Eleven - dildo by Njoy - review by sophie2229

I give this toy eleven stars!

The Eleven is a fantastic dildo that will satisfy your craving for impossibly huge toys. A toy meant for advanced users, the Eleven never fails to deliver powerful powerful orgasms. If you can justify the price, I would highly recommend that you purchase this product!
Beautiful and elegant, will satisfy those who desire large heavy sex toys.
May be too large/heavy for some, the price.
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WARNING: Do NOT buy the Eleven unless you are CONFIDENT that you enjoy larger toys. On a more positive note, if you love large glass or other stainless steel toys, you are likely to enjoy the Eleven.

I am not a doctor, I would recommend avoiding the Eleven if you have pain in your hands or arms due to preexisting medical conditions since it might hurt to hold/thrust this large toy. I would also avoid the Eleven if you have moderate to severe arthritis (sorry for sounding like an infomercial). But again, I am not a doctor and you are the expert regarding what you can and cannot tolerate. I will say that my wrists get tired after using this toy for about 10 minutes, and I am in very good shape.

I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing the Pure Wand before even contemplating buying the Eleven. If you can't get enough of the Pure Wand, and if you constantly wonder what it would be like if the Pure Wand truly and completely filled your vagina, then I am willing to bet that you will love the Eleven!

Now back to the official uses of the Eleven. The Eleven, a flawless stainless steel dildo crafted by Njoy, can be used as: an art piece, a mirror, Kegel-exerciser, a weapon (I kid, but I'm sure that if you swung this toy at anyone that bruises and/or broken bones would result, so be careful!) and finally it can be used as a dildo. The Eleven is a trophy - Njoy distributed personalized Elevens for the first ever Fleshbot awards!

While the Eleven was clearly designed for vaginal penetration, it is possible to use this toy anally. I have read a few reviews where this feat was successfully completed. I am not an anal-novice though the thought of putting either end of this toy in my ass gives me nightmares. However, even though this toy lacks a flared base, it is large enough that it won't get lost in the large intestine. In fact, it's large enough that it probably won't get lost anywhere.

If you are going to use this toy anally be VERY careful and VERY relaxed. I am sure that improper use of the Eleven could be damaging. Regardless of your anal-ability, I am 100% positive that you will have to work at getting this toy inside your back door.

The bottom line is: The Eleven was designed to be a massive dildo. An amazing massive dildo. That should not be used by anyone who doesn't love a challenge. Because the large end certainly is one.
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Material / Texture

The Eleven is made out of my favorite material, stainless steel (Njoy uses stainless steel that is hypoallergenic and medical-grade. It will not corrode or degrade under normal circumstances). Stainless steel is completely smooth, almost like glass. In fact, it feels almost exactly like glass. Fortunately for our hands and our vaginas (or asses) this toy is hollow which significantly cuts down the weight of this toy.

I would describe this toy as "modern phallic." What is this term (that I just made up) you might ask? I cannot say that this toy is ::not:: phallic because the large and smaller ends do have indentations whose look and feel mimic the head of the penis. However, this toy is clearly not "realistic" since it is completely smooth. This piece looks more like a modern interpretation of a penis (or two), hence its description of "modern phallic."

Design / Shape / Size

Eleven inches of pure pleasure! This bad boy weighs in at 2 3/4 pounds. The diameter at the small end measures 1 3/4" whereas the diameter of the large end is approximately 2". I cannot fit the larger end into my vagina without orgasming beforehand. And even then, it is not comfortable for me. I'm working on it though! I would imagine that this size would be very useful for women who have given birth due to the inevitable stretching of the vaginal tissue after childbirth.

In case you missed my previous warnings, this is one massive toy. Even after reading at least 30 reviews on this product AND sampling many many other large toys, I still wasn't prepared for this. If I leave the Eleven unsupported, it feels like the Eleven will fall through my vagina. I don't think it would actually tear the tissue, but that's the only way to describe the sensation that I experience. Previously I didn't think this feeling was possible from a dildo - even one that weighed almost 3 pounds!


[I am going to rate the performance on the Eleven treating its size and weight as positives, since the purpose of the Eleven was to provide a large, heavy well made dildo]

As I said in my title, I give the Eleven eleven stars, with an additional eleven thumbs up for good measure. The best feature about the Eleven is its weight. If you can remember back to high school physics, p = mv or momentum = mass*velocity. Since the Eleven weighs so much, it takes a smaller velocity, in this case thrusting speed, to achieve a high momentum. In English, this means that you can achieve a pounding-good-time with minimal effort.

