Pegger's POV - A Review of the Feeldoe Violet

In short, I'd like to submit that this is an excellent toy for the lesbian, pegging, or double-penetrating partners out there, as well as those looking for a good time going solo. It's versatile, and easy to clean and store. I will have mroe to say after our issues have been addressed, so please look for my follow-up in a few months!

Thanks for reading!

Versatile, Filling/FULfilling, Harness-compatible, Easy to clean and store.
Slips out sometimes, It's not a real penis.
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The Feeldoe line of double-ended dildos is genius. The bulb end is inserted either vaginally or anally into the "giver," where it can be gripped by the Kegel muscles of the vagina or the outer sphincter of the anus, and the long shaft or "male" end is used to penetrate a partner, vaginally, anally, or orally. It is intended to be a strapless strap-on dildo. The bulb end is also a wonderful handle when using the toy for solo play, or if you prefer to use it on your partner as a hand-held toy instead of a strap-on. Some women even report having placed the bulb end in their anus and the shaft end in their vagina for more stimulating solo play. The bulb is not right for my anus, so I won't be trying that.

This toy is for those at least slightly experienced in strap-on play, especially if you are interested in using it for pegging (woman-on-man anal sex). The head is slightly flared before tapering to a rounded tip, simulating the head of a penis, and can be slightly uncomfortable at first, especially during anal penetration. Use caution and lots of lube, and go slowly. Pay attention to your partner, especially if he or she tends not to speak much during sex. Any sign of discomfort should be immediately investigated and fixed.

This toy was originally made by women, for women, to use on other women. However lesbians aren't the only ones who can have fun! It can be used for pegging (my favorite task for this lovely thing), or can be inserted into a male partner anally for the purpose of strapless double-penetration for two.

We generally tend to use this on the bed or, in some cases, the floor. However we do have plans to try it out in the shower sometime, and I'm excited to give it a go.

Material / Texture

The Feeldoe is made of silicone. This means first and foremost, it is the safest toy you can have and share, because it can be boiled, or put in your dishwasher (no soap please!) When first removed from the package, I noticed a very faint rubber smell, which has dissipated completely, and it does still taste just a little bit of rubber. This toy is only semi-realistic, so it feels like a penis, if it were less formed. The silicone feels wonderful and has low friction when lubricated, moderate friction when used with your own natural fluids. It's very firm, which makes it great for G-spot, A-spot and P-spot stimulation. It's very firm, but still slightly flexible, especially at the thin neck connecting the bulb end to the body of the toy. This makes for a slightly more realistic feel when thrusting because hey, no one's penis is made of glass or metal, it does flex a little.

I particularly enjoy the nubs at the base of the cock, which are meant to stimulate the wearer's clitoris. I haven't yet orgasmed while using it on my boyfriend, but I've gotten quite close, so I know it's possible!

Design / Shape / Size

I must say, after about seven months of ownership, I do like this toy lot. It is, for the moment, our favorite, even if it's not the easiest to use. The design is sound, and makes sense, but there is a slight problem or two, which I will address in the next section. The size as I mentioned before is hardly larger than the average penis, with 7 inches of insertable length and 1-3/4 inches in diameter of the shaft end. The bulb is slightly bulky, andif you're not wet enough or just happen to have large labia (majora OR minora) then it may be just a little difficult to insert the first time. Just be patient... it's well worth the effort.

I did have the opportunity one day to be napping, when suddenly my boyfriend decided it would be a good day to molest me over his break. This toy feels fulfilling vaginally, though I must say nothing compares with the real deal; and when he lubed it up and slipped it slowly in my ass... By the time he was done with me I was gasping my pleasure. It leaves you feeling very full, and it is a smooth ride to give and receive.


