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Waterproof turbo glider blueberry bliss reviews

154 reviews
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154 reviews

I love it and it works for me. I even purchased one for my friend who can't put it down!

This toy was slightly a disappointment. The vibrations may be intense and the color and shape look attractive, but I’m personally not a fan of plastic toys. This toy made me hate them significantly more.

This vibe is definitely outstanding in and out of the water. Its unique shape and intense vibrations are sure to make you purr!

The Blueberry Bliss was accurately named. This toy is great. It offers strong vibrations in a waterproof body. It’s not overly thick, so anyone can use it, but it’s long enough to hit all the right spots. You’ll also be getting a build quality that you would expect from high-end vibrators at a ridiculously low price. Bring this toy home and you’ll be enjoying it for years.

After using the Lighted shimmers bliss I had to give this one a try and see if it was similar and boy was it. The only thing this one does not light up but none the less it still packs a powerful punch.

Okay, I definitely give this toy points for vibes and it was great for use externally with minimal excitement internally. It being as hard as it was, if not careful, could become painful if you are trying to move it in and out too fast. I was not over all impressed and I have enough other toys that are meant for external as well as internal stimulation that this toy may not get used again.

This is a wonderful toy despite its flaws. You may be able to find a better deal but I have yet to. This is best for clitoral stimulation; insertion tended to be a hassle.

This item is worth every penny. It helped me with my sex life and it could even help with yours. What is fabulous about this is that my husband and I can use it and we both have the best sex we possibly could. I'm glad I found this product, and you will be too.

This is a great versatile toy for clitoral/nipple stimulation, as well as insertion. The shape makes it fun and easy to use, while the sleek design and attractive color make you *want* to use it on or in yourself. It's an attractive toy that's well worth the cost, as long as you don't mind a noisy buzzing sound and/or having to fiddle with the dial to get the lowest intensity vibrations low enough to start, but the cons are balanced out by the powerful vibrations produced at the highest setting.

Overall, I was not in love with the Bliss. The hard texture is a huge turn off for me, as it hurts to use. If you're looking for a beginner vibrator, I would suggest other options that are better suited to either your clit or g-spot. The Bliss is just a half-assed, cheap mess.

A great beginner waterproof vibe and a welcome first free gift from Eden (Thank you EF!) for joining and subscribing to the newsletter. Very powerful, variable speed dial and bulbous head make this a pretty good value, even if not free. I like the color too and batteries seem to last long.

I wouldn't recommend this toy, for those even on a low budget. There are so many other toys just as affordable that might be more worth your while. If your looking for something more than clitoral stimulation, which isn't that great either, don't get sucked into the pretty blue and fun looking curves, this noisy for no good toy is such a disappointment.

This toy is a good value for the price. It provides strong vibrations, with added stimulation from the bulges. Try it!

This product nearly found its way to the garbage. It needs so much improvement before I even reconsider using something like it again. If you're looking for a comfortable, great feeling, or an awesome vibrating toy that will make you feel amazing, please look somewhere else. Don't waste your time and money on this product.

I love this toy because it simple in shape, color, and use. Sometime the best thing is not the most complicated.

This toy was a let down for me. Although I got this toy for free, I would like to return it.

For the price for this toy, it would be nice to add to any beginners collection. Though, I'm not as sure more advanced users will enjoy it. Even I myself am not fond of this toy and barely use it. Though, that's just me. If is powerful and waterproof, something that's always a plus.

The Blueberry Bliss is a fantastic toy, especially for the price. It can be used in a variety of ways and provides many orgasms.

Overall, I found this to be a pretty great vibe for the price. Whether you are just starting out or you've got some cash begging to be spent, this is a wonderful vibrator to start with and keep in your collection.

This is a great entry level vibrator. It's waterproof, powerful, and it doesn't cost a lot. It's a great vibe, and a great value.

If you're looking for an inexpensive, beginner's vibrator, then I suggest looking into this one. It ranges from soft to strong vibrations and can be used to pinpoint the clitoris or g-spot during play. The stronger vibrations could also make it appealing for more advanced users.

Though the hard plastic is a little rigid, this is a good choice for an inexpensive, basic vibrator that can be used in the water.

I was thrilled to get this vibe as a free gift with my purchase. I think Blueberry is useful for beginners and advanced users since it has great features and an interesting shape. The non-porous material, multi-speed vibes, and waterproof features make this a handy vibe to have in your toy box.

