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Somewhere between hypeworthy and okay - this toy isn't the best thing I've ever bought, but I don't regret the purchase.
Beautifully crafted, satisfying size, well-designed
Expensive, may not fit everyone, slips out
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The Share by Fun Factory is a double-ended dildo. One end is obviously phallic and intended for penetration, and the other end is rounded and angled, to remain stationary in the wearer. This is a toy designed for penetrative play, but there's no reason why it couldn't be incorporated into other forms of play.

Material / Texture

Fun Factory products have a matte silicone finish, which is slightly "rough," compared to smooth/shiny silicone toys. The finish gives it an almost velvety texture. Silicone doesn't taste or smell like much, and is hypoallergenic, meaning that few people will have a reaction to it. When squeezed, the shaft (and the bulb) have a nice amount of give, with a firm underlay. It is a sturdy, well-crafted piece!

Design / Shape / Size

I like the shape of the Share: it gracefully curves at body-friendly angles. All of the contours of the Share are intentionally designed to enhance the feeling of strap-on sex for both parties!

At first, the size of the bulb intimidated me, but I've learned to appreciate it. It takes a little lube for me to get it in, but once it's in, I can walk around with it in and it won't slip out. However, I've had it slip out during sex. I have a strap-on harness which can help things stay in place. If you're worried about it slipping, by all means, get a harness! If not, you have a really expensive dick with a handle.


This thing isn't perfect (gasp!!). Sometimes, it will slip out... and then it's still a lovely cock with a handle on one end! I've used it as such, and my partner still got off and we had a great time, but it wasn't as fun to pump with my hand as it would have been with my hips. Harnesses can be a huge help if you are worried about the bulb coming out at a particularly slippery moment!

In addition to anal and vaginal penetration, this thing is pretty great for jerk-off play and oral play. I could feel someone giving me head through the Share! The contours press against the pubic bone pretty nicely.

Care and Maintenance

The Share is pretty easy to care for; despite the matte finish, it cleans up really well. I usually boil my toys to sanitize them, though I've been known to soak toys in a 10% bleach, 90% water solution for a while if I can't boil them (like when I'm at a weekend-long kink convention). It's possible to use condoms with the Share, but they can roll up a little, since the base of the penetrative end thickens as it gets closer to the wearer's crotch.

I've been spoiled by Vixen Creations' tubes for toy storage. However, the Share is easy enough to wrap in a bandana or put in a toy bag for safekeeping. I keep mine wrapped in a bandana to keep it from coming into contact with dust or other toys.

One thing to be aware of: since the Share is made of silicone, silicone-based lubes are not recommended! Silicone lube on silicone toys will melt them and make them sticky and horrible. Save yourself some grief (and about a hundred dollars for a toy like the Share) and make sure you use a water-based lube. I love Sliquid H20, it's taste-neutral, paraben-free, glycerin-free and animal-friendly-- but there are tons of water-based lubes on the market.


One of the most notable shortcomings for this product was the packaging. I guess I'm spoiled from a track record of buying Vixen Creations toys-- they come packages in a tube that keeps the dust off, and displays them nicely-- so when this toy arrived in its cardboard and clamshell plastic box, I was sort of disappointed. I would probably have tried to keep the box for awhile, but it was delivered on a rainy day and by the time I got to it, it was soggy and gross. At least when it dried out I could throw it in the recycling bin.

Now it spends its time wrapped in a bandana in my toybox. Soon I will make a bag for it, so it has its own 'case' of sorts. But I would love a clear plastic tube for it!
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

Speaking from personal experience, I had way more fun being fucked by someone wearing a Share than being the wearer of my own.
Follow-up commentary
I've played around with various harnesses and ways to integrate this toy into play and I like it more than ever. It fits well (and stays in place) under a layer of clothing, and feels pretty real through a pair of pants. So, my advice to readers is: get creative, stick with it and you'll probably find a good use for this toy!
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  • Contributor: married with children
    good review, thanks for sharing. I was looking at getting this a while ago. glad yours worked out for you.
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    Hope to try this one day. Thanks for the review!
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    Thanks y'all! I hope that if you do get one that it works out for you!
  • Contributor: FemmeFlo
    Great review. I'm hoping to try this one. After I save up for a while. Yikes, it's pricey!
  • Contributor: Apirka
    Thanks for sharing!
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    Thank you for reviewing!
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    thanks so much
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    This is a neat design. Thanks for reviewing.
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    Good review. Thanks!
  • Contributor: Wookie
    Good review. Thanks!
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