Okay. Remember how I mentioned a couple of problems? There are only two I can think of, and both deal with a similar problem. 1) For some women like myself, who can be considered "squirters," the stimulation of the G-spot causes an extreme increase in the production of vaginal fluid, which can (and often, unfortunately, DOES) cause the bulb to slip out of the vagina. This can happen no matter how strong your kegel muscles are; those muscles are not really designed to hold onto something as heavy as the Feeldoe. 2) because this toy was in fact intended for women only at first, peggers like myself were not taken into account when the bulb was designed. The muscles of the anus are much stronger than those in the vagina, and if your partner squeezes down too much, he can pull it right out of you. Remember, your vagina was designed to ultimately lose that battle. We ARE the ones who give birth. I have had trouble with both of these points personally.

Luckily I have read that the Feeldoe, despite its unique shape, is compatible with harnesses. The most recommended one is the Spareparts Joque harness , a double-strap style dildo harness. it is also recommended for those who are interested or proficient at this sort of thing, to try using a shibari (Japanese rope) harness, which is simple, and fits every time. My boyfriend and I will be trying this first, as rope is a lot less expensive, and then if that doesn't work, we'll probably purchase the Joque or the Vegan Jaguar harness. I'm looking hopefully forward to the time I can give him the ride he wants and deserves, and I'll make sure to submit a follow-up review once all our issues have been addressed!

Care and Maintenance

First I'll address cleaning. This is very important, especially if it is used for anal penetration. This toy can be washed by hand in hot water with antibacterial soap, and because the bullet vibe is removable it can be soaked. It can also be sterilized with boiling water, or placed in the dishwasher, or if nothing else you can use toy cleaner. It's not hard, so please please PLEASE keep your toys clean, especially if you plan to share it!

This toy is not super-sensitive. However to keep it at its best, let it air-dry after cleaning it, then put it in a plastic one-gallon food storage bag, wrap it in plastic wrap, or place it in a box, where it will not collect dust. It should be kept in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight, and out of contact with other silicone toys, to keep it in the best possible condition. Finally, remove the batteries from the bullet vibe (if you opted to get one) to keep them from leaking and damaging... well, everything the acid touches, really.

Thus handled, your Feeldoe should last for several years.


My boyfriend ordered our Feeldoe directly from the source, . It came in a clear plastic bag, which was heat-sealed and had a cardboard tag on it with the Feeldoe logo and special thanks from Mia, the creator. it wasn't necessarily discreet, though the box had no indication where it was from except for Mia's name and the shipping addresses.


I love to use this toy on my boyfriend, and he equally loves when I do. When we've got some time to just lay back and enjoy ourselves, and I'm in a particularly dominant mood (which, to my submissive half's chagrin, is more often lately), this is the toy I pick. I can't wait to have some way to keep it in place, since I do seem to have some difficulty with it, because for us it's worth it. He loves the way it feels inside him, especially when I use the bullet vibe, and I love the way it feels to give him that pleasure and occasionally let my dominant side take over.

I have included in my review a "Vroom" and "Bee" rating for the included optional bullet vibe.
Follow-up commentary
Over time we have come to love our Feeldoe more and more. After having several opportunities to use it with a Shibari harness, I must say, the experience has taken my rating from four stars to five. Sure, I have trouble with using it straplessly, but so what? I won't fault a toy for not doing that simply because MY body doesn't cooperate, there are plenty of people who can use it without straps. With a harness I can thrust harder, faster, deeper, the way my boyfriend likes. And I can feel inside me more of what the dildo is doing and adjust my movements accordingly. One thing I HAVE noticed is that after a year of use, it has lost some of the super shininess it had on the surface when it was brand-new, which gives it just a little bit more drag, but I have to say that's probably normal for softer toys (by softer, I mean as compared to glass). All in all, I recommend it even MORE highly. Practice makes perfect!

We're now considering purchasing a Realdoe, which is basically a Feeldoe made so the shaft looks like a real penis. I believe they will be carried here in the future, which is what we're waiting for. Thanks for reading!
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    Absolutely, I look forward to your message. It'll give me time to find the directions again! ^^;; Honestly if you'd like, I am going to recommend you read Two Knotty Boys showing You the Ropes , it's a great book for beginners and those who would like to make the jump from art to functional bondage. But I found the harness they use in that book actually is not as stable, so still feel free to message me for directions! ^_^
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    Super, just super review ! Def worthy of a extremely useful rating.
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