This toy is probably the most boring one that I have. Sure, it has a pretty color and an interesting shape, but the vibrations are far too weak, and the motor heats up way too fast. I wouldn't even take this as a free gift again because of how poorly I think of this product.

Overall, this toy gets a thumbs up. It has power, design and is easy to care for. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes a hard plastic toy, and doesn't need texture.

The Blueberry Bliss is easy to use and gives you a variety of vibration at the turn of a dial. This is great for being under $20. It only requires two AA batteries to operate. Overall, a great toy for beginners, but it falls short due to its unwieldy material and noise level.

Overall, this toy is just average to me. It doesn't stand out, but it's not the worst toy I own. I would use caution when using this toy internally and avoid using it anally. Better for foreplay than any attempt to get off.

Overall, I was not impressed with this toy. I'm very glad that it was just a free gift. The hard plastic is a turn off, and it just doesn't feel good. I think this vibe is better served for teasing your partner, or for direct clitoral stimulation. If you need a lot of girth, or a lot of vibrations, this is not the toy for you.

...on Blueberry Hill... This slim, traditional style vibrator was an unexpected pleasure. While this might appear minimal or uninteresting at first glance, it packs quite a bit of power. Beginners and more advanced users alike should be able to find a home for this little guy, particularly at such a great price!

This toy is probably not going to impress anyone; however it will most likely get your rocks off if you can get it to work right that is.

In my opinion again, I'm not into plastic toys. I find them uncomfortable as a texture, but the Blueberry Bliss carries a very decent vibe.

If you are looking for and inexpensive or a first vibe, you can get this toy. However, there are much better toys out there. This is my personal opinion so take it with a grain of salt. Everyone is different, so give it a whirl.

Maybe I got a defective one, but I'm really disappointed to say that it just didn't work. Try as I might, I couldn't get this vibe to turn on and stay on. I think something must've been wrong with the battery compartment.

The Blueberry Bliss is by far one of my favorite vibes. And for the price, why wouldn't you jump at the chance?

This toy is definitely more suited for a beginner. The design is simple and the functions are few, but someone who is new to toys would probably appreciate the simplicity in use and cleaning. Plus this toy is pretty inexpensive so even for a warm-up it can come in handy!

The Waterproof turbo glider blueberry bliss is a hard plastic vibe with flared bubbles going down the shaft. It is good for the pinpoint vibrations and thrusting. I do not like hard toys, so for me this is not a favorite, but does do the job it is made to do.

I really was surprised by this vibe. I was expecting something weak and disappointing, and I was wrong. The Blueberry Bliss is a hard plastic that packs a punch! High vibes and a knack for hitting the spot inside and out, the little Blueberry brings me a lot of Bliss!

I think this Cal Exotics vibe has something for everyone. I was impressed with the quality of the toy and it was pretty to look at too. You can choose from low vibrations all the way up to crazy-high vibrations with this toy. This vibe is 100% waterproof. I liked it a lot, thank you Eden!

This toy is a strong vibrating traditional plastic insertable toy. It is inexpensive and great for beginners or advanced users. I found it best to rock it, or put pressure on specific areas - and not to thrust it! It is a pretty turquoise and a fun see-through design. It has become my favorite shower companion.

I would not purchase this toy again or recommend it to anyone other than a beginner or someone that cannot take much in the way of vibrations. It was not powerful enough for my liking.

The Blueberry offers enough variety of purpose to serve as a toybox staple in collections large and small. It's durable and waterproof, and since it runs on batteries, it's a great standby for those times when you've forgotten to charge your luxury vibe. It's powerful enough to please most, and the interesting shape makes it a solid choice for those looking to learn more about their own personal preferences.

The Blueberry Bliss is a slim vibrator with bulges. It's powerful, but leans toward buzzy, and on the the highest settings, it gets numbing. The Bliss fit perfectly around my clit and labia which made it completely worth it.

Blueberry Bliss will please you, but probably not send you to the moon. Vibrations sound impressive, but lack the sensation you are looking for! However, the awesome design allows for excellent g-spot stimulation and the vibrations almost increase the strength of the vibrations. A great first vibe, a great extra vibe, but probably not the go to toy in the toy chest.

The Blueberry Bliss is a versatile waterproof vibe that's great for people who like strong vibrations from a hard material. Its price, intensity, and batteries make it an easy choice!

