Tantus strapless classic

Vibrating strapless strap-on

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An excellent cock for all play, though perhaps best in the hands of experienced users. Also, how many times can I say "cock" in a review?

Stop messing with cumbersome strap-ons that inhibit sexual experience and buy a Feeldoe! This toy offers the excitement of intimacy and the comfort of cleanliness. With pleasurable ridges at the base and a bullet insert at the base, the Feeldoe guarantees a pleasurable experience for both partners of any sexual orientation.

When my wife introduced me to the Feeldoe, I fell in love. We bought the vibrating Violet Feeldoe, and have never looked back. Neither of us are size queens, so we don't need the stout or the longer one, but if that's your preference, I'm sure those are equally fantastic.

Regardless of how much I seem to be putting this toy down, I DO recommend it to couples who enjoy toys and who use strap-ons. You just need to make sure your muscles are strong enough to properly hold the toy.

When it comes to strapless strap-ons, the Feeldoe is one of the most popular and trusted items. Unfortunately, the Feeldoe can be difficult for beginners and those with weaker kegel muscles to use. It was fun to try, but it is important to be patient during the initial uses and be aware of possible limits with using this toy.

Best strap on I've ever owned. Not only am I pleasuring my partner but myself as well. High price but totally worth every penny for this high quality toy! Odorless, tasteless, and non-porous leaving it safe and bacteria free!

Horny: Overall it delivers an excitable experience with both partners when most toys focus on the pleasure of only one. It carries through in different positions making it a very dynamic toy. I recommend it for couples that like to explore and experience simultaneous pleasure but want to keep a connection while lovemaking. Kinky: If you both can keep an open mind and would enjoy a twist to your sex life. This toy is it, just relax take it slow and have fun. It is well worth it!

I was incredibly excited to try this toy but sadly, it didn't live up to mine or my partners expectations. It still hasn't been successfully used for it's advertised purpose. Perhaps a slight redesign of the product would help but for us, it just wasn't right. Those of you with very strong kegel muscles may find this toy to be great however. But before you buy look around at a few of the other strapless strapons out there. Heaps to choose from these days!

If you are looking for a quality strap on that both partners can experience, then I highly recommend this product for you.

This is a perfect toy for girl-girl couples looking for an everyday toy that offers a mutually stimulating experience and a feeling of closeness with skin on skin friction.

Overall, despite the necessity of using a harness, the Feeldoe is a reliable, enjoyable product, and a must-have for strap-on enthusiasts and beginners alike.

While this is a quality toy, I found I was disappointed with it overall. I found it didn't work for me as a "strapless strap-on" which is what I purchased it for. You might have more luck if you enjoy firm, smooth toys and either have very strong PC muscles or are happy to use this with a harness. I don't enjoy using the Feeldoe, but I'm giving it 3 stars because it is a quality toy even though it doesn't work for me.

All and all it's an ok dildo, if you don't plan to actually wear it like it was intended. The vibrating bullet also left much to be desired. It may be a better idea to skip this toy and just buy a regular dildo to avoid the limitations of this toy. Defiantly girthy and not for anal beginners or those who prefer slim toys.

This is a good toy for a strong woman. If you don't have the vaginal strength to hold onto a 1 pound dildo and maintain that grasp while penetrating your partner, this is a very overpriced toy. It is a great idea, and very sexy, but as of yet, I haven't been able to use it as intended.

I recommend this toy for those who know they are ready to handle it. If you're unsure of the strength of your kegel muscles, be sure to have a harness handy as a backup. Similar toys by other brands might be a better starting point for harness-free fun.

I have had this toy for five years now, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. No matter what other toys I have gotten over the years since, I still keep on coming back to this one time and time again. It never ceases to put a smile on my face, and I think that is more than reason enough to justify the cost.

