Waterproof turbo glider blueberry bliss - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by bzzingbee

The Noisy Cricket

The Turbo Glider is an inexpensive traditional vibrator that really delivers. It is a versatile vibrator that can be used in water and has strong vibrations. The bloops provide some texture but don't over do it. Anyone could enjoy the Turbo Glider!
Strong vibrations, pretty, inexpensive.
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The Turbo Glider is a traditional vibrator that is great for clitoral stimulation as well as vaginal insertion. When they say turbo, they aren't joking! The vibrations on this beautiful blue baby are strong enough to sooth sore muscles anywhere on your body. While there are some flared type bloops on the first half of this toy, I wouldn't say that this is safe for anal use. On top of the lack of a true and safe flared base, the material isn't fully sterilize-able. Turbo Glider can be enjoyed in the shower, bath, alone, or with friends.

Material / Texture

The Turbo Glider is made of smooth plastic that is phthalates free, hypoallergenic, food-grade level safe, and latex free. There is no odor or taste to the plastic before or after use. The smooth plastic isn't as boring as it might sound because of the shape of the vibrator. It has a rounded tip that is slimmer than the rest of the vibe that tapers in and then swells out for a larger bloop that is about two inches long which is followed by another bloop about half that size. The last half of the vibrator slowly tapers back out to the widest circumference of the bloops. The bloops are super intense, but they provide some extra stimulation with the smooth texture that will help advanced users enjoy it more.

Design / Shape / Size

Turbo Glider is a beautiful, blue, sheer vibrator. You can see the inner workings including what makes this baby vibrate. I love the way this looks! The body of the Turbo glider is 6 1/4" long with 5 1/4" of that length being insertable. It has a circumference of 3" and a diameter of 1", so it's not for size queens.

As described in another section, Turbo has some bloops at the top which can easily be felt during insertion. They add texture, but not enough that Turbo would be too intense for beginners or users who don't enjoy a lot of texture.

The length of Turbo allows for a good handle for thrusting, if that's what you enjoy, but be careful. Turbo is made of hard plastic, so too vigorous thrusting could result in some discomfort or cervical bruising. I personal love hard plastic toys because they allow me to put a good amount of pressure on my clitoris.

Turbo Glider is not discreet. If someone sees it, they will know what it is and what it is used for. If you do decide to travel with Turbo, I'd suggest removing the batteries just like you do at home to preserve motor life and avoid any embarrassing accidental turn ons.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The functions on the Turbo Glider are as simple as can be. The bottom screws off to allow the placement of 2 AA batteries into the shaft. Simply screw it back on and you're ready for lift off! The controller is a dial type, just twist to the desired level of vibration.

Here's where things get interesting. Most inexpensive vibes you twist and get a gentle steady vibration followed by increases up to a moderate to strong vibration. The Turbo Glider will ruin you for those vibes. Forever. You turn it on and are already at a fairly strong vibration. Turbo goes from fairly strong to INTENSE! The motor, which you can see through the sheer shell, is located in the larger bloop so the vibrations are concentrated in the first half of the vibrator. This configuration makes Turbo great for pinpoint stimulation on the clitoris or anywhere else you might want to concentrate on.

So, now you know that if you want power, Turbo has it, but let me tell you what else Turbo has. A lot of noise. When I first used Turbo, I couldn't help but think of the movie Men In Black and how Will Smith's character's first gun was called the Noisy Cricket. He was so disappointed at the look of the gun and the name but when he used it? It knocked him off his feet. That's how I feel about the Turbo Glider. It looks unassuming. It's pretty, it's sheer. It's simplicity. But when you turn it on even the lowest setting it's kinda noisy. When you turn it up to full speed, it drowns out the sound of the shower. While you're standing in it. So, Turbo's one drawback is that it is noisy as all get out. But, I can forgive this because I really only need the lower setting and Turbo has yet to let me down! Using my little noisy cricket on it's lowest setting knocks me off my feet.

Turbo Glider is waterproof and passed all tests of water safeness. I used it in the shower and had no sign of water inside the compartments after use. Submerging Turbo in water netted the same results.

Care and Maintenance

The nice thing about plastic material toys is that they are not the lint magnets that silicone toys tend to be. I recommend cleaning with warm water and soap after each use. You could also use a 10% bleach solution to clean this material or a toy cleaner.

There are no conflicts with different lubricant types, so feel free to use water-based, silicone, whatever your heart desires.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


My favorite use for the Turbo Glider is for clitoral stimulation. The end of the vibrator has a large concentration of vibrations and the material is hard which allows me to put a lot of pressure on my clitoris, which is something I enjoy. With the strength of vibrations that Turbo has, I only use the lowest setting when I'm using this on my clitoris. Anything else is just too much and ends up making me feel more numb than anything.

I did also try this as an insertable toy, despite my known preference because I like to give a thorough opinion. I was able to feel the bloops during insertion and pulling the vibrator in and out, but that wasn't the best part of using it this way for me. I found that it felt amazing to insert the Turbo Glider most of the way and then put my finger on the end of the dial and move the Turbo glider out in a circular motion. It wasn't just spinning but tipping the end that was outside my body and moving it in a circle that way. I also found that turning the Turbo up to a more medium strength was better for use when inserting.
Follow-up commentary
This is still a great and strong vibrator. I prefer to use it in conjunction with an insertable toy and find that it works great with silicone dildo. It hasn't gotten any quieter, but it is still going strong!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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