This toy is good for thrusting and teasing and little else. The vibrations are weak and dull, the design is flawed, and even as a free toy, it's hardly worth it.

If you're looking for a slim traditional vibrator as a teaser then this toy is that, but if you're looking for something that will actually put you over the edge and fulfill all your wildest dreams, then I'd look elsewhere.

The Blueberry Bliss is a traditional style vibrator made by Cal Exotics that is designed to vaginally penetrate and stimulate. The end includes some tapered bulges for pinpointed vibrations so clitoral stimulation is quite possible and enjoyable with this toy. If you can get past the odd feeling of insertion and/or thrusting then this powerful little vibe may knock your socks off!

Blueberry Bliss is not really bliss, but it is pretty good. It has a wonderfully small size, good power, and is waterproof. It is also made out of safe material that is easy to clean. Unfortunately the bulges on the toy meant to increase pleasure don't do much. I recommend this to anyone who ever wants a quickie or is a beginner.

At the price Eden Fantasy offers this vibe it's a steal. It can please those who only need a little vibrations to those who require a bit more like myself.

As a summary of my time with this toy, I would say that it was not the toy for me. The loud obnoxious noise, and the hard plastic material with no give at all, was not what I was looking for. The benefits of waterproof, and easiness of clean up and use could not out way the cons.

This toy is excellent for anyone who loves smooth textures, bulged shapes, and small to medium-sized toys. A hard texture carries vibrations well, while a motor located at the tip provides a firm, focused stimulation. Its size and cheap price would make it a great first vibrator.

I find this toy to be very durable and convenient. The price range is fine, you will not be receiving a flimsy breakable toy.

This vibrator is awesome. Its best use is clitoral stimulation, and you definitely won't be disappointed with it. It can be used for minor G-spot stimulation as well, which is what I sometimes do when I'm super wet after a clitoral orgasm with it. Just remember not to overuse it, just in case! Sometimes when I use it too often, I become desensitized to its amazing vibrations and feel like it's not good enough anymore. So take a break when you need it!

This is a great beginners' toy, but once you move on to more expensive and better designed toys, this one falls short.

Great beginner's toy with lots of versatility, but no frills. Water and external uses are great, but the dial base can be clumsy. A great go-to playtime buddy.

I love this toy, it is powerful and the bulges add great stimulation. It is super loud and some may find the bulges awkward.

I was like, "yeah, another free toy, guess it will end up buried away somewhere in the piles of my pleasure toys..." Well man (and woman), I was wrong! This waterproof, excellently body-safe toy offers such AMAZING sensations with its bulged design! Top it off with the size, and you have a wonderfully versatile vroomer sooooooooo deliciously good! For the ridiculously low price I (and you too!) would be a fool to miss out on this berried, blue beauty! Sheesh how happy I am for having one!

For a cheap traditional vibrator, I believe this is a good toy. It's smooth, easy to clean, and has strong vibrations. I wouldn't buy this again for myself, but would for my partner and although my blueberry bliss didn't work correctly, it would be easy to send it in and get it replaced.

All around this was a good toy. It broke way too soon but the toy itself was great. Not sure I would get it again or recommend it due to it breaking so quickly. If not for that, I would recommend it to others.

Overall this is a good cheap starter vibrator or a nice warm up toy for something bigger. I use this for anal play, but with caution. I had no problems due to the length. Know yourself!

No bells and whistles on this thing - it's overly loud for the amount of power it puts out, and not very comfortable for insertion. It does at least perform well as a clitoral stimulator. Great as a free gift, but I wouldn't recommend purchasing this.

It is not for advanced users and it is not girthy at all. It is not textured. It is only good as a clit vibe or for use with beginners because of its friendliness in appearance and size.

The Blueberry glider bliss is a pretty good toy for its value. However, with its dimensions and value, this one is really more geared toward beginners. More advanced users will be bored with this one, so they should look elsewhere.

It's a great simple and effective vibrator that met everything my girl wanted. It was a bit noisy, but nothing too bad.

If you're looking for a beautiful, easy to use addition to your collection or are just beginning, this toy is for you. The dial base makes finding the perfect setting easy. It's cheap, only uses two AA batteries, and is waterproof. The plastic may be too hard for some and is not suited for anal play.

