Feel Da Disappointment

A disappointment to a straight couple. However, a same sex couple of similar, slender builds might enjoy orgasm after orgasm.
Sturdy, well crafted, firm, odorless, nice color, non-threatening.
Expensive, too short, weight.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review


I loved the idea of this toy. I wanted and wanted, and then waited- only to be disappointed. While I was intending it to be used by my wife on me, it just wasn't compatible for us. We're different heights and neither one of us are porn star skinny (thank god). Plus, when she was able to penetrate me, the end in me held much better than her end making the process awkward and uncomfortable. Alternatively, (and at a later date) I tried inserting the bulb into my rear hoping to double penetrate her. However, again, the toy was too short to be compatible with our different heights.

I think this toy is probably best suited for it's original, intended audience of same sex couples. Additionally, I would think the ladies need to be similar in height and in reasonably good health. Larger couples might have trouble as the shaft end is only so long.

However, all that being said, this toy is great as just a dildo- though, an expensive dildo. The bulb can be used for a handle for partner play or presumably, solo play. Talula and I have used the Feeldoe on each other manually with great success (After proper cleaning). However, that's not what we bought it for. In the end (or mine, as it were), we found the Manhandler met our needs considerably more than the Feedoe.

Material / Texture

The violet Feeldoe is a silicone based toy. On one hand that's a huge plus when it comes to safety of the material, however, it is a big negative when it comes to choosing a lubricant. We had to resort to water based lube (which we all know- doesn't last as long as silicone). The Feeldoe "horse end" (shaft) is very firm, while the ball at the top is more flexible.

Design / Shape / Size

Again, the design wasn't for us. It was too short to provide adequate penetration or provide room for thrusting. Also, it's heavy and not very flexible.

As a note to the ladies, Talula really liked this when we looked it up on the internet. Not wanting a "realistic" dildo, she found the Feeldoe to be non-threatening. However, Talula found it uncomfortable when she was using the bulb end. I was surprised by this as some ladies report fabulous orgasms while using the "giving" end, however, it was not the case for Talula. Additionally, while she generally loves anything pink or purple, she did not like the sight of herself when equipping the Feeldoe.

Oh, and I almost forgot- there's a vibrator in it. Why did I forget? Because it's basically useless. It isn't very strong at all.


As a straight couple, we tried using this in a role reversal situation. Talula found the Feeldoe cumbersome and had a hard time finding the right position to penetrate me. After lubing it up, it would barely penetrate me, then slip out. It was very frustrating. Our movement was limited, and the frustration broke the mood. Maybe we're clumsy. Maybe it's our height difference. We tried it several times, however, the Feeldoe just doesn't get that much of workout in our home.

Care and Maintenance

Do not allow silicone lube anywhere near this thing. I'm not Mr. Wizard by any stretch, but I could tell some sort of chemical breakdown occurs when silicone lube gets on the toy.

Clean with hot water and anti-bacterial soap. And when switching it between partners, make sure to boil the Feeldoe. Alternatively, slip a rubber over it to avoid cool down periods.

Despite what might sound like a negative review, this toy is built to last. As long as the proper lube is used, this toy should last for years.


I just tossed this toy into our toy chest. Not the greatest idea. Feathers, strings and dust littered the toy when we pulled it out for another use. I would suggest keeping it in a bag.
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  • Contributor: smlove
    We usually use the feeldoe while one of us is wearing boy underwear with the Y flap. that acts like a harness, and is really cute.
  • Contributor: lia ayala
    good review
  • Contributor: Nacht Stern
    Thank you for the information!
  • Contributor: SubmissiveFeminist
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: Liberalqueer
    Very good review, thank you! I've been thinking of getting a feeldoe for use on my partner, glad to see some of the more negative reviews to get a real feel!
  • Contributor: G&L
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: ejrbrndps
  • Contributor: vanillaSpice
    Sorry to hear you had such a poor time with this! Oh well - thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: marshmallow
  • Contributor: LoneOokami
    Thanks for the review
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