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55 reviews

Sharing is Caring, right? The Share is my ideal toy when playing with partners with pussies. It creates perfect dual stimulation that lets us climax together with our hands-free exploration and other types of play. By far this is my favorite toy to share with two or more partners.

If you are looking for g-spot or prostate stimulation, here you go! This toy is great for couples and provides a perfect experience of closeness and intimacy.

To date, this is the most exciting toy in our bedroom! It creates thrills, excitement, both mental and physical satisfaction for both of us. We only use it when no one else is home due to the moaning and groaning it produces. Since acquiring this, we have neglected our other toys including the FF Drei and Cobra Libre. She has learned to not warm up with any vibes so as to not be overly wet. If too wet, it will slip out. Just a little lube and she is good to go.

The Share is a versatile toy that offers some unique experiences. I loved the idea of being able to get a bit more sensation and feedback during strap-on sex than with a traditional harness and strap-on. This also makes hand jobs and blow jobs a possibility for those who may not have the necessary equipment built in. Whether you are straight or gay, are looking for a toy for gender play or solo play, the Share will likely have some enjoyable applications for you to explore!

A very versatile, body size friendly and unique toy for couples, interested in strap on sex and gender play. A great addition to any toybox!

Fun pegging or solo toy. As it is quite flexible at the joint, you might have to use a harness to really enjoy it.

I really liked my share and would recommend it to anyone, but more to those who have had experience with anal. Either way this is a great toy.

Overall, it's a great toy for any couple. If you don't like the hassle of all the straps of a normal harness and love double pleasure, this is the toy for you. No matter if you're a beginner, expert, or in between, you will enjoy it!

Even though I was looking forward to using this particular toy, the Share exceeded my expectations. I gave it 5 of 5 stars, because it is easier to use with my girlfriend than a harnessed dildo, the ease I had in giving myself an orgasm, and the body-safe silicone material.

This is an awesome toy for couples who enjoy strap-on sex. Any time my lady wants stimulation as she pegs me, we play with this toy. It is a great addition to our toy box.

Overall, the Share is definitely the best strapless strap-ons I've seen on Eden! It stays in better than others, and it gives the wearer g-spot stimulation while still being comfortable. It's also very easy to clean. I love the perfect simplicity of this toy. I am planning on using it very, very regularly. I've finally found the right strap-on for me!

While the silicone makes it worth the price, it still needs some design tweaks. The fit would be perfect if the dildo didn't droop when you stood up.

As a transman with bottom dysphoria, the Share has made my sex more enjoyable & exciting for me then when I wear a strap-on with a harness. Just looking down & seeing the Share attached to my body without a harness is a huge turn on for me. Add to that the g-spot stimulation from the wearer's bulb and the curve that cups the pubic & clitoral area & this toy is AMAZING. The only downfall is that it is a little bit heavy and can slip out during use. Still, this dildo is easily one of my favorites.

The Share double-ended dildo is the best first-timers choice in any category of a dildo either strapless or harness-based. The experienced toy buyer/user will still find this toy fun and adventurous.

Do you long for more excitement during your pegging play? Have you ever wished you could climax with your partner during strap on play? Let Fun Factory’s Share double ended dildo take you to whole new heights in strap on play with their strapless dildo. Erotic and exciting, with the Share you are only limited by your imagination.

The Share is an amazing toy. It allows you and your partner to explore new facets within the bedroom. Break down gender stereotypes and explore new sensations and feelings with this toy