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JO H2O flavored lubricant
Author: CaptainInsano
I think this is a great lube and the amount you get is very generous. The cap on the bottle is easy to open, even when you have lube all over your hands. The bottle doesnt leak even when turned on it's side. Just make sure to close the cap all the way.
Original gel lubricant
Author: AndeKarma
My go-to lube, and I've never had a partner who was disappointed nor have an adverse allergic reaction as a result of the lubrication. I would recommend buying this in the largest size you can, because you will not be disappointed. No awkward smells, or tingling and or burning, that can become unbearable to many. And it's not too thick that you will be sticky afterwards either, but just thick enough that you will be able to enjoy a long time of pleasure without needing to reapply.
JO organic lubricant
Author: Pandora'sBox
It does fulfill its claims of being good for healing and moisturizing, but the statements of it being slick and non-sticky are far from the truth. Technically it can be used as a massage lotion, but I wouldn't do that because it just looks pretty gross. If you can get passed how it looks and how sticky it gets, go for it. But there are organic lubes with the same ingredients and properties that are much less sticky and don't remind you of a sneeze when you have the flu.
Author: ComeHeather
Who wants to sit there and figure out which lubes are compatible with which toys, and how to wash the stuff out of your underwear, and "will it work for anal sex?" There's no hassle if you want it in the assle with Maximus.

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Lubes and Lubrication Lubrication is ESSENTIAL for pleasurable, healthy, pain-free anal play. The rectum does produce a mucosal lining to assist in defecation, but this is nowhere close to satisfactory for back-door pleasure. I also hate to burst your low-budget bubble, but spit isn't going to be satisfactory either; invest in a bottle of lube, you'll thank me when your enjoying every moment of anal pleasure and not in a butt-load of pain.
All You Ever Needed To Know About Lubricants Hundreds of different lubricants exist on the sex toy market: understandably buying the right lubricant becomes very confusing when each lubricant boasts so many different features making it difficult to decide which lubricant is best for your intended use. Lubricant adds delightful slipperiness to any type of genital stimulation and reduces friction that can be rough on sensitive genital tissue.
The Deep Throat Dairies — Attempt #1 Morning head is my partner′s favorite, so what better time to try something new? I was still hazed with a sleepy confidence when I grabbed the System JO H20 raspberry lube. I waited until we had played around a bit, until I was aroused as the books suggested. They said arousal would make the throat easier to relax and the gag reflex easier to calm. I made sure both of us were ready and comfortable.
Chaffed And Confused - Which Lube? Currently there are hundreds of different lubricants out there on the market. Buying sex toy lubes or sensual sex lubricants can be very confusing especially as lubricants are marketed as having enough features to make your head spin. In this article, we will push aside those myths about sex toy and other sensual lubes to give you a clear understanding on what you are buying and how best to use it.
Care and Feeding of Your Vibrator Lubricants! A must-have ingredient for a delicate sex toy play, even if it seems to you that your own juices are enough to enjoy the fun, add a drop of lube for more pleasing sensations. Lubes give that silky touch and smooth glide for a more pleasant experience and also protect your skin from bacterias.