Sleek, stylish, sensual.

The Njoy pure plug large is a great addition to anyone's collection. It has a lovely, bulbous head, no discomfort from the base, an ever-present weight. The only time I felt discomfort was when I had worn it for a very long day, and that passed with time. It retains temperature very well. Furthermore, it is easy to clean. The only thing I would change is the size; slightly larger would be nice. I may one day invest in the Pure Plug 2.0, but for now, I'm quite satisfied.
Non-porous and hygienic, Heavy and stimulating, Easily stored, Can be worn for long periods of time.
High price, Could be a bit larger.
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The large Njoy Pure Plug is a beautifully crafted butt plug. Like all butt plugs, it is inserted through the anus into the rectum, with a narrow neck and wide base to ensure safety (as one would not want to lose something so nice into the abyss). However, it differs from the mainstream soft butt plug in that it is made of unyielding, heavy stainless steel. While this first offers a challenge, as its 1.5" diameter can be difficult for beginners to anal play, it soon develops into an advantage as it provides great stimulation. Lubrication is essential, of course, and time and patience may be needed to prevent unnecessary pain.

An example of how to use this toy is as follows:

1. Obtain butt plug. Cleaning before use is always a nice idea; If you so desire, keep the toy in warm or cold/icy water before using for a unique temperature sensation. Do not freeze it however. That would be disastrous.

2. Apply adequate (read: lots) of lubricant to both anal area and butt plug.

3. Relax. Always remember to relax. Breathing slowly and deeply may help with this step.

4. Slowly ease it into place, allowing your sphincter to relax around the head of the toy. Do not force it, and stop if you feel pain. In the case of the pure plug series, it is most comfortable if inserted with the head curved towards your front, hitting the prostate in males and being pointed towards the recto-vaginal wall in females.

5. Enjoy as you wish. This toy can be used for a short session or for some extended wear. Do not push yourself in the latter case; if it becomes uncomfortable, stop and remove it. You can always try again another time.

6. When it is time to remove the toy, hold it by its looped handle and relax once again. Do not attempt to pull it out by force, but gently bear down so it moves out easily and with little manual encouragement.

7. As for cleaning, repeat the cleaning process from step one. Personally, I find that the flawlessly non-porous and smooth nature of the toy makes it very easy to clean. This toy may also be boiled or carefully placed in the dishwasher. Wiping with a 10% bleach solution is also an option, but be sure to wash it afterwards.

8. Storage is very simple with this toy; the very packaging it comes in doubles as a secure, discreet and comfy home for your lovely Njoy plug.

As a side note, while this toy is best used as a typical butt plug, I have noted that it can also be used as a massager for sore muscles. Use gentle pressure and avoid bony prominences when doing so.
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Everyone
    • Solo
    • Temperature play
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    • Anywhere
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    • Anal
    • P-spot

Material / Texture

When I first saw this toy with my own eyes, I was impressed by the mirror-bright, shiny surface. Perhaps distracted would be another good word. I made faces at it and marveled as one would at their reflection in a polished spoon.

That is neither here nor there, however. The Pure Plug is a beautiful thing, smooth, odourless and completely non-porous. This was very reassuring to me as I have noticed that even pure silicone can absorb odours. It was cold to the touch, but not in a bad way, and I couldn't wait to try it out. I didn't taste it, as chipped teeth do not sound like fun, but I can imagine it doesn't taste much different from the aforementioned spoon.

The material, being high quality stainless steel, is unyielding and hard. It feels like a much greater presence than it looks, which is nice but may be a challenge for people new to anal. It is not unmanageable, however. The smooth texture allows one to use only a little lubricant, and any lube is compatible with this toy (at least until some sadistic company makes a sandpaper lube).

This toy seems very durable and is stainless steel through and through, not hollow in the centre. I would avoid dropping it on a hard surface however, as it may damage the finish (of the hard surface) and the toy itself may even sustain a scratch or two.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The design of this toy is one of both form and function. Reminiscent of a swollen tulip bud or a round fruit on a stem, it is both visually appealing and physically gratifying. The bulbous head has a wonderful presence during insertion, retention and removal, and it smoothly but quickly tapers to the narrowed neck. Furthermore, the position of the head and its weight as it presses on internal structures is fantastic. The neck itself is well-designed, being thicker towards the head of the toy and narrower towards the elliptical base. Not only does this promote comfortable wear, but it provides mild stretching as it moves up and down with the contraction of sphincter muscles.

As far as size goes, I believe it to be adequate. I wasn't new to anal play when I ordered this toy, so I knew I wanted the large, but there was some degree of toss up between this toy and its larger relative, Pure Plug 2.0. However, the completely smooth design of this toy lured me in, and I find it to be satisfying. I certainly wouldn't complain if it were a little bigger, but that is just my greed talking. Stupid greedy butt. Speaking of butts, this may take some working up to for people newer to anal play; everyone is different in what they can accomodate, but I believe that with proper warm-up, this toy can be taken safely. The medium Pure Plug may be a good alternate choice.

