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The Feeldoe Violet is a fabulous toy for solo-play with two ends that both hit the G-spot and ridges at the base of the bulb to rub up against when the bulb is worn internally. It feels perfectly natural walking around with this faux-penis, but does have an unfortunate tendency to slip out in certain positions or when wearing it for long periods of time.
dishwasher safe, boilable, both ends hit G-spot, long, comfortable weight, strap-free
a little stiff, tendency to slip out
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I love this toy. It was my absolute favorite toy until I got my hands on Fun Factory's Share|Fun Factory's Share dildo. If the choice is between those two toys, I'd recommend the Share instead.

The Feeldoe comes in different colors that represent the different proportions. Unfortunately, there are no color variations within the size, so you are stuck with whatever color the makers decided to assign to the size Feeldoe you purchase. The Feeldoe Violet|Feeldoe violet is the only one I've had any experience with, so I can't offer any comparison to the other sizes available. It's made of a shiny purple silicone and is rather stiff, which can be wonderful for putting pressure on all the right spots but makes it a little difficult for the toy to mold to your particular curves.

If you insert the bulb end vaginally, it gives you a bright purple faux penis with no need for a strap-on. I love the weight of this toy. I like the feel of holding it inside me and walking around. I found myself wearing it whenever I could for several days after procuring the toy, even when there was no sexual aim involved. I did find that it looked odd when gazing at myself in the mirror, though. The placement didn't look particularly natural even if it was incredibly comfortable, and there is nothing natural about a bright purple penis. My biggest problem with the bulb is that it has a tendency to slip out in certain positions or when walking around for long periods of time.

The ridges at the base of the bulb give a nice light textured area to rub against, and they are large enough to add to play without being so large that their presence becomes problematic. While I haven't used it with a partner, I have found that thrusting it between two pillows led to some incredibly stimulating sensations.

The dildo end of the Feeldoe Violet is nice and long. I find that it fills me up comfortably, although it's not so wide that I couldn't go for something larger. It is curved in such a way that it naturally hits my G-spot, but when I turn it around the curves become uncomfortable. I worry that this would make rear entry less than satisfactory. In my experience this end of the toy also fails to put my clit in contact with the ridges, which can be a little dissatisfying.

I've never actually used this toy with the included bullet vibe, so I can't speak for its efficacy, but it's more than worth it sans-vibrations.

Remember: if it's silicone, it should never be used with a silicone lubricant. Also, you can boil this toy or place it on the top rack of your dishwasher in order to sanitize it. If you choose to use it anally, be sure to clean it thoroughly prior to vaginal use.
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  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    Why would you recommend the Share over this?
  • Contributor: Essin' Em
    I find that the Share is a little too floppy to be used as intended -- you didn't have this issue?
  • Contributor: Bulma
    I have the slim, or light blue version and I love it.  The stiffness works great when used for anal penetration.  I bought this for the purpose of pegging, and love it for that.

     I too am curious, why was the Share was better for you? 
  • Contributor: Reesa
    I find that the Share doesn't slip out the way that the Feeldoe does, perhaps due to the shape and size of the bulb? I also find that the material has a little more give so it conforms to my curves. and the angle  of the bulb in relation to the head holds the toy against my clit in a more stimulating position than the Feeldoe does.

    I've only used the toys in solo play, so I can't speak to any issues they might have in partner play, Essin' Em. My Share doesn't feel floppy to me, but pillows and real-life human beings offer very different angles and levels of resistance to entry, and pillows don't tend to squirm.
  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    Bulma, I hope you'll review the Slim.  I want one of these toys that can be used with a partner without a  harness, but keep going back and forth between this and the Share.  I'll be sending out some serious emails when the time comes to purchase!

    Thanks for the respons, Reesa!  And throw some smack down on those pillows and make them squirm!  (ok, no more posting at 5am for me...)
  • Contributor: Cock Wrangler
    Hm, I'm interested in the comparison between the Share and this one too... the Share feels more floppy, but the angles do look better.
  • Contributor: Jimbo Jones
    Well, this received a 5-star rating, but the Share is better? What is the Share 6-stars?  Glad you enjoy the Feeldoe, I found the Slim Feeldoe we have to be pretty amazing and versatile, but I have no experience with the Share. I will say that my partner has a hard time holding the bulb end of the Feeldoe while using it on me anally though.
  • Contributor: Reesa
    Jimbo, both the Share and the Feeldoe rate as top-notch toys. If it weren't for my discovery of the Share, I would have called the Feeldoe the best toy out there, so there was no way I could rate it as anything less than a 5. Just because another toy just barely surpassed it doesn't make it any less a fabulous toy.

    I do find that the Share is easier to hold in for me, but Essin' Em mentioned some problems with using it for partner play, and I have no experience using it for that purpose. The bulb on the Share is definitely larger and a little more difficult to insert, but I find that this is a good thing since it also means that it stays in better.  
  • Contributor: Nashville
    I've heard the thruster's end is meant to strengthen vaginal muscles, as you have to squeeze them to keep it inside. Would you say that as well?
  • Contributor: Reesa
    That seems pretty logical to me, but I can't say that I've noticed any particular difference in mine. Maybe if you were using it on a regular basis a couple times a week? I know that's what it takes for most muscles to start building up strength, so it makes sense that the same would be true for vaginal muscles. Has anyone else had experience with vaginal muscles building strength with this toy?
  • Contributor: jankit
    I have the Feeldoe slim and it actually makes me tighter during play, much to me and my partner's dismay! Now we usually just use it for blow jobs and hand jobs, which allows me to assume a more relaxed position and position the ridges for better clitoral stimulation. Thanks for the review and all of the comments! I actually am curious to use the Share now... as I originally bought the Feeldoe so I could "share."
  • Contributor: anonomous
    Thank you for the review
  • Contributor: LinToxic
    The share huh? interesting
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