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The Eleven is a magnificently crafted stainless steel beauty, with a mirror like shine anyone could admire! It’s even packaged beautifully inside a leather clutch-like case to protect it, as well as making it a perfect choice for gifting. Just be aware that it is a very thick and very hard dildo, which may not be the best choice for partner play. It is however, a wonderful solo indulgence, and you could even let your partner watch for even more fun!
Stainless steel, beautiful, case included and a luxurious delight.
It’s expensive.
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extremely useful review
The Eleven by Njoy is the epitome of luxurious stainless steel goodness, and more toys should be designed as exquisitely as the Eleven has been. From its bulging double heads, to its high luster shine, it screams indulgence that reverberates off of its ridged shaft for added stimulation. Yes, I’m in love!

The Eleven is not for the faint of heart so if you are timid in any way I urge you to browse elsewhere as the Eleven just may very well split you in half. Well, maybe not literally, but if you lack the proper foreplay that will allow you to become thoroughly aroused and lubricated, either artificially or naturally, the 1 3/4" diameter of the smaller end could make you feel as though you might split down the middle! Yes, that means there is a larger end too. Its diameter is 2" so yes, that’s one big stainless steel cock! Know what you’re getting yourself into and consider yourself properly warned!

The Eleven also provides you with plenty of length with (you guessed it!) 11" of total length. Of course that is from tip to tip and the insertable length would be just a bit less at maybe around 9" but it should suffice even those who love the deepest of penetration!

The shape is also fantastic with the heads slightly curving in opposite directions to give it sort of an elongated “S” shape. This allows for the bulbous heads to easily stimulate your g-spot no matter which end you’re using. But trust me, there isn’t much that these heads don’t stimulate because they touch everything!

The Eleven weighs in at about 3 lbs. so it’s also quite a weighty dildo. You may want to keep hold of this one during use because it will lay against your vaginal wall with 3 lbs. of pressure if you leave it unsupported. I also noticed that it has a tendency to push back inside of me when pulled out. This usually happens when I’ve got my butt supported with pillows so my nether regions are looking skyward. The weight just wants to push it back inside. There’s only very few dildos that have enough weight to do that with me but it always leads to interesting sensations!

Now, about those three glorious ridges just under the head of the smaller end. Not only do they feel fabulous rubbing against my clit during some slow thrusting (nope, I can’t go fast with this one!) but they are also some fantastic finger grips for when you’re using the opposite end! Trust me, this dildo gets pretty slick when lubed up and those ridges can help out more than you think! The slickness combined with its weight means that you must use caution with this one or else your toes may suffer if you drop it on them.

The Eleven also comes to you packaged in its own storage bag. It’s a leather, clutch-like case that closes together at the top via magnets. The magnets aren’t super strong but they do a good job of keeping the top closed while it’s sitting on your dresser or being carried with you. I personally would have preferred a wooden box but the supple, smooth leather case accentuates the shiny stainless steel of the Eleven magnificently!

The Eleven is crafted from pure, hypoallergenic, medical-grade stainless steel that shouldn’t ever corrode or degrade. About the only thing that could damage it is cleaning it with an abrasive cleaner or pad, so DON’T!

For everyday cleaning, soap and water are best, followed by drying and polishing with a soft cloth. To sterilize when sharing with a partner or changing from anal to vaginal play, you can boil it for three minutes or wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution followed up with a good rinse afterward.

Stainless steel is compatible with all lubricants. Since the finish is silky smooth and non-porous, a little goes a long way! Be careful that you can maintain a good grip or use it on a bed where it won’t have far to fall. It would be a shame to put a nick in this one!

The Eleven would be a beautiful addition to any collection and with proper care, it should last a lifetime. Just be prepared for all of the admiring glances toward your new Eleven if you purchase it!
The Eleven has fantastic thermal retentive properties that allow it to retain temperatures very well. You can either cool it down, or heat it up for a wide variety of sensations. There’s several ways you can do this too. Soak it in a bowl of cool or warm water, run it under cold or hot tap water, or use your imagination for more creative ways. Just make sure to check the temperature on your wrist, like a baby bottle, beforehand to make sure it’s safe for your fun parts.

During my first encounter with the Eleven, I realized that I had to warm it up in order to relax enough for insertion. It seemed like the cooler temperatures made me clench up more, and that wasn’t getting us anywhere. A little warm water and a lot of foreplay finally prepared me for the smaller end. When it finally stretched my vaginal entrance and popped inside, I was so proud of myself that I actually orgasmed right then and there! Really, it was that quick! Then again, it could have been all of the foreplay too.

On consecutive attempts I had similar results. The extremely hard and full feeling just seems to do it every time for me. The Eleven has definitely won me over!

While this is a fantastic dildo that I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again, I won’t be using it constantly. I’m just not designed to be able to, but I will be using it whenever I can! When the mood strikes, it’s definitely a fantastic indulgence!

While this one is awesome, it may not be the best choice for partner play because stainless steel is a very hard material. A push too far in or in the wrong direction could end in a bumped cervix, Ouch! So, if you decide to let your partner take the reins, make sure they know you very well! Otherwise you may never let them touch the Eleven again.

If you’ve never tried any stainless steel toys before, I highly recommend that you start with something smaller. This is a massive toy that probably shouldn’t be attempted by a novice, but you should know your limitations better than anyone else, so it’s really up to you. Just be aware of what you can handle and take it slow!
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  • Contributor: Alt

    Yea. I mean I am sure I probably would have ended up buying this eventually, even if I couldn't find it for a cheaper prices, haha.

