Waterproof turbo glider blueberry bliss - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by Rose

Like a real blueberry, it goes bad.

If you can get past the noise, the Waterproof Turbo Glider Blueberry is excellent - strong, versatile, and very inexpensive. It's easy and satisfying to use. But if noise, or lack thereof, is important, you may want to look elsewhere.
Powerful, inexpensive, versatile
Loud, too powerful.
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The Waterproof Turbo Glider Blueberry was designed for vaginal stimulation; it does that very well. Because the motor is situated just beneath the head of the vibe, it's also good for clitoral stimulation. It claims to be waterproof, and most certainly is: I've had many a pleasant, lengthy bath or shower due to the Blueberry. The only issue is the intensity of the vibrations: even at the lowest setting, it can be [temporarily] desensitizing.

I've used the Blueberry in conjunction with another vibe, as well as with a dildo; the length of it makes multi-toy use a bit difficult, but not necessarily impossible. It does tend to get in the way unless held at just the right angle. And as I have to keep a hand on it hold it in place, it's generally much more convenient to use it alone.

Material / Texture

The Blueberry, made of phthalates-free hard plastic, is free from any odors or tastes. It's also a hideous, semi-transparent blue. Mine has gone from blue to a dark teal over the past few months, which has done nothing to improve its appearance, but quite a bit to increase the number of times I wash it. The plastic body of the Blueberry is smooth to the touch, though it does require some lubrication, whether natural or artificial, for internal use. A slight ridge can be felt on one side, which I believe to be a seam; it's hard to find visually and impossible to feel in use.

Design / Shape / Size

Because it's very hard and has a basically straight design, insertion can be a bit difficult when laying at certain angles. The three bloops on the Blueberry are welcome sensations, and stimulate the G-spot a bit even when just thrusting in and out. Additionally, the stiffness makes it easy to just push it against the G-spot and hold it there. The bloops make clitoral stimulation a bit difficult; I have to use the first bloop, held perpendicular to my body, no twisting or moving or any of that.

The size of the insertable portion of the Blueberry is actually about the length of a wiimote, though not as thick, width-wise. As a beginner, the size and the hardness were just a touch too much for me, though I was admittedly still very new to penetration in general. After some months of experimentation, the Blueberry is smaller than some of my other toys, but still makes itself known by being unyieldingly hard.

I've taken it with me to Europe in my carry-on; security never seemed to care about it. I was sure to take the batteries out; not only would a dead toy be a downer, but making TSA worry about my loud, vibrating suitcase...?

Functions / Performance / Controls

The motor for the Blueberry is seen to located just below the first bloop; accordingly, the vibrations are strongest in the tip. They are transmitted through the entirety of the Blueberry, occasionally leading to my hands being so out-vibrated that I can't feel them. The control scheme for the Blueberry is simple: Turn the dial to desired speed. Stop turning. The dial can be turned with either one or two hands, though it's much easier to use two.

This toy powerful, and loud as well. The lowest speed is much more than enough to get off, and it's loud enough to hear while it's under the sheets and on the other side of the door; I've never even gone all the way up to the top speed because I'm afraid of waking up my neighbors. However, the noise goes away when used underwater, and it's not audible in the shower.

Care and Maintenance

The Blueberry is compatible with all lubes, including silicone. Because the Blueberry is waterproof, clean-up's easy. Stick it under the faucet and wash it off, use toy cleaner, or wipe it off. However, it is plastic, so no boiling or bleaching it for sterilization. I've usually stored it by (gently) throwing it in my underwear basket. It seems durable enough, so I don't see any reason to store it carefully.


I've had this vibe for a few months, and I tended to use it as a clitoral vibe; using it internally just didn't do it for me. That always worked well for me, until I realized one day that I do indeed have a G-spot; after trying for a bit internally, I realized it worked very well when I started squirting [though I have reason to believe it's a bit easier for me than most to squirt]. Since then, my usage of the Blueberry has been mostly internal.

But on the other hand, I've grown out of it, and I hardly use it now. It was an exceptional introduction to toys: cheap, strong, and versatile. Other toys are better for clitoral stimulation and are quieter; other toys are better for G-spot stimulation and are quieter; it's just that those toys are much more expensive.
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    Nice review, Thank you!
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    Nice first review! Welcome to the community!
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    Good job! For your first review. Welcome!
  • Backseat Boohoo
    Nice review! This is my old faithful, and I love it. But I'm curious: you say this toy is "versatile," but you also say it's uncomfortable for penetrative use and too powerful. May I ask what makes it versatile, in your opinion?
  • Rose
    It's uncomfortable for penetrative use if I'm sitting at a certain angle; at most, it's fine. It's just a bit of a literal pain sometimes. I have the habit of lying down, realizing something, and then trying to sit up: Ouch.

    I've had the experience with it that while the batteries are very fresh, it's impossible for me to go above the lowest setting. However, the intensity starts dropping after a while and towards the middle-to-end of the batteries' lifespan, it's all the the settings are strong but tolerable.
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    I love the word "bloop", lol! Great review. Smile Welcome to EF!
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    Well thought-out, detailed, wonderful. Thanks for the suggestion about using it in the shower. The noise has been a problem for a long time, and I've been afraid to bring it out again. But we'll give it another chance!
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    Thank you for your helpful review!

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