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Overall, the Bootie's design is not very interesting (in fact, it is quite boring). However, it is a great plug for beginners to use for anal play. It is small, not intimidating, and easy to use.

I think this item is worth the money if you are looking for an entry level toys. If you are looking for something larger, I would recommend the larger version, Boostie.

While a little on the small side for my taste, this toy provided plenty of comfort when worn for longer periods. The material is quality, safe, and easily sanitized. If you know you require larger anal toys, you might skip this, unless you are looking for a very manageable toy to wear for multiple hours.

Totally worth it for beginners who want to explore the world of anal play in a cute, safe, and fun way.

The Bootie would make a great introduction to anal play or extended wear butt plugs. It's 100% silicone, so easy to care for, and body safe, but needs a thorough clean up after every use since it holds onto smells like no other toy. It's also quite the lint magnet. However, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Overall this is a great beginner plug. Unfortunately I found that with regular use you 'grow out of it' fairly quickly. I had a difficult time getting it to stay in while I was just going to the store. The silicone grips your skin and pulls it out unless you're wearing tight underwear. However if you are a beginner, and you want to use it primarily at home, it's unbeatable.

The Bootie is for men starting out on prostate stimulation. It can stimulate the p-spot during sex or masturbation. It is a good buy.

This is a great plug for those thinking about bringing a plug into the relationship, or themselves. If you are thinking about getting into plugs and anal play, this is the place to start. It's fun, small, easy to use, and it looks good.

This is a must have first-timer butt plug, but may be enjoyable for intermediate plug lovers as well. It is soft, squishy silicone, stays put and is comfy for longer wear. It's a tad pricey, considering the larger Boosty is the same price, and is a real dust magnet, but those are the only complaints I have. If you are looking for your first plug or something with some give, definitely try it.

The utter ease with which the Bootie can be inserted, coupled with its small but effective size, makes it an excellent buy.

If you are a beginner to anal play and looking for a simple, easy-to-use toy that stays in place comfortably, then this is the toy for you! Be mindful of the fact that the curve adds G-spot stimulation. The intensity can be ramped up by wearing it during sex, or using it with a dildo or vaginal vibrator. Users who want larger girth, more length, or added texture may be disappointed.

This was my very first butt plug, and I've really enjoyed it! The size is good for beginners, and the shape and the giving, silicone material made the toy very comfortable. The main downside I see in the toy is the lack of a defined neck, which caused the toy to move around and pop out. I'll still be using this toy, but I'll also be looking for another plug with a more obvious neck so that it stays in place.

This is one of my favorites, it doesn't slip and you can use it for long term wear and for DP action. It is great for beginners to anal play and is made from the safest materials.

I am not satisfied with this plug. I will unfortunately be throwing it out along with my hubby's plug. Doesn't stay in place and there's no point in keeping it. I admire the material and the base is wonderful. But that's not enough for me to keep it.

This plug is great for beginners and is popular for good reason--it has a comfortable shape, non-intimidating size, and is made from quality material. Many people have this one in their collection. However, for me and my partner, the lack of a narrowed neck meant that it moved around a lot and eventually popped out. This may not be a problem for some, but I will look for something that stays in place better.

I would highly recommend this toy to any one who is a beginner. People with moderate anal experience may also find this toy to be very pleasurable. Advanced users may find this toy to be on the small side, though. Some may experience some issues with it staying inside during intercourse; however, it will still provide enough pleasure to make the purchase well worth it.

While it doesn't seem like much at first, the pointed shape of the Bootie really shines (for the female anatomy) when used in conjunction with a dildo (or your man) inside your lady parts. The safety level of the silicone, and the comfort and ease of insertion, make it a great buy!

The Bootie by Fun Factory is a great beginner toy, and the base is designed perfectly for long term wear. Although it is a bit small, it is wonderful for those getting used to having things inserted anally. The silicone makes it easy to clean and sanitary , it also makes the material plush enough to be comfortable for new users yet firm enough to be easy to insert. As much as I enjoy this toy I can already feel myself growing out of it and looking for something larger.