This affordable waterproof vibrator is surprisingly powerful! The Turbo Glider Blueberry Bliss's small but bulbous tip is great for pinpoint stimulation, while the sleek, bulged shaft makes for some great internal play. It's not the quietest vibrator in the world, but it's not a grumbling monster, either; though you'd hear it from under the covers, you wouldn't hear it behind a closed door, and certainly not with the shower running.

The Waterproof Turbo Glider Blueberry Bliss is a traditional vibrator with a funky, fun shape and color. Made from firm plastic, it is a economical and safe material choice for someone looking for a waterproof toy option. However it is fairly loud with weak vibrations. It will be well suited for a beginner with its slender body, but if you need a toy with intense vibrations or a bit of girth you may want to explore other options.

This cute and simple vibe is great for beginners and a fun addition for anyone else who just enjoys toys. The bulges make it interesting but not too wide or painful to use. I enjoy this toy a lot and am very happy that it is waterproof as well. I would recomend this to many people nd would also give it as a gift.

A great inexpensive toy that is amazingly powerful and easy to take care of. Waterproof so it's perfect for shower and bath play. Also great to look at because of pretty color, and being able to see the inner workings of this toy is really cool. A staple for everyone's toy collection!

This item, while not the best vibrator I have ever had, is great! It's a great price, perfect size, and smooth texture. The thing I love most about this toy is its versatility. It is, of course, great for vaginal penetration. It's also the perfect size and shape for anal penetration. The bulb on the head feels great when used for clitoral stimulation (after a thorough cleaning, of course)! For the price, this vibe is pretty incredible.

Me and my other half love this toy! We use it during foreplay and she uses it while I'm out of town too! She loves this guy almost as much as she loves me. This is one of her favorites compared to her other four.

The shape and powerful vibrations in the very tip makes this a wonderful vibrator for targeting specific areas. The bumps and dips in the shape added to the internal stimulation and it is fairly quiet as well!! Go play in the tub or shower--it is also waterproof. This is a great twist on a traditional vibrator!! Just make sure you don't accidentally twist the dial off at a crucial moment!!

For under $15, you're not going to find a better vibe than this: super strong, waterproof, and beautifully shaped. It may not be the best choice if you need something quiet and discreet, but for its price, it's pretty damn good.

All in all, this toy is great! A must have for all collections. This will be a toy I go back to time and time again, even when I get more intense toys. It's great to use on yourself or on someone you love.

I would definitely buy this again if mine gave out because of the shape and slender size. My husband gives it 2 thumbs up!

Overall, great introductory vibrator with a pleasant rippled shape and strong vibrations enough to get the job done. Hard plastic is easy to clean and works great for both vaginal and anal play.

After all I do not think I would recommend this toy to anyone. Maybe I would recommend something similar, but definitely not this one.

If you're looking for a non-threatening inexpensive toy, this is the sweet little blueberry for you! While it may not be a high quality product, it's still cute and definitely gets the job done.

This is one of my favorite toys because of it's simplicity and ease of use. It's great for newbies and the occasional use by more advanced users.

It's a good basic vibrator. I like it, but I also didn't expect more out of it than what it is.

Good vibe for beginners or budget shoppers. Great deal and strong vibrations for the price. Biggest downside is the loud noise level.

I like this toy for when used with a partner because it has great vibration and speed just lack in movement.

This is a pretty toy with a nice, hard, curvy body. The vibrations feel good at a low power. I think it is a great toy for the price.

This vibrator is surprisingly strong, is multi-use and can be used along or with a partner. This vibe is waterproof and can use rechargeable batteries, both major factors I look for when buying toys.

Overall, this is a toy that I would happily recommend for a first-time user who isn't quite sure of what they may need, or feels overwhelmed by the selection. It's powerful enough to get the job done for most, and cost-effective enough that you're not too committed if it doesn't end up being to your liking. Be forewarned that heavy use is going to destroy it quickly. This isn't a toy that will be with you for the long haul, but it's a great way to gain your footing.

The best attribute is the curvy exterior for not only the high friction, but as well as being an EXCELLENT g-spot massager. This product is great for foreplay because of all the possible teasing sensations one could do with it. I felt somewhat dissatisfied with the maximum level allowed for vibrations. In addition, the look on the product is very modern, while the package is quite the opposite in discreetness.

I find the Blueberry Glide well worth the money spent for the vibrations alone. The design and easy cleaning is a bonus. I find it very versatile. It is great for any user and also is a good toy to keep on hand for any occasion. It is also priced so new users could get it and enjoy it without breaking the bank.

