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Eleven Eleven

Dildo by Njoy

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Eleven reviews

24 reviews
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24 reviews

Looking for a toy that's not like any other? Take a look at the Eleven. Part G-spot toy, part sculpture, all awesome.

Do you read erotic novels? Remember how the female characters in erotica gasped in shock, then ecstasy, when their tight folds were forced apart by thick cocks, then their pussies stretched and filled by massive girths? That is exactly how I feel when the Eleven penetrates me; the bad boy is so unyielding, thick, and heavy, it stretches and fills my vagina, and delights me in the most ecstatic way.

The Eleven by Njoy is a silky smooth stainless steel beauty. With two different ends/sizes to choose from, being totally waterproof and its temperature play capability many people will find something to "N-joy" in this dildo. Just keep in mind how large the material makes this toy feel as compared to silicone toys made in the same size.

A beautiful toy; very big, heavy and easy to keep clean. It isn't worth the price if you're struggling with big toys. A valuable item for collectors.

The Njoy Eleven is a worthy ally in the bed. It is not for the faint-hearted and I would think it shouldn't be used often. But when it is used, 'sploosh,' as the saying goes. The size and heft make for some serious orgasms in my wife when we use it as a couple. She says she reserves her orgasm a little so that we can continue sex, but I bet there are few, if any, reservations when using it as a masturbation device. I mean, why would you be reserved then?

What can I say about the Eleven that hasn't already been said?? It is seriously the most impressive toy I've ever seen or owned. 'Nuff said.

The Njoy Eleven is made of high quality, medical grade stainless steel. This is a large, heavy, and textured bad ass dildo. It has a hefty price tag, but it is my personal opinion that it is worth every penny. This beauty even comes with a luxury carrying bag. This is one serious hunk of steel!

I have not regretted one cent spent on this beautiful, G-Spot-Stimulating, versatile, body-safe, and durable toy. I refer to it lovingly as "Eleven", and cannot help but tell my friends just how awesome 'me-time' has become since owning it.

The Eleven is an investment. You will know if it is for you. You will know it's for you if the idea of a $300 11" solid steel dildo makes you weak in the knees. You will know if you're a size queen who is addicted to the Pure Wand but can't help but crave a little bit (or a whole lot) more. The Eleven is a magnificent beast of a dildo, and it's wonderful for giving back massages as well as G Spot massages!

The Mighty Eleven almost defies summarization. More than a toy, the Eleven is an experience---an experience of pressure, and of girth, and of weight. Artfully sculpted of stunning stainless steel, it will make its way to knead you, to fill you, and to strengthen you. When you set eyes on it, when you grasp it, when you are filled by it---you'll understand why the Eleven is a Perfect Ten.

The Njoy Eleven is both artistic and effective, it's smooth curves and it's durability proved to be well worth it's cost. My lust for this big boy wasn't misplaced, it's kept me good company since I got it.

The Eleven is the dildo of the space age Cro-Magnon man. It is hard and heavy enough to be swung around by early human cave dwellers while being absolutely sleek and sophisticated. Rendered in stainless steel, the Eleven has a modern line and a timeless purpose: to give people orgasms!

Eleven inches of pure, unforgiving, stainless steel for you to Njoy. Trust me, Eleven will not let you down. You will be the envy of all your toy collecting friends with this bad boy in your toy box.

Ah, the Eleven. Quite possibly the Holy Grail of dildo's. Hard, large and in charge! This 11", 3.5 lb work of Stainless art demands attention from all of its subjects. Pay homage to the highly polished surface, the superb temperature play abilities and the longevity of Stainless. Prostrate yourself before the almighty Eleven and let it's Stainless, hard love bring you to orgasmic bliss.

If there was a 10 star option, the Eleven would be worthy of it, hands down. The material is easy to clean, non-porous and totally body safe. The packaging? Gorgeous and reusable! It is sensual and incredibly versatile, with dual ends for anal or vaginal use. It is delightfully heavy and orgasm inducing with its G-spot friendly curves. Pricey? Yes, but definitely worth the splurge in my experience.

The Njoy design team are absolute pros - if they make it, your going to love it. Impeccable craftsmanship, g-spot gushing design - an absolute winner.

An extremely large dildo fit for size queens made of quality material, perfect for the advanced user. Compatible with any and all lubricants, body safe, sterilizable, however, might not be compatible with all body types.

The Eleven is probably the most intuitive sex toy I own. It's girthy and beautiful, with a mirror shine and a friction free surface, thick, with dual heads of varying sizes and curves that make rocking and thrusting this beauty the easiest thing ever. G-spot lovers, squirters, size queens should consider this a must have. It is absolutely worth its price and will last a lifetime.

The Eleven deserves a home with you - now. If you don't have it, you're seriously missing out. You know how you've been lusting after the Pure Wand? It can wait, just get the Eleven.

The Eleven is a marvel of design. Its two ends of varied girth, as well as its weight, allow for filling penetration and g-spot stimulation. You may find that it can cause you to squirt as well. Easy to clean and care for, the Eleven is expensive but well worth its price. It can also double as a formidable weapon should the need arise.

The Eleven is a fantastic dildo that will satisfy your craving for impossibly huge toys. A toy meant for advanced users, the Eleven never fails to deliver powerful powerful orgasms. If you can justify the price, I would highly recommend that you purchase this product!

The Eleven is a magnificently crafted stainless steel beauty, with a mirror like shine anyone could admire! It’s even packaged beautifully inside a leather clutch-like case to protect it, as well as making it a perfect choice for gifting. Just be aware that it is a very thick and very hard dildo, which may not be the best choice for partner play. It is however, a wonderful solo indulgence, and you could even let your partner watch for even more fun!

The Eleven is a great product. With the high price tag comes eleven inches of solid steel that will last and last. One end is ribbed for extra stimulation, the other is larger and smooth for easier insertion. Both are curved to hit the g-spot just so. Yum!

The Eleven is the most awesome toy I own. Gives so much...with the perfect combination of design, material, weight and texture. Worth it, will last a lifetime.

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