Waterproof turbo glider blueberry bliss - traditional vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Kayla

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The BlueBerry Bliss, while not amazing, is a good option for those looking for a vibrator in this price range. It is easy to clean, body-safe, provides decent vibrations, and is nice and smooth. However, it is pretty loud.
Plastic is smooth, See-through design, Moderately strong vibrations, Good price, Body-Safe
Loud, No packaging
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The Turbo Glider Blueberry Bliss is a traditional vibrator that is made by California Exotics. It's made from plastic, and it requires two AA batteries for use. It is supposed to be waterproof, but I did not test that claim. The blue of the toy I received is much more sea green/blue than the nice, pretty, light blue that the EF pictures show. The vibrator is a little over six inches long, and at the widest point, has a diameter of an inch. The "View Actual Product Size" is actually spot-on and accurate.

Playing with this toy took me back to my first vibrator purchase. It was the Doc Johnson Velvet vibrator (which is sold here on EF). I end up reviewing a lot of high-end vibrators, and sometimes, it's nice to have a basic toy like this one. No, it doesn't have silicone, rechargeable features, patterns, gorgeous packaging, or anything like that, but not everyone's budget permits to purchase something that provides all that. For what it does, though, it does a pretty good job of doing it for the price that it's offered at.

This toy comes in a plain, plastic bag that says "EdenFantasys" on the front. I'm not sure if this is because it was the "free gift" version or if this is how it's regularly packaged. You do have the cut open the bag to get the vibrator out, so this is not a resealable bag. Inside the bag is a small little guide showing you how to insert the batteries. It's just a small diagram and doesn't include any text.

The plastic, while not velvet cote plastic, is still pretty slick and smooth. CalExotics did a good job of making sure that the blue seams weren't able to be felt by the fingers or during use. The toy has a couple of bulbs; the widest one is towards the middle of the toy, but there's a less extreme one above it and the top is a curved bulb. I actually enjoy the fact that the plastic is relatively see-through. It allows me to see the inner workings of the vibrator, and while it isn't the most attractive aesthetically, I actually enjoy being able to see the "parts" like I normally can't with most toys.

Inserting the batteries is really is. The bottom of the vibrator unscrews then you just slide in the batteries, face-down, into the battery chamber. They also slide back out really easily when you're finished. When finished inserting them, you can snap the lid back in place. If you have a habit of turning down the vibrations in a more rough manner, you may end up unscrewing the cap every time you do, but I had no problems with it.

The vibrations are controlled at the bottom of the base. There is a turn-style dial that allows you to slowly adjust the vibrations from soft to strong. There are *about* seven different strengths, but since it's turn-dial-style, it's really hard to give an exact since the vibrations adjust as the base is turned. The vibrations are definitely pretty buzzy, and they aren't all that rumbly. (My definition of "buzzy" is when you put pressure and the vibrations decrease in strength) The vibrations are relatively strong. They're not amazing, but they are moderately strong. The vibrations are also focused on the top bulb at the top of the toy. Most women should be able to orgasm from the strength of the vibrations.

One thing that the vibrations are is loud. With the Velvet I was talking about, the highest strength setting was only about the same amount of noise as the medium strength setting on this vibrator. This toy surprisingly is weak compared to the amount of noise that this vibrator puts out. I expect a lot stronger vibrations when I hear how loud it is. This could easily be heard in the same room, and it probably could be heard through a closed door as well on the highest setting. However, the lower/medium settings are relatively quiet and could be used with the door shut with no one the wiser.

The noise highly depends on how you grasp it. If you grab the base of the vibrator and somehow put pressure on the base, it gets a lot louder since the batteries rattle. If you grab near the middle(ish) of the toy, it doesn't have the added sound of rattling batteries.
The plastic is really uncomfortable to insert, but that's just me, so I won't be "evaluating" that. However, it does work decently as a clitoral vibe. One of the issues with cheap toys is that they sometimes are made of jelly or other icky, unbody-safe materials. The Blueberry Bliss ends up being body-safe, comfortable to use without lubricant, and easy to clean up which are all great features in a beginner's toy. I was actually left feeling pretty decently impressed; I was expecting visible seams, weak vibrations, and a pain-in-the-butt battery process, but the Blueberry Bliss proved me wrong. CalExotics did a pretty decent job on this one.

While the Blueberry Bliss doesn't compare to a LELO or other high-end toy, it holds its own in its price bracket. For those that can't (or don't want to) spend a lot of money on a sex toy, the Blueberry Bliss provides the basic features that make a pretty decent clitoral vibrator. However, it is pretty loud, so make sure to consider that before purchasing. I would more readily recommend the "Doc Johnson Velvet" sex toy, but this one is a good option too.
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    Thanks for the review!
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    Good review. I've heard good things about this as an economical low-end toy.
  • Airekah
    Great Review. I love my Blueberry Bliss.
  • Bunnycups
    I almost bought this when I first began looking at sex toys.
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    Thanks for the great review!
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    thanks for the review.
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    I put this on my wish list. Great review on it. Thank you.
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    I cant wait for this toy, the more I read the more I want it, seems like it is a staple for all
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