This item, I believe, is worth having because it is smooth, and it does not hurt when inserted. It is fabulous because of the vibrations and the speeds it uses.

Overall, this wasn't a particularly special vibe but it has its place in my toy box and I still give it some love, especially in the bath! I just wish I didn't have to be home alone to use it there.

I have mixed feelings about this toy. Although the vroom was really nice, the loudness of it wasn't. And continually having to fix the cap that protects the batteries was a big downer. But nonetheless, it was pleasurable.

Offers great orgasmic ability with a significant other, with or without vibrations. Good clitoral stimulation, but not great as a solo vaginal climaxer. I would definitely recommend The Blueberry Bliss to anyone who is wanting to enhance their sexual sessions.

Inexpensive, but not cheap, this toy should be in every toybox. It has something for everyone, though it's not exactly built for anal insertion. All in all this is a diamond in the rough sort of vibe!

This toy is great for beginners due to the slimmer design, but also pleasing for more advanced because of the added texture with the bulbs. It creates a wonderful warm-up toy, and a great clitoral stimulation. I recommend this toy to anyone looking for design and power without paying a lot.

The fact that it looks so delicious, and despite its size is discreet, is a seller for me. I would buy this again and will probably get it for the next bridal shower I attend.

This curvaceous blueberry of love comes highly recommended. It’s way better than a lot of other toys in its price range because of that fact that it is a good size, easy to store, strong little workhorse, and waterproof.

If you are on a budget, and who isn't these days? You can't go wrong with this powerful, sturdy, and reasonably priced vibrator. It's easy to clean, use, and maintain. It has 3 speeds, is made with reasonably safe materials and very versatile. It's also waterproof and very pretty. What more could you ask for at this incredible price?

This small, sleek, powerful toy is a must buy in my opinion. If you don't like cumming or feeling good then this probably isn't the toy for you.

I haven't found any cons about this toy. I can only say good things about it. No toy that I have has ever made me have so many long orgasms as this toy has given me. I am truly in love with this toy!

Good toy for people just starting out! Very powerful and good to use all around your body. Wish it was a bit softer, but some people like really hard! The seam on the side really bugs me, but I am a bit picky with that sort of stuff.

Over all, I like this vibe. I recommend this for beginners or people who like powerful vibrators. I'm sure you can use it with a sleeve if it's too hard for your liking.

As a beginner trying other options in the toy department, I decided to give this a try despite the reviews that I read. It's not bad, for I use it mainly as a clitoral stimulator. I probably won't use it a lot, but it really isn't a bad toy to start out with. If it was a little bit more powerful and had some ribbing to it, it would be a whole lot better. But on the whole, I'd say it's worth it if you're looking for a bigger toy for clitoral stimulation.

I like this vibrator because it is unlike any of my others. The vibrations are strong and even through it. Small enough for a beginner or more advanced user.

This vibe is not disappointing unless you would rather have a toy that begins very low, and one that is very discreet in noise which it is not. Would definitely buy this product again if anything happened to the current one I own.

I wasn't really expecting much, but this toy is truly amazing. If you like the feel of intense vibration like I do, this toy is right for you. Simply put, this toy was made for everyone to use.

I was very disappointed with this toy, it wasn't overly exciting the first two times I used it and it didn't last very long at all. I would not recommend this toy to others and will be staying away from future 'budget' vibes for a while due to the experience I had with this one.

The BlueBerry Bliss, while not amazing, is a good option for those looking for a vibrator in this price range. It is easy to clean, body-safe, provides decent vibrations, and is nice and smooth. However, it is pretty loud.

This is an inexpensive vibrator that isn't threatening and perfect for beginners. It is waterproof and powerful. It is an excellent addition to anyone's toy collection.

The Blueberry Bliss is a waterproof, multi-speed, and powerful vibrator. At an affordable price this has a lot of bang for its buck - I kid you not. It is a fantastic toy for those like strong, buzzy, surface vibrations. This is a great vibe for almost anyone, unfortunately I wasn't one of them.

This toy comes highly recommended and so you have a lot of reviewers telling you that the toy is great. I had a rather different experience with the toy that leaves me disappointed and incredibly underwhelmed. There are other inexpensive plastic vibrators out there that I prefer by a landslide.

This toy is great for beginners. It's simple to use and will do its job. It is also an attractive toy and designed well. The only fault was that the toy was a tad slim for my personal preference.