This is a functional discussion piece: it is like no other toy I own in its simplicity and range of possibilities. It is aesthetically pleasing and physically pleasing and takes play to a whole new level. Whether using it for gender play or just a fun time, having a penis that pleasures both parties is a definite plus. I did find it easier to use a harness based on my body type, however, and there is a bit of a learning curve, but overall I am glad I have this toy.

The Feeldoe is a great thing, but it does have its flaws. If they would make one from a softer or split firmness material it would be nearly the perfect toy for pegging.

The Feeldoe is certainly worth the money. It's so easy and great for partners and is, by far, one of my favorite toys. I wish it came in a more neutral color though.

This toy is pretty difficult to use. Unless you have Kegels of steel and good concentration, you will probably have some frustrations with this toy. I used it many times and, while it worked well, it took a few tries to figure out which positions I could and couldn't do. It also fell out a few times during each use. It takes practice! If you want to try a strap-on type toy, but like the idea of no harness, give this a try. But don't expect it to be easy to use the first few times.

One of the best options out there for any toy-using lesbian, as long as you are not feeling overly adventurous.

In short, I'd like to submit that this is an excellent toy for the lesbian, pegging, or double-penetrating partners out there, as well as those looking for a good time going solo. It's versatile, and easy to clean and store. I will have mroe to say after our issues have been addressed, so please look for my follow-up in a few months! Thanks for reading! ~Pixie

While long heralded as the gold standard for strapless strap-ons, the Feeldoe is a great design in theory. The shaft is smooth and reaches the g-spot nicely, but the insertable bulb and angle make it feel unstable and wobbly.

The Feeldoe Violet is in my Top 4 sex toys and in regular rotation. I use the Feeldoe when I want a smooth, slick feel and less friction than with the Share. It has been a favorite for almost 2 years. I enjoy its feel both IN and OUT of a harness and use if with a SpareParts Joque Harness. It is well worth what I paid for it and if anything were to happen to it, I would buy another.

I thoroughly recommend this product (especially for lesbians and trans-couples) because both partners can share in stimulation simultaneously. It gives deep penetration has an impressive lifespan, easy maintenance, and sensuously smooth texture.

All in all, this toy is WELL worth the money. I would recommend it to people who are looking to move beyond the traditional strap-on and who have worked on their PC muscles cause you do need a bit of 'gripping power' to keep things going if you catch my drift.

The Feeldoe, while it may seem like a specific use toy, is actually one of my favorite multi-purpose toys. Whether you're flying solo or with a partner, the Feeldoe has a way to work, and work well.

This was amazing! It was exactly what we were both looking for and we were both able to have incredible orgasms. There is a bit of a learning curve but it is well worth it.

A disappointment to a straight couple. However, a same sex couple of similar, slender builds might enjoy orgasm after orgasm.

It's worth it from a fun times perspective and if you like feeling what you are giving. I'm not sure I'd go with the vibrator option myself as it is pricier and was very frustrating.

This strapless strap on is a must try for any lesbian - your partner will thank you - and you will thank yourself!

Buy this if you've got a lot of kinks for trans play, fem domination, double penetration, etc. If you aren't into any of those things, you might be a little bored.

The Feeldoe Violet is a fabulous toy for solo-play with two ends that both hit the G-spot and ridges at the base of the bulb to rub up against when the bulb is worn internally. It feels perfectly natural walking around with this faux-penis, but does have an unfortunate tendency to slip out in certain positions or when wearing it for long periods of time.

I ended up hoisting the dong in a desperate attempt to pleasure her by means of friction and vibration against her clit. I was indeed successful, and as a result, she pulled the bulb from the grasp of my pelvic muscles and inserted the opposite end, ultimately bringing me to a colossal climax.

As a novice fucker, the Feeldoe is too much cock for me. I *love* the idea of being penetrated and vibrated with something that doesn't require a harness, but I lack the skill to make it work.I'd recommend the Feeldoe to someone who is willing to devote time and patience to learning how to use it. It's not a toy for a couple who wants to bang like porn stars on their first try.

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