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The awesome ELEVEN for orgasmic ectasy

The Eleven is the most awesome toy I own. Gives so much...with the perfect combination of design, material, weight and texture. Worth it, will last a lifetime.
Awesome combination of design, material, weight and texture. Pure pleasure!
None other than price. May just be initially too big for some.
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useful review
I am a huge fan of NJoy toys, my Pure Wand and butt plugs have provided me with many hours of pleasure. When I first saw the Eleven, I was initially put off by the price,the size, and the weight. I kept looking and wanted the Eleven more then any other toy. My b/f on a trip to NYC found a shop, he was able to see it, feel it and was sold on it for me as a holiday gift. He was also able to get a 20% discount.

He was so excited by his purchase that he surprised me immediately with the Njoy Eleven. It comes in a rich leather case, similar to a clutch purse with a closure at the top. I removed the Eleven and immediately noted that this guy is heavy; 3.5 pounds of solid gleaming stainless steel. Each end has a bulbous head, one is 2" and the other is 1.75" with a series of ridges leading to the smaller end and a curved shaft leading to the 2" head. I immediately said OMG this is so fucking big. I am not a size queen and 95% of my vag toys are in the 1.5" head range.

I am always ready to push the envelope and I did so prior as my b/f has a big head which was initially a challenge but now I can take him even with a butt plug in place. We both love the sensation of DP.

I boiled the Eleven for four min., rinsed it in cold water and was ready for my adventure. I got undressed, lubed my vagina and the small end of the Eleven. I warmed-up with a vibe and some good oral from my b/f. The Eleven felt just so good in my hand and I just had to introduce him to my now hot bod. I stimulated my clit with the smaller head and soon moved onto penetration... the head literally dove for my g-spot and I gently began to thrust, allowing the ridges to stimulate my clit. The combination of the weight, the head and the ridges was almost mind blowing. I felt I just could not get enough. I do usually stimulate my clit during play with firm pressure from two fingers but the pressure here was more intense and more satisfying. An orgasm soon followed but now had to move up to the larger head, 2.0". When I removed the Eleven from my body, I was surprised how hot it was, all from the heat of my pussy! I lubed the big head but my initial attempt was awkward as the other end was too slippery. I wiped off the lube and my fluids and tried again. After some massaging of my clit with the large head, again this guy penetrated. I was so hot and wet that I didn't even notice at first. The experience was similar to being fisted which I have experienced before from a g/f. I was so loud with orgasmic rapture and oblivious to my surroundings that my b/f became alarmed and held me tight as he later said that I looked like I was going to fly off the bed.

This was one of my most intense orgasmic experiences. Why? I feel it was the perfect combination of texture, weight and design. Seems so simple but I can only imagine the NJoy design team working and testing the various prototypes.

I was exhausted but I just had to fuck my b/f, the giver of this awesome toy.

As with all NJoy toys, cleaning is so easy.. obviously non-porous and hypoallergenic; cleans with soap and water and can be boiled to sterilize. The only thing that can destroy this toy is abrasive cleaners.
This is now my favorite toy so just I had to get back to it the next day. I have, at times, squirted using the NJoy Pure Wand|NJoy Pure Wand Review so I went solo with a porn DVD, and a vibrator. I found out that by touching an end with my vibe; waves of stimulation reached into my pussy from the head of the Eleven. By continuing to massage my clit with the ridges, I did squirt from a strong orgasm.

I also now realize that despite not being a size queen, that when fully aroused what a pussy can accommodate.

I do want to use the small end for anal penetration but have not as yet. Also I will not use a butt plug while using this toy vaginally.
Follow-up commentary
The Eleven is now my favorite toy! I have since used it anally after a warm up with smaller butt plugs; Ryder and Jolly Jack among others. The smooth surface, the weight and design of the Eleven never fails to please. The Eleven is easily manipulated in my anal canal causing ripples of pleasure with each movement. I tried the smaller end first then when aroused by my vibe and some thrusting of the Eleven, I switched ends and my ass awaited the 2"" head. OMG...what a feeling of fullness! I did ejaculate from the Eleven pressing vs my g spot through my anal canal and clit stimulation from my vibe and fingers. My pussy felt too tight with the 2'' from behind to use a dil but it was not necessary and further more both hands were too fucking busy.
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  • Bulma
    I really wish this toy wasn't so expensive because it sounds awesome! Thanks so much for reviewing this, I want it more than ever now. :)
  • Victoria
    You're gonna make the Eleven-hungry masses drool! Thanks for the great review, lucky girl!
  • Naughty Student
    Lol, fly off the bed! Nice review :)
  • Minxy
    I couldn't agree with you more! The Eleven is splendid in every way! I was also amazed at the heat of the Eleven after I used it. Excellent review.
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    This is solid?? Holy bejesus. I had always pictured it as somewhat hollow. Thanks for the great review!! Smile
  • Liz2
    Yes, totally solid. (reason for the price). The weight plus the smooth texture of the stainless steel and the reidges does it. Awesome!!!
  • Victoria
    Thanks for the follow up review!
  • Desdimona
    If I had $300 to spend on the sex toy of my choice, this would definitely be the one I would choose! It is gorgeous and sounds so satisfying...
  • Minxy
    Really nice review!
  • Alt
    You review is what convinced me to get this for an anal dildo a month back, and holy hell, this is amazing.
    Both sides are just fantastic.

    In the shower, I have somehow even been able to manage getting the large end in without any lube!
    Metal and glass are indeed the best materials for sex toys, in my opinion.

    Vote = extremely useful, especially for trying it anally and on both sides.
  • Liz2
    Alt, thanks for the comment. This continues to be one of my favorites, for me both anally and vaginally.
    My ass is now so ready and receptive to this guy but I do need lube!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Great review Liz2
  • KnK
    Thanks for the review
  • Kitka
    I so want one of these, damn the blasted price! lol. Great review hun.
  • wildorchid
    Holy Jeepers...at the price and your review
  • Bullfroggy and Rose
    great review
  • dsumrow1
    Great review!
  • godweensatan
    cool. thank you.
  • OH&W, Lovebears
    Great review. We have long for this for yrs now. Maybe one day. We do enjoy the N Joy plugs and wand already. One day
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