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Pure plug large

Butt plug by Njoy

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Pure plug large reviews

29 reviews
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29 reviews

When I first got it, I loved it so much had to have it nearly everyday. One night I even fell asleep with it inside me. It's that comfortable ! It's great to use while having sex. Receiving oral while wearing this more than doubles the sensation of her lips/mouth on me. While thrusting her with this inside is super duper. If any of you males have not yet worn one while having intercourse, I highly recommend it ! Only down side is , it will make you cum sooner. At least it does for me.

I love the njoy Pure Plug Large! It is very comfortable for insertion, play, and long-term wear. This is a very versatile toy for a butt plug. I have used this plug for Kegel exercises, for G-spot stimulation, and on exciting walks and jogs ... what can't you do with the njoy Pure Plug Large?

When I'm looking for some backdoor fun, this is the plug I'll grab (99 percent of the time). The shape and weight of this plug gave me an unique experience I have never had with any other plugs. This butt plug is extremely comfortable and pleasurable for me to use, especially for long-term wear.

nJoy is my favorite company for anal plugs, hands down. The design of their Pure Plug line is beautiful, comfortable, and well-made; it simply cannot be beat. The Pure Plug Large is a great size for experienced anal plug wearers who are not intimidated by a 1 1/2" diameter in their plugs. nJoy's plugs are made of high quality, solid steel, which is easy to clean and care for. These plugs are worth the investment.

Njoy never fails to satisfy on most levels. Their materials and workmanship is top notch and their packaging is great. The Njoy pure plug line is the best out there. Metal has a nice heft and holds temperature well. The handle fits comfortably between your cheeks and are comfortable for extended wear from some, but work just as nicely for play time use only. They are compatible with any type lube and can be sterilized. If you like butt plugs, you need to try an Njoy.

The latest addition to my Njoy collection doesn't fail to disappoint, but perhaps isn't a good option for beginners. I've added a comparison of the medium and large Pure Plugs, plus the perks of silicone lube.

Truly an incredible toy. Really can make your day quite interesting! If you're on the fence between the medium and large, go for large. Although for women, it seems (from what I've read) you may have a hard time using a large size during intercourse and whatnot. Unfortunately I couldn't tell you how it'd work out for that. Although I thought I'd never say it, I wish Njoy had a size in between the large and 2.0 that kept to the same design as the small, medium, and large.

Njoy can do no wrong. Their large Pure Plug is a hunk o' steel that makes my ass very happy. If you can handle having 11 ounces and 1 1/2 inches of steel in your butt, get this plug - it will change your ass's life!

This larger Pure plug is simply one of the best long term wear plugs you can buy. Everything about this plug is perfect. You can't go wrong by buying this plug.

If I could pick one butt plug and only one butt plug, I would pick this one. I think this toy is very durable and is going to last as long as I am. The toy is comfortable, provides great stimulation, and I have no complaints. The ability to use silicone lube is a big plus. I think it makes an anal experience more enjoyable and easy. After buying this toy I am definitely adding some other Njoy toys to my wish list.

The Pure Plug Large made by Njoy is an amazing product to add to my collection of toys. It is actually my favorite butt plug of all time. I love the size, the shape, the texture, everything about it! It is so comfortable and really gives great stimulation. You can wear this for double penetration and really go wild. I wear this plug just about every day and I love it so much. I recommend this butt plug to anyone. It is worth the price.

The large Pure Plug by NJoy is a breeze to wear and a dream to clean up after. It's not too big, and not too small. You won't spit it across the room when you sneeze. I recommend it to any anal play enthusiast!

The weight makes this butt plug different from anything else I've experienced, and the quality is top notch. For a stainless steel toy, it's damn comfortable. I enjoy using it during masturbation and intercourse, but it didn't provide much sensation to my partner through my vaginal wall. Aside from that, this is a fantastic plug.

Njoy, that name is synonymous with pleasure, quality and long life material. And really, there is good reason why the Njoy line has some of the most sought after toys in the sex toy world. For those that like hard materials there is no other material that will give you heirloom quality like Stainless Steel. When coupled with the packaging, ease of care and the comfort the Njoy designs give you, the price is well worth it.