In terms of being discreet... Well, this toy doesn't look realistic, that's for sure. It doesn't even look like a traditional butt plug. I've read other reviews where people compare it to a work of art, and can't help but agree... All the same, I live with three friends and I am too shy to consider displaying it in the living room. Truly, though, it is more discreet than many toys. As for travel... I haven't tried that yet, but I would worry about airport security. I am unsure of the regulations, but perhaps luggage is a safer option than carry-on if you are to travel with it. Use your own discretion!
One last note regarding discreetness: The style of the base, being narrow and easily secured between the buttocks, makes it easy to keep a secret under clothing. Perhaps it is different for those with less "badonk in their 'donk", but I had no problems keeping it hidden during daily activities.
    • Discreet look/design
    • Ergonomic
    • Whimsical / artistic


Ohh, how it performs. For an inert hunk of metal that doesn't vibrate, it can certainly send an array of sensations through one's body. Lubed up and inserted, it becomes a secret pleasure that can accompany you through a short session or an entire day... or longer, if you so desire. It seems to hit the right spots in all the right ways, and the smooth surface makes it very economical in terms of lubricant.

Despite being a butt plug, I have used it for some light thrusting. One must be careful when doing so however, as it is hard and unyielding. It felt great all the same. Even after wearing for hours, it can be extracted with relative ease when compared to a silicone plug. Feeling particularly adventurous one day, I wore it for an entire 14 hours, which is the longest I've done so to date. It became a bit uncomfortable towards the end, but I had been on my feet for twelve of those hours. Yes, I wore it to work... Please don't judge me! (Incidentally, it made the day a lot more interesting.)

In terms of the looped base, I found it comfortable and quite usable; some have had trouble gripping the base as the open portion of the loop is too narrow. However, I have dainty girly fingers so I am not representing all populations with my experience. Luckily, the shape of the base allows for gripping without use of the open portion of the ring.

Finally, I would like to add that it is great for sphincter exercises as it adds both weight and sensation to each contraction. Never has exercise of any sort been so enjoyable! (It could probably be used during regular exercise too, now that I think about it.)
    • Comfortable
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

Care of a stainless steel toy is even easier than that of silicone, if you ask me. The large Njoy Pure Plug, like all Njoy toys, is perfectly smooth and non-porous, making cleaning a breeze. Cleaning with mild soap and warm water is best, followed by drying with a soft cloth. Never use abrasives to clean this toy... Or any toy for that matter.

It always cleans up easily for me, retaining no smell or tarnish. If one so desires, it can be sterilized in boiling water. Just be extremely careful when handling, as this little nugget can hold temperature for quite some time. You would not want to burn yourself! The dishwasher is also an option, as is wiping with a 10% bleach solution. Again, just wash it normally after using the bleach solution.

Storage of this toy is very easy. The packaging it comes in, as I've mentioned, is the perfect home for your lovely metal friend.


Njoy products are known not only for their wonderful form and function, but their lovely packaging as well. This toy is no exception, with its hard black box that opens up to reveal a satiny magenta bed. The toy rests in a cavity shaped like itself; this effect is achieved by sculpted styrofoam which isn't exactly the best choice of material, but it gets the job done. The cover of satiny material makes it much better, though the material can be taken off. The box also includes a small booklet featuring Njoy's products and some specifications.

In spite of the styrofoam, this packaging is some of the best I've experienced. and makes for great, discreet storage. The box is reasonably small, black, and has a silver "Njoy" on the front in silvery letters. Keep it under your bed, keep it in your closet, keep it in the drawer. It's pretty versatile and can easily be used as a gift box.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Very informative

Personal comments

The large Njoy Pure Plug is an excellent toy and should be in any anal fan's toy box, male or female. The high price tag may be a deterrent for some, but I believe it is well worth it. This toy does everything I want it to do and then some, and was a perfect introduction to stainless steel toys and the Njoy line. I am quite glad that I splurged and bought it, as it should last a lifetime and provide plenty of enjoyment. If you're on the fence about buying this toy, I hope this recommendation gives you a push in the right direction; it is a toy well worth experiencing.
    • Durable
    • Functional
    • Long-lasting


I received this toy in the mail, as I do all of my toys. Not wanting to wait for a later time to open it, I went upstairs to my room, opened the heavier-than-usual package and opened the toy's box. Looking at the mirrored surface, I knew I had to try it soon... But I couldn't at the time. It weighed on my mind as it would later weigh inside of me.

My first time using it, I carefully lubricated it and myself and slowly inserted it. It was comfortable going in, though I had to stop once before getting to the largest portion of the head. Before long, I felt the satisfying "pop" of butt plug into butt and I was happy. Not wanting to cut a good thing short, I thought I would leave it in for a while. Washing my hands, I dressed again and went about my day for a while. I let it bob up and down inside of me as I contracted and relaxed my anus and enjoyed a secret pleasure as I did more mundane things. It really managed to get things flowing, if you know what I mean. Taking it out, running cold water over it and feeling the chill metal within me was fantastic. Wiggling it left and right with my hand felt amazing... By the time I finished myself off later that day, I was very happy.
    • Near-perfect
    • Satisfying
Follow-up commentary
What can I say? This one has lost no points from me... if anything, it has gained some. While I have tried its larger cousin the 2.0 (and really enjoyed it), the Pure Plug Large will always have a spot high on my list of go-to toys. It's comfortable and stimulating, and excellent for longer-term wear without discomfort or injury.
I would still recommend it strongly, and I feel that it has made itself worth the high price tag. :)
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