    Nothing against EF or anything, but there have been many times where the pricing of the same toys are cheaper(by 5 - 60 $$) by doing a few Google searches or the name or company of some items.

    But EF is great for the reviews, community, images, and as always: reliable shipping (unlike some places that smack on some label of the site, that you really don't want)
    To get this njoy monster for 190, I had to explain to my parents (yes I still live with them during college) why I am getting a package that sayings something similar to vitadigest. I'm all "Oh yes its a computer part from v'ital digital parts' " lol !

    I swear one of these days I think I am gonna get caught, and then have to awkwardly explain that anal play doesn't mean gay. Hopefully they wouldn't think that but, you never know with parents. Ahh!
  • Contributor: Oggins
    I know what you mean Alt. I've also seen some of the more expensive products available elsewhere for great prices but I trust EF so much that they usually win me over anyway. That's why I'm so glad to see the sales/promotions that EF has now too! I've seen some great products on sale and got a great deal on a p-fun plug for my hubby not long ago. It was a lot cheaper than I could find anywhere else at that time. You just never know what they might have a sale on! Their shipping is always so discreet too! I've ordered from another place before and got so much junk mail from them for movies and adult toys that was less than discreet. It's hard to say what my mail-person thinks about me, lol! I'd prefer to not get that going again either and EF has never done that to me, thank goodness!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that if you have to have that conversation with your parents that they are more understanding than you're expecting. You're right that you just never know with parents but they have a way of surprising you sometimes too. I guess you could always direct them here, to EF and show them, lol. I just wish you the best of luck in that situation and hopefully you won't get caught so you won't have to explain anything. Winking
  • Contributor: Alt
    Thanks Oggins.
    Yes EF is great, and I am glad their labels are just a return address to New Jersey.
    I am also glad they provide a USPS option because I prefer them. Even though their tracking totally sucks, I have

    noticed it is actually faster than UPS ground, can be delivered on Saturdays, and if small enough, will be put in the

    mail box.

    Oh any yes, I am still going to have to try that P-Fun plug.
    The Pure Plug 2.0 is one of my top butt plugs and is so comfy, so I am curious to see how the P-Fun compares.

    And for the junk mail: are you talking about ?
    I know if you don't change the option in your account profile to not send me offers and promotions, then every week

    you will get their catalog in a large envelope, full of offers, sponsors, etc.
    I think my dad saw one time from the thin white paper, so to be sure I just opened it and was like "WTF" and then

    was like "oh it looks like this is for you" and held up this like flyer showing extremely buff guys in underwear that was

    next to nothing, haha!
    I am like what junk this is, and then put at the bottom of the trash.

    They kept coming until I finally unchecked the option.
    I dont order from them anymore unless its like lube or something of good quality (seems like a lot of toys they sell are

    cheaper older ones). Reason why I sometimes still do is because there are some 50% off order, free shipping, and

    -10$ on order coupons for it over at
    But you really do get quality if you pay for more, so that is why EF can be quite amazing.
  • Contributor: Alt
    (Sorry I had to break it up into 2 posts because it didn't let me post all this text in 1 comment -- Good thing I pressed Ctrl+A & Ctrl+C before pressing that Post button. I swear EF needs to fix that, and have a character limit, or atleast a text recovery window!)

    Anyway, yea I have a feeling my parents wouldn't care, but just be shocked at first. And my dad would probably tease

    me about it for a long time, haha!
    Its just embarrassing, kind of like getting caught masturbating. I think they know, but I don't want to know if they do,


    Reading your profile, I see you have kids (although they are probably young)... How do you think you and/or your

    husband would react if when your kids, when they were 18 or 19, had some sex toys that they ordered online?

    I know when I am a parent in the long future and have kid(s), I think I am going to be as open as possible and

    possibly bring up the subject of masturbation and objects/toys that people eventually use that can be used to result in

    orgasms, which are safe compared to sex.
    You know, I have heard some experts say that in today's world, when girls enter their teen years like (13 or 14) that

    they recommend buying a clitoral vibrator (like a pocket rocket) to help promote masturbation, over sexual partners. I

    guess I would have to see how the wife would feel also about that, haha.
  • Contributor: Alt
    And wow, sorry for posting a 3rd time, but wtf happened to my posts. I guess because I copied it from notepad and pasted it in, that everything was borken up like that...

    Wow, sorry about that. I really hate this comment box! (about the only think here at EF that I dislike, lol)
  • Contributor: Oggins
    It's no problem Alt. I'm going to send you a message so that I can share my stance on these situations with you. That should help out with the character limit too. Winking
  • Contributor: Tart
    Great review!!
  • Contributor: M121212
    Thanks for the review. I understand what you mean about having to warm it up a little bit so your body relaxes onto it.
  • Contributor: M121212
    Thanks for the review. I understand what you mean about having to warm it up a little bit so your body relaxes onto it.
  • Contributor: Jon S
  • Contributor: mudpie
    Thanks for the great review! This dildo is so scary but it looks beautiful. Maybe someday.
  • Contributor: jeangel246
    Thanks for the review
  • Contributor: Lizzy
  • Contributor: Ash1141
    Great review!
  • Contributor: AbbyLover
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