The Njoy Pure Plug is one classy plug. It's just about the prettiest work of art you'll ever stick up someone's butt. Besides being super smooth and ultra comfortable, it delivers intense stimulation due to the firmness and weight. It will work for bedroom play or extended wear, and it will last forever due to the high quality material. Plus it stays in! What more could you ask for?

This is one of the best butt plugs available, for all levels of players. This stainless steel plug slides right in and stays put with an ultra-slim stem and handle, and offers a delicious feeling of fullness. Great for all-day wear, but it may take some time and patience to remove it because of its unique shape.

The Njoy pure plug large is a great addition to anyone's collection. It has a lovely, bulbous head, no discomfort from the base, an ever-present weight. The only time I felt discomfort was when I had worn it for a very long day, and that passed with time. It retains temperature very well. Furthermore, it is easy to clean. The only thing I would change is the size; slightly larger would be nice. I may one day invest in the Pure Plug 2.0, but for now, I'm quite satisfied.

I believe the Pure Plug large is overall the perfect plug in the NJoy Pure Plug lineup. Not too big and not too small. Stays put during activity, can be worn long term very comfortably. The very subtle g/p spot stimulation is cumulative and provides a sensational climax.

Overall I was pleased with this plug, even with its lack of size. It still stays in very well, lets me know it's there and is comfortable to wear wherever I go. I would recommend that most people skip the small and medium. While these are made of steel, 1.5" is the diameter of most medium anal plugs, which many people can start with right away. This is a quality steel toy that is a great introduction to steel insertables. Everyone should have one in their toy box as far as I'm concerned.

My overall impression of this item is one of extreme fondness. The only thing I was quite disappointed with was the handle as it is far too small to get a grip on, and that takes away from any sort of fucking motion. Other than that one complaint, everything about this toy rocks! But its ability to deliver on its claim of providing intense, out-of-this-world orgasms is what took the cake for me! I sincerely hope this review helps you!

The Pure Plug is an amazing anal tool. It is great for either males or females and comes in three sizes (four if you count the 2.0). It might have taken me months to choose a size, but I'm glad I finally picked the large. There honestly isn't anything I would change about this plug. The shape and design is great from top to handle. I can't wait to try other products from the company!

If you have already given other plugs a try, and you feel a desire to subject yourself to extended wear anal plugs, this is an ideal plug. It carries a hefty price tag, but it provides comfortable contours and sexy styling that leave you feeling only slightly full and a bit weighted--a very pleasurable sensation to keep you company all day. If you're looking for a toy for partner play, you want to look at different types of toys.

Truly the butt plug to end all butt plugs, the NJOY Pure Plug is a work of art that has become not just a toy that I want but a toy we both crave. I can't rave enough about it's virtues and functionality. Spend the extra few dollars and get yourself this enjoyable pound of pleasure that will last a lifetime and keep begging you back from it's gorgeous satin-lined home. Long live NJOY!

This toy was my second anal plug. I bought it after reading countless reviews for this product and after using it, I am happy that mine might join them. This toy is PERFECT. It was beautifully engineered and the material is sexy and delicious feeling inside of me. It feels like jewelry!

I am trying to stay away from puns involving the phrase "pure fun" or "you'll Njoy this", but it's hard. This is a finely crafted piece of ass, like that man or woman you see all the time and wonder how great they can be in bed because they always look FANTASTIC. Then you fuck them and it's like "My God, I can die now." Yeah. That's how awesome this plug is.

Okay I know it is an investment, but all the Njoy toys are worth it and then some. I had very high, high hopes for this toy and was not disappointed at all. It is a gorgeous, flawless, high-end object to stick in your bum. Njoy's pure plug left me absolutely speechless, and I LOVE IT.

The Pure Plug Large is about as close to perfect as any plug has come for me. It's comfortable and easy for me to use for extended periods as well as during intercourse. It's steel and built to last, easy to clean and comes with amazing packaging/storage.

Give yourself a treat and NJoy yourself! This large plug is great for a intermediate user and will offer an experience like no toy out there. It its artistic design is not enough for you, the feel of the weight inside you will be. A must have for anyone who enjoys anal pleasure.

The Pure Plug Large is the perfect butt plug for those who are experienced with anal play and who love the subtle stretched out feeling that a big boy like this can give. The Njoy butt plug line not only proves that steel is bad and beautiful, but showcases just how extraordinary the ordinary anal sexcapade can be.

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