Just like a real one! Sort of.

While the silicone makes it worth the price, it still needs some design tweaks. The fit would be perfect if the dildo didn't droop when you stood up.
Skin on skin contact, silicone, comfortable fit.
Droopy, a seam in the silicone.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
The Share is a lovely "strapless strap-on", but it is not without its flaws.

First the lovely things: The size is fantastic. The "bean" part of the toy is a lovely size and shape. It is 5 1/2" around, which is large enough to hold in if your pelvic muscles don't have any issues. It is shaped to fit the vagina very ergonomically, and stimulates the g-spot very nicely when inserted and tugged upon. The more traditional dildo side of the toy starts at 5" in diameter, then flares to 5 3/4" closer to the base, as can be seen in the pictures. It has a lovely pronounced head on the tip, which creates a lovely sensation when inserted. Both ends are large enough to let you know that they are there without causing any discomfort.

There is a ridge at the end of the traditional side that scoops into a valley to allow for a precise fit against the body. The ridge, if positioned properly, can result in fantastic clitoral stimulation. So not only are you getting g-spot stimulation from this toy, you're getting all over stimulation.

The Share is also made of silicone, which is a huge plus. It is non-porous, so safe to share, and is completely sterilizable. To clean it, you can wash with antibacterial soap and water, throw it in the dishwasher (top rack only, please!), boil it, or clean it with a bleach/water solution. The silicone has no scent or flavor to it, and is very durable.

However, this toy is not without it's "quirks". The "joint" between the two ends is thinner than it should be. As a result, when inserted, the entirety of the traditional end has an odd droop to it, and the fantastic ridge no longer sits right against the clitoris. This also causes more work for the pelvic muscles, which puts a kink in the otherwise spot-on idea of this toy.

There is also a small ridge in the silicone from the mould that goes right down the center of the toy. While this is nothing that my boyfriend or I notice, it could be problematic to someone more sensitive.
Someone else described this toy as the fancy super-car that usually just sits in the garage looking pretty, and is taken out for a spin every now and then; and I think that description is pretty spot on.

Because of the "drooping issues" with this dildo, I find it difficult and undesirable to use in any position other than lying on my back. Or while having my thighs clamped together, but that's more trouble than it's worth. But, with my boyfriend riding me, the skin on skin sensations that this toy allows are fantastic. This also works well because I tend to get very lubricated during pegging, and find that I have a harder time holding in the "bean" as things progress. If you own a harness that can accommodate two dildos, it may fit, but that kind of takes away from the purpose of having a strapless strap-on, yes?

On the other end of the spectrum, I have found that lube is pretty necessary to get the "bean" end inserted comfortably. Once it is in, there is no discomfort, but I highly recommend some play beforehand, or the use of lube.

Once we're in the middle of a pegging session, I don't notice any sensations from the inserted end anymore. That could just be because I don't have a particularly sensitive g-spot, though. Someone who is more sensitive may get a lot of bang for their buck with g-spot stimulation from this toy.

That aside, the skin on skin sensation that you can get from this toy is lovely, and is something that can not be found with a traditional strap on harness. It lets you really grind against your partner in a way that is totally impossible with a harness, and that right there is a beautiful thing.
Follow-up commentary
While I still love this dildo, I find that we don't use it as much as my boyfriend was expecting. Because of the strapless component, we are limited in the positions we can use it in, and sometimes we just don't want to be limited like that.

It is still lovely, the skin on skin contact is divine, but if this strapless strap on isn't going to be perfect, it might just be that strapless strap ons are not meant to be a "thing."
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