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I threw my head back against the shower curtain-covered wall and let the water run down against my chest, between my thighs, making me even more moist. Who said lust was better shared? I found that being selfish was quite pleasurable.
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My eyes lit up as I took Share out of it's box, running my fingers over each of its elaborate curves. The package in which it came was beautiful itself. The Fun Factory motto read "Love Yourself," but the directions told me to share. Since I wouldn't be seeing my girlfriend for another week, I decided to be selfish and use Share solo. So, I hopped in the shower with plenty of lube and the two newest additions to my sex toy collection: Share and Buddy.

After finishing up with my usual shower activities while anxiously eyeing up my companions, I squeezed a generous amount of water-based lube onto the already wet shaft of Share. It was rather large, like the description had warned, but I was up for the challenge. I grabbed the curved bulb end and thrust the purple shaft inside of my already pulsing pussy, which tightened against the warm, slippery silicone. I enjoyed the feeling of being completely full and so I firmly gripped the end of the dildo, bringing it in and out of me haphazardly. I threw my head back against the shower curtain-covered wall and let the water run down against my chest, between my thighs, making me even more moist. Who said lust was better shared? I found that being selfish was quite pleasurable.

After I had my fill of the phallus, I studied the bulbous end of the shaft, contemplating if it would fit or not. This time, I didn't need lube to slide Share in. I was surprised to find that it did, indeed, fit snugly inside of me. I was also able to hold it inside of me by tightening my vaginal muscles around it. The grip seemed fine, but I'll probably use a harness to secure it when I use it with my partner. Amazingly enough, Share didn't leave me sore like I had feared it would because of its size. Of course, the water-based lube also worked wonders in this department. My experience with Share left me craving the weekend I would be spending with my girlfriend even more so than before, and I have since been constantly fantasizing about sharing my pleasure with her.
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  • Contributor: need a good fuck
    So how did the Share measure up when used with a partner? I'm curious. I've been considering purchasing a Feeldoe, but I thought the Share might be better because the bulbous end is angled for more g-spot stimulation. Then again... the bulbous end looks too girthy for my partner, so maybe I should still go for the Feeldoe. Decisions, decisions! Anyway, let me know how it worked out! 
  • Contributor: Cezium
    Did it work okay without a harness, or did you definitely need one?  Did it fit well or awkwardly into a harness?  I was looking at this the other day and it seems really floppy.
  • Contributor: Ansley Agnello
    Sorry for the delay!

    Mistress Nein - The Share was great with my partner, but it turns out that she did find the bulbous end a bit girthy, though I enjoyed the extra bit of contour towards my g-spot. I'd recommend starting out with either the Feeldoe Violet, or the smaller blue version.

    Cezium - Surprisingly, it worked just fine for me without a harness. I guess it all depends on how comfortable you are with it and your pelvic muscles ability to hold it. Using a harness was simple, as well.. it helped keep the bulbous end directly on my g-spot and made the dildo easier to control. 
  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    The design of this toy makes it look like it would fit much more securely than many harness-free designs.  I kind of hate harnesses as a general rule, so I might have to give this a try!
  • Contributor: Midori
    I've tried the blue model of the feeldoe and I find that it's too heavy. The bottom after the pony end is large and uncomfortable. I'm a fairly small girl, weighing in at 105lbs at 5'5" tall. This design seems alot more comfortable in appearance and it doesn't have that huge part between the pony and the horse.

    Would this style work better for me?

    Is it very heavy? 
  • Contributor: cat
    Pre-warning to anyone who is not very open. The share model is huge. I wasted my money on this one. I tried getting both ends in, and the shaft finally went in ( with pain might I add) and then the bulbous side attempt failed over and over. So painful!!! This thing is all around thick, and the material is not sexy. If only they could make VixSkin creations with a share bulb. That would be the best thing ever. How hard could it be to design one. Maybe we should all write letters!
  • Contributor: Ansley Agnello
    I agree, cat, Vixskin feels amazing. This one is rather large.
  • Contributor: Ansley Agnello
    Midori - I'm afraid that this style may actually be larger and heavier than the Feeldoe. I hope that in the future Fun Factory will come out with another similar, yet more petite, double ended dildo.

    Dame Demi - This one was an excellent fit for me without a harness, but I do like wearing one sometimes just for extra security and leverage.

    VixSkin, VixSkin, VixSkin! We should draft Vixen Creations to recreate Share!
  • Contributor: Amy G.
    I recently purchased this dildo after doing quite some research.
    Being the femme in the relationship, this dildo is actually quite fun from my side of the action as a toy to use on my partner. The snub, bulbous end fits perfectly inside me. It's not too thick or uncomfortable, that is, unless you're a virgin or you don't practice using toys regularly. There's no slipping out (you have to keep your 'muscles' tightened, which actually intensifies the thrilling sensation) and the U bend part actually rubs and presses on your clit.
    This is the prefect toy for those who feel as if they are left out or they want to feel the same pleasure as their partner while using strap-ons. This toy requires no harness. The texture is very soft and it looks nothing at all like the actual male part it's trying to mimic, which is what I actually prefer because I hate toys that look like the actual thing (it's a huge turn off).
    I recommended this to every sexually active (I hope so) women out there and remember to wash your toys (not rinse) after each 'sexy time!'
  • Contributor: TinyTease
    Does the share stay put without a harness pretty well, for you?
  • Contributor: Ansley Agnello
    Yes - a bit floppy, of course, but stays put well.
  • Contributor: ellejay
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: MissCandyland
    Thank you for the review!
  • Contributor: Robespierrethecat
    Thanks for sharing!
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