Is it safe to use an egg vibe anally?

Vette89 Vette89
I want a vibrator that i can pop inside me and go about my daily life with the controller in my pocket, free to turn on at the press of a button. But i'm not sure if it's safe or not to fully insert an egg into the anus. I have been looking at the Black Magic Bullet and the Bnaughty Bullet, both with controllers attached, i think the wired controller method would be the safest means of retrieval. I'm just not sure if anyone else has tried this or not, i want to know if it would be absolutely 100% safe to do this with the right toys.
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puppylove puppylove
NO I would not trust either one of those bullets for anal use. The egg without a flared base is unsafe anally, the cord is not a good option for retrieval, the cord could break off. There is a whole category on this site anal vibrators where you can get a vibrator with a flared base and a controller that would work better than a standard egg.
Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
The only way it's even semi-safe to use an egg vibrator anally (and note I only said SEMI safe) is to pop it in a condom first and then make sure you keep a very good hold on the condom. You can then pull on that for retrieval, NOT the toy's cord. That's not really an option if you want to walk around with it though.
My suggestion would be to buy a vibrating butt plug (Eden has several).

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