This little guy is great for first-timers, but may be a bit small for anyone more experienced. Still, the comfort this design offers is excellent, and even though I like a bit more girth, I find this is great for wearing out, or keeping in for extended periods.


The Bootie is an amazing, safe butt plug that is comfortable enough for long-term wear and stimulating enough to enhance orgasms during playtime. It is sized perfectly for beginners, but large enough to be worn by advanced users without issue as well. An anal toy staple that should be in everyone's toybox. I think anyone can find something about the Bootie they enjoy! I know I did.

I LOVED the Bootie and I'm so glad it was my first anal toy! While I'm now ready for something a little bigger, this definitely helped me learn about the sensations... and enjoy.

I definitely feel the Bootie is worth picking up, and I'm glad I did. As a first-time buyer, go ahead and spend the money on this instead of something cheaper (the Love Pacifier, for example) and you will be happy with it until you're ready for something bigger - at which point, this becomes your warm up toy. It is well made, of quality materials, and should last you a lifetime.

The Bootie is a bend over and stick it in butt plug that is stimulating and fun for all experience levels. If you are contemplating using an anl plug, look no further. The bootie is the perfect beginners anal plug. It is not only easily accomodated by someone who is new to anal penetration,but it is well made and well designed. The Bootie holds up well through frequent use and remains stimulating even after becomming more experienced and comfortable with anal play.

Fun Factory's anal toys almost always deliver and the Bootie is no exception. This comfortably designed toy is perfect for the beginner who wants a little more, but the average user who is okay with a little less. Made of silicone, it's safer and more comfortable than most anal toys and is the perfect addition to any butt plug collection. Now I just wish they will make another that is harness compatible!

This toy is great for beginners, veterans and anywhere in between. It is comfortable and still delivers a substantial amount of stimulation. Give it a shot and you wont be disappointed.

This plug is a great toy for introductory anal play or extended use througout the day. It is quite tiny, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in comfort, flexibility, and discretion. It's not the best toy to combine with vaginal penetration, but the high quality material and unique shape make it a great choice for some low impact butt piracy.

Enjoying A Little Thing

While by no means a heavy hitter on the anal all-star team, Bootie will win the hearts and minds of anal fans through its brilliant design, portability, soothing texture, and concealability. Those new to anal play will love this as their first plug, while advanced users will appreciate the safety of the base and long term wear potential.

This toy is worth every penny! It hits all the right spots. With proper care the bootie is sure to last a lifetime. Personally I feel this is the only non vibrating butt plug I'll ever need.

As a beginner with anal toys, I really enjoyed using this plug during sex and being able to comfortably wear it out of the house for extended periods of time was a huge plus. I did not feel any physical stimulation from it, but it made me feel naughty (mental stimulation?) which is always a good thing!

Although I found the Bootie very easy to insert after applying lube, I found it to be too small for me. Although it did feel nice while being worn, I would opt out for something larger and full as a butt plug. This toy may prove a good start for anal exploration for beginners as it provides a lot of flexibility and comfort while being worn. I'm not giving up on it yet, I will try it again some day soon!

The Fun Factory Bootie has become our favourite butt plug as it's an ideal size for me for long period use, comfortable to wear even when sitting and gives me a naughty feeling all day long.

I wanted a great beginner butt plug that was made of quality material and I scored some major Bootie when I picked this guy. Bootie is small, silicone and comfortable for all day wear and definitely ideal for a beginner. The unique design keeps Bootie where it's supposed to be and provides definite enhancement to sex and solo fun!

The Bootie is an awesome toy for anyone who is interested in venturing into anal play or for those who are looking for a good warm up toy. It's made of silicone so it's super body safe and when sterilized properly, can be shared by partners. The base is a bit long for PIV sex, but there is no fear that the Bootie will be sucked in by your booty.