In my opinion, the smaller end performed the best. The head, and the ridges stimulated my vaginal opening and my g-spot. It felt like the ridges were literally stroking my vagina. The small end was ideal for me, and the larger end was just uncomfortable. The large end did fit into my vagina after I orgasmed but it just felt too heavy altogether. However the heaviness of the large end does aid in the thrusting of the smaller end.

Also, I am sure that there are many people reading this review would find the bigger end satisfying. If you are looking for a dildo with these larger dimensions, then the large end will be fantastic for you. It just wasn't for me.

Care and Maintenance

The Eleven is made out of stainless steel so it can be sterilized via boiling or submersion in a 10% bleach solution. Soap and water will suffice for regular cleaning. Be sure to polish the eleven with a soft cloth after cleaning! The user manual does NOT indicate that this toy is dishwasher safe.

I store my Eleven in its own leather leather bag, separate from my other sex toys. How did I get this fancy bag you ask? Well if you buy the Eleven you will get one too! The leather bag is included. This bag successfully protects the Eleven from the elements. Even though you don't have to worry about keeping this toy cool, I prefer to put my Eleven in my dresser drawer where I know it's safe. Keeping the Eleven in a drawer also ensures that the Eleven won't accidentally fall off a shelf or something. This would obviously damage the Eleven (and it would probably break your foot too!).

The Eleven is compatible with all types of lubricants since it does not contain silicone.


The Eleven comes with a stylish leather clutch for storage. Like all Njoy products, this clutch was encased in a thin laminated white cardboard piece, Unfortunately I don't have this original packaging so I cannot comment further. But I will say that there was at least 2 extra plastic coverings (not found on the Pure or Fun wands) to maintain the quality of the Eleven. Njoy took many extra precautions to ensure that this toy arrives to the user in its optimal condition.

NOTE: All other Njoy toys come in beautiful black containers lined with a pink (or purple?) silk-like material. I always wondered why the Eleven had different packaging because the "normal" packaging is quite beautiful. Then I realized when I got the Eleven that it would probably make mincemeat out of those other boxes. But I stress that the boxes are more than sufficient for all other toys created by Njoy.

Personal comments

At this point, I'm pretty sure that I know what you're thinking. THIS TOY IS OVER $300. Should I purchase the Eleven when I can get other lower quality toys for much less?

And the answer is: You have to make that decision yourself. Ideally, you should definitely get the Eleven!

Here is my journey pre and post Eleven: After looking at the Njoy website I initially swore that I would never buy this toy! I could not understand why anyone would pay that kind of money for a glorified sex object. But then I started masturbating regularly and I became intrigued regarding the different shapes, textures and sizes of different dildos. I soon became infatuated with the Eleven. I simply had to have it. I wanted the Eleven because I wanted to experience an unparalleled feeling of fullness. I wanted to stretch my vagina to its limit. I wanted to come around a large piece of solid stainless steel. And I wanted this toy to last forever. Eventually I decided to purchase the toy, and I've never looked back.

For those seeking a less expensive option (less being the operative word), the Flow, created by Tantus in its Alumina line, does provide a feeling of fullness that is comparable to the small end of the Eleven.


Now the fun part! Even though I love my Eleven, I've only used it a few times. Why? Because it's so heavy. I always get tired after thrusting for only a few minutes. I've developed a system where I will pile pillows and blankets by my crotch and I will lay the outer end of the eleven on my "pile". I will then press the Eleven into the cloth until it is sitting at an optimal angle. I will either continue thrusting with this extra aid, or I will let go and let the Eleven sit in my vagina (hands free!). I then use my LELO Gigi to stimulate my clit and within 5 minutes I have powerful orgasms. I love squeezing against the stainless steel. Unlike other toys, the Eleven will never slip out of my vagina as I come. And I tend to push toys out of me when I orgasm. Sometimes I will place my Hitachi against the Eleven because the Eleven is excellent with the transmission of vibrations. However I always have a silicone covering on my Hitachi like Gee Whizzard or Gee Whiz to minimize the friction between my vibrator and my beautiful Eleven.

I really want to try using the Eleven for partner play. I can't think of anything better than lying on my bed while a guy pounds me incessantly with this gorgeous piece of art. While I'm on the subject, I would not show this toy to a guy who is intimidated by sex toys (although that probably goes without saying!)
Follow-up commentary
I just wanted to let everyone know that I successfully used the large end after a lot of warming up. In my original review I remarked that it was uncomfortable. Now, I now LOVE it. Do not be afraid of the larger end. I think that I was extra tense because I was anticipating pain. Ironically that feeling contributed to my discomfort. I can now relax with this end inside of me. And it's fantastic.

I bought this toy in November, so I've been using it for about 3 months. My love for this toy grows with every use.

I don't think I'll use it anally (at least not yet) .
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