldn't really have anymore questions. All her questions are definitely things you should make sure to include in your future reviews.

    Aside from that, you mentioned wanting two motors. If this had a second one, where do you think it would work best?
  • AverageJoe
    What I'd really love to see is the Elise is a slightly thinner package. Basically the Liv's size with the Elise's function (the description of the Elise really needs to have the dual motor bit included in it). The motor would be best placed so it would hit the first three inches (so place it maybe 1.5 inches from the chrome-like ring depending on construction requirements). This way you'd essentially be stimulating two of the more sensitive locations while inserted. Independent control would probably be too much to ask for, but could prove fairly useful.
  • Nashville
    I have the Elise and the vibrations are actually fairly difficult to feel- they're high whine and gravitate towards the middle of the toy. The Gigi however offers not only the ability to rub against her g-spot but as well as externally on her clitoris.
  • lemony
    Thanks for reviewing!
  • fletchy
    The reading was useful - thank you for that
  • CynicallyYours
    Thanks for the review!
  • IndependentlyHappy
    Thanks for the review!
  • MissCandyland
    Thank you!
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