The Bootie is an amazing, unique silicone butt plug that is perfect for beginners or those who are intimidated by larger anal toys. It is so small and made to fit your body. Everytime you move with this inserted, it will make you crazy with pleasure as you feel it move inside you. The curved tip is perfect for hitting your P-spot. If you don't happen to have a P-spot, this will still feel amazing in you, so everyone wins. It's just a really cute plug that stays in place and feels incredible.

The Bootie butt plug exceeded my expectations for comfort. I have found my perfect plug for "daily wear." The texture of the Bootie plug is amazing—you can tell from touching it that it is bound to be comfortable!

The Bootie is what it is. It's not a powerhouse toy; yet the Bootie manages to satisfy. If you're looking for a plug that can second as a mortar shell in a pinch, look elsewhere. The Bootie is a discreet and elegant option for those who are new to anal play or who just like to keep things small - but don't let the size fool you, the Bootie above all else feels GOOD! Used alone or by couples, the Bootie adds a layer of pleasure to any activity without the hassle of distraction.

This is a great butt plug for all levels of experience and I would recommend it to anyone! Small, comfortable and fun... a gem!

If you're looking for a plug to wear for long periods of time out of the bedroom, the Bootie is your toy. It's comfortable and discreet, and you can't go wrong with silicone when it comes to sex toys.

The Bootie is a solid all-around performer. As a plug, it does it's job well: It goes in smooth, stays in place, and has great butt-feel. That being said, if you're looking for something to give you that "stuffed" feeling, you might be disappointed. At only 3" in both circumference and length, it's far from your best option for intense anal play, but for beginners and those just wanting to give their booties a little lovin': You couldn't ask for a better butt buddy than the Fun Factory Bootie!

This is a toy that I definitely would recommend. The Bootie has the ability to make you feel naughty and sexy when you wear it.

Overall, I'm glad I got a Bootie. It's become a new favorite! I can wear it for hours, sterilize it, and it's super fun during solo/fore play. I'm not fond of it holding on to smells as it does, but after air drying for a bit, that goes away. For a nice plug to wear out and about, go for the Bootie!

Whether you're a newcomer to anal delights or quite familiar with the wonderment of ass play, the Bootie will surely be an unforgettable addition to any collection, even at such a small size. On our rendezvous, it's never far from reach, for good reasons.

The Bootie is a great little body-friendly plug, perfect for beginners and more advanced users looking for some G/P-spot stimulation during solo play. It has a nice curve to it and a wonderfully comfortable and sturdy base.

If you're at all interested in getting a plug, Bootie is the perfect choice. Good for beginners yet filling and satisfying, Bootie is all anyone could ever wish for in a plug!

Three words that describe this product: Pleasurable, Worthwhile, Bootie-licious. This toy is worth the price in terms of what you get quality-wise, safety-wise, and sensation-wise. It is perfect for those new to anal play. It is discreet foreplay in a box!

Fun Factory’s Bootie is a great choice for a butt plug. He’s not too heavy, and can be worn for extended periods of time. He’s soft, smooth, and made of silicone. If his base were a bit shorter he would be effective during penile penetration, although he works well with toy penetrations. A good alternative to metal and glass plugs.

This is a nice basic anal plug for beginners and those wanting to feel just a little something extra without going to extremes. It is ideal for warming up for anal sex, and it is small enough to wear under clothes where only you and your partner know it is place as you go about your daily chores. It can also add additional stimulation while inserted during vaginal play.

The Bootie is a great solid silicone butt plug for under $35. Its design, material, and shape make ass play easy and comfortable, especially for those new to anal stimulation or those that are just looking for a smaller sized toy.

The Bootie is a great toy for the anal beginner, or for anyone who wants a somewhat small toy for extended wear. It has a few minor flaws, and it's a little small, even for me, but that's not enough for me not to love this toy. It is a high quality silicone toy with a decent price tag, and it's moving to the top of my toy box.

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