All in all, this is a very good toy. I would recommended it to any girl who loves clit stimulation and multi-speed toys.

This is a great first time vibe. It's inexpensive and waterproof so you can have some serious fun with this!

I am absolutely in love with this toy. It is a most certainly a front-of-the-toy-box toy for me. I find myself using it for quick sessions alone, long drawn out sessions alone, and even a first grab with my guy when he wants to add extra stimulation for me while we're together. I honestly can not think of anything negative about this toy.

This is a fun toy to use for many different things: it works great as a vibrator for your clitoris, it feels great for penetration and for anal play, it works in the shower or in the tub, and it is very powerful. This toy is also fun to use for penetration (even if you don't turn on the vibrator since it can be quite loud) while you use a smaller, more discreet vibrator.

Even though it makes me think of the blue meanies from the film Yellow Submarine, The Waterproof Turbo Glider Blueberry Bliss is a wonderful shape and power for any sex toy.

Thank goodness for that friend who talked me into trying vibrators in college. Also, thank goodness for that Babeland NYC sales associate who recommended the Blueberry Bliss to me on that cold, lonely day six years ago. Because I had such a great experience with the first toy I used, I'm now an avid collector of all things sex. Heck, I'm even writing toy reviews!

There are better vibrators out there for clitoral and anal stimulation and ones that are more powerful, but good luck finding a better one that combines all these features for the price.

The Blueberry Bliss packs a real punch in its vibrating feature. Combined with its tapered end and waterproof ability, it definitely has some fun possibilities beyond straight vaginal masturbation. Add to the fact that it's cheap and thus, no great loss if you break it, and you have a great toy to mess around with when you're feeling spontaneous. It does what it was created to do.

The Turbo Glider is a traditional vibrator that's not expensive and that can be enjoyed by anyone. It is powerful and versatible and you can use it virtualy anywhere.

The Waterproof Turbo Glider BLueberry Bliss may not have you turning heads. But once it's powered up, it will have you rolling your eyes and curling your toes! It is a mighty vibrator in a perfect size! One of the best toys I own!

This is a fun toy. I like it, but it isn't my favorite toy. If you usually buy more expensive or glamorous toys, this isn't going to impress you at all.

This toy was the fifth vibrator I've tried, and I'd have to rate it as being one of the best. Its size was ideal for me and worked very well with my body. It hasn't died yet, and if it does end up doing so it's not that expensive and I'd probably order another one to replace it.

Unique design and smooth, bulbous plastic give you a thrill. But the lack of power leaves me wanting more. If you want a collector's piece, and don't require pummeling vibrations to get you off, this may be the right speed for you. I wish I could give it 3.5 stars!

Thank you, EdenFantasys, for providing me with a very nice product and for free, even! I've already given myself many good "O"s with this and I can't wait to introduce this into partner play. This product is nice and, honestly, if I'd come across it and it hadn't been free, I still probably would have purchased it based on so many glowing reviews and on the very inexpensive price. I mean, how can you beat $15 for a good toy?

This vibrator is completely unassuming. Being waterproof, on the small side, having intense vibrations, and the added bulges, are what send this toy from average to a must have basic.

At less than $20, the Blueberry Bliss offers a lot of bang for your buck. Although it is loud, the shape and vibrations make it a fun toy for beginners and advanced users alike.

Overall, this is a fun toy to have in your toy box. It's basic but user friendly and has a long life span. Toys don't get much better for the price of $15.99. I would recommend it to any woman who likes both clitoral and g-spot stimulation.

The Turbo Glider is an inexpensive traditional vibrator that really delivers. It is a versatile vibrator that can be used in water and has strong vibrations. The bloops provide some texture but don't over do it. Anyone could enjoy the Turbo Glider!

If you are a newbie and are not sure what you like or want in a toy this is a great place to start. From here you can decide if you might want something larger or maybe softer or you may find you like firm or any other combinations. This toy is really worth the small investment.

As much as I love my Blueberry, it may not have been the best choice based on my living situation. The power makes it invaluable, but the noise is a bit too much. However, if the noise level isn't an issue, then I definitely recommend this toy.

The Blueberry vibrator is one that every woman should have in her arsenal. Inexpensive and easy to use, you won't feel badly if it breaks or gets lost, but it's also powerful enough to make sure you're satiated. Good for clitoral or penetration, it's a versatile toy that is good for beginners.

