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One Serious Hunk Of Steel

The Njoy Eleven is made of high quality, medical grade stainless steel. This is a large, heavy, and textured bad ass dildo. It has a hefty price tag, but it is my personal opinion that it is worth every penny. This beauty even comes with a luxury carrying bag. This is one serious hunk of steel!
Steel, Weight, texture, carrying bag, high quality, and performance.
Price, Weight*, and Texture*.
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The Njoy Eleven is a double ended dildo that is sized for those who like some serious girth! This bad boy is appropriate for male and female users, as it is anal safe. However, the size might be enough to deter those from using it anally. This is one serious hunk of steel!

In order to use the Njoy Eleven, most will need to be already aroused. You might even want to have a few warm up toys prior to inserting the Eleven. Be sure that you are well lubricated prior to insertion. The unforgiving material could hurt you if you aren't prepared for it. As steel gets slicker with lube, guiding the dildo inside is made easier, but this large toy has girth and texture to factor in. So, don't just force this dildo inside. Take your time and work up to it!

The shaft of the Eleven is long, so no matter which end is inserted, the user will have plenty to hold onto. It can easily be manipulated by yourself or your partner. If you have arthritis, carpel tunnel, or other issues with your hands, you might find that having a partner use this toy on you is best.

Material / Texture

Eleven is made of medical grade stainless steel with a mirror finish shine. This stainless steel is of the highest quality! It is always a latex and phthalates free material that is also non-porous. Stainless steel is a ferrous alloy that has a minimum of 10.5% chromium content. It's smooth, but firm with a beautiful shine to it. Metal toys are great for temperature play because they can retain temperatures from their surroundings. Your stainless steel toys will last you a lifetime with proper care. You will never notice any smell or taste to stainless steel.

Steel is a firm and unforgiving material as it is, but combined with the size of the Eleven, this toy is a force to be reckoning with. Be careful with the toy! Dropping it could hurt yourself or others. This toy could be considered a weapon! Don't use the Eleven if you are inexperience. This is a toy that even those who are experienced say "OMG!"

There are two ends to the Eleven. One end has a large pronounced phallic head. This will help create the full feeling when being used, but it will also have a popping sensation. This popping sensation isn't for everyone. The other end has three ripples on the shaft. With some thrusting these will act as ribbed texture. They can rub the G-spot or P-spot during use,; however this could also scrape the public bone. Depending on your anatomy, the Eleven's texture and pronounced head could be painful to use.

Design / Shape / Size

The Eleven is a beautiful piece of work. Starting from the textured end, it begins with a large phallic head. It then have three ripples on the underside of the shaft. It is the underside because the top is marked Njoy. After these ripples the shaft thickens, but it smooth until you get to the crease of the phallic head on the end.

The only item I have large enough to compare to the Eleven is the Hitachi. I also wanted to compare the rippled texture to the Amethyst. The Eleven is 11.5" in length, but insertable up to 9". The textured end's head is the fullest of 5.5" in circumference or 1.75" in diameter. The shaft does slim down to 3.75" in circumference or 1.2" in diameter. However, each ripple increases the girth up to 4.25" in circumference or 1.35" in diameter. After the texture the size greatly increases on the Eleven. Going from 4.25" in circumference (1.35" diameter) to 5.25" in circumference (1.67" diameter), which is before you consider the phallic head. This phallic head is 6.5" in circumference or 2.07" in diameter at it's fullest! According to the Njoy website, the Eleven weights 2.75 lbs. This is one weighty toy, so if you don't like girth, firm materials, and weight; the Eleven isn't for you.

This isn't an average size for users. You shouldn't even consider the Eleven unless you know you can handle some girth. I wouldn't say the Eleven has a realistic look to it, but the heads of the shaft do have a phallic shape to them. I would only recommend the Eleven for traveling if you really must have it. It's heavy and needs it's space to travel with. It's not discreet either. So, traveling with it isn't the going to be easy. However, it is doable with the lovely bag you are given.


I absolutely love my Eleven, which was a surprise to me after my Pure Wand experience. I thought that the texture and the fullness of the phallic heads would scrape against my public bone and cause me the same pain as the Pure Wand did. However, this didn't happen. I only used the Eleven vaginally. I think it takes a brave soul to use it anally. (Tim!)

The Eleven was very intimidating to my partner. He even said to me that it was going to "rip me open." So, I didn't use this as part of couples pay. I am slowly getting him to come around to the idea of the Eleven, but he still is intimidated by it. However, it's a big boy, so I can why he is.

My warm up consisted of myself beginning with fingers and moving to my favorite glass toy Swell Wand. Once I was aroused and moist enough, I pulled out my Jopen Vanity Vr11. I knew that my Vr11 with the rotating shaft would be the most arousing for an internal vibrator. It was the most likely to warm me up in preparation for the Eleven. I was right. After I was able to orgasm and properly lubricated from the use of the Vr11; I was able to insert the textured end of the Eleven.

I wasn't able to insert enough of the shaft to enjoy all of the texture, but I was able to enjoy the first two ripples. Since the texture is on the underside of the shaft, I flipped the toy over. This was so the texture would rub my G-spot. I didn't have a G-spot orgasm, but I was definitely happy with my experience.

After using the textured end, I really wanted to use the larger end. I added more lube, so it would slid in easier. However, after using the textured end, I had no issues with inserting the larger end. As soon as I inserted it and let go of it; the weight hit me! If I had been standing or squatting, I would have feel to my knees. It was pure heaven when I felt this extreme weighted and full feeling. I was able to thrust some, but not much because I couldn't take much length. However, what all I could feel was simply amazing. I have never had such a full feeling in my experiences with any other toys. I really don't think this is a quality that I will find in any other toy.

The Eleven is truly a one of a kind toy. It has surprised me. I can honestly say that should anything happen to my Eleven; I must have another one, because I think I am in love!

Care and Maintenance

Stainless steel can be cleaned in a number of ways. You can wash it with antibacterial soap and warm water, but your toy cleaners or toy wipes will also work. Should you switch orifices or share with partners, you should wash your steel toy in a 10% bleach solution. This will properly clean your toy for sharing. You can put in on the top rack of your dish washer if you wish. Boiling is possible as well; however, be sure you have a pan large enough to not allow the Eleven to touch the sides or the bottom. Be sure to let your toy completely cool prior to use. Never insert a toy you can't handle to touch.

You should dry your dildo with a microfiber cloth prior to storing it away in the carrying case.

Stainless steel is compatible with any lube. Enjoy it with the lube of your choice.


I usually don't include many images of the packaging, but I had to with the Eleven. It arrives in the white cardboard outside. This has a tab on the back side that slide through a small opening and Velcros shut. Once you unfold that, you revel the the black leather clutch hang bag. It seals with magnets. When you open it up the inside is hot pink and your lovely Eleven is inside.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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