When this one no longer works, I will buy another! I would get this for friends who are looking for something but are not sure where to start. Easy to use, care for, great price, and it's super easy to achieve a much needed orgasm after a long day. And it works great for couples too!

A fun waterproof toy that is great for collectors and slightly more advanced users. Powerful, but a little loud. Its unique shape makes stimulation interesting. Muti-speed, and muti-use; a must have!

This is a great product for any vibrator lover. It's suitable for beginners or experienced toy users since it offers a great range of power and a simplistic design. It's easy to maintain and clean and store and best of all it is all of these things PLUS affordable!

It's not interesting, it's not new. Plastic with simple contours might work for some women/couples, and if you already know it will work for you, this is an opportunity to own a simple and traditional vibrator at a value-level price. Otherwise, save for something better.

If you can get past the noise, the Waterproof Turbo Glider Blueberry is excellent - strong, versatile, and very inexpensive. It's easy and satisfying to use. But if noise, or lack thereof, is important, you may want to look elsewhere.

I would recommend this vibrator to anyone who likes one that is a bit more slender and smaller than your typical traditional one. It will also be great for anyone who likes higher pitched vibrations. It's definitely well made and comes at an unbeatable price.

Whether you're looking for a starter toy, or a strong standard for your collection, this toy's guaranteed to give you what you paid for over and over again.

Great for longer solo sessions, the Turbo Glider provides strong vibrations that will tie you in delicious knots. Definitely one of my fave vibes of late!

This vibe provides a lot of fun at very little cost! It's waterproof, multi-speed, and surprisingly strong. This is a great vibe for almost anyone! It's so inexpensive that almost anyone can afford to own one, and since it's multi-speed, it's fantastic for people that like soft vibrations as well as those that like stronger ones. I think this toy would make a fabulous addition to anyone's toy box!

I bought this as one of my first vibrators, and ten years later, I still use it. I've even bought a new one, to replace the old one that died. I love it for insertion--the ridges are great for G-spot stimulation. It's waterproof. I hate how the battery changing mechanism is all jumbled together with the power dial. It's incredibly easy to clean.

This is a great buy for the price. There are many ways this toy can be effective, just try it and see how you like it best. The motor is strong and can get yours running. It is waterproof and small so it makes it easily hidden.

Excellent vibe for people who require strong vibrations. It's shape is highly functional for all kinds of stimulation (vaginal, anal, clitoral). It's waterproof feature allows you to enjoy it in the shower after a long day and it is phthalates-free. As soon as it performed its magic on my body, I got over its initial ugliness.

Alright, let’s hear it for blueberries! From super food to super sex toy. I can work with that! Lol! ...

This is a great vibe for just about anyone to add to their collection! It's powerful, waterproof and discreet to boot! The vibrations are strong enough that I don't find myself wishing for one more higher setting while the bubbles feel great thrusting in and out of me! One of the best priced best vibes I've found so far! I highly recommend it!

While it isn't the world's greatest vibrator, the turbo glider is definitely up there. Sturdy, dependable, and powerful, this toy is sure to give you the best bang for your buck!

This toy isn't that great, doesn't last as long as it should. Was good for cleaning and the clit but there is more out there that will do that for you. It was easy to clean, easy to use and lightweight and not to expensive.

Such a great toy for such a low price. I love it and can't recommend it enough. A staple for anyone's toy collection!

This vibe will work well for the beginner or the seasoned veteran. Although it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of other vibes. It produces fantastic orgasms. Highly recommended it.

This toy is cheap and very worth the orgasms one can achieve from such a simple design. The vibrator on this toy is the strongest I have experience so far with toys.

wonderful toy for clitoral stimulation, and also for DP style. Over all I highly recommend trying it out. It is such a great deal too.

All in all, I think this vibe is a must for every collection, especially at the price. I truly think it is indispensable and does the job of vibrators that cost many times what it does. I recommend this vibe to everyone with whom the subject of sex toys comes up, without hesitation.

Although the Turbo Glider doesn't offer any new sensations, it's still a very satisfying toy. Its unique shape really makes it stand out among its straight contenders. It would be a good beginner's vibrator, especially for someone on a tight budget still wanting a powerful vibe that will last.

The Waterproof Turbo Glider Blueberry is an awesome vibrator that is super powerful with a wonderful shape. Its feminine color, smooth material, and great shape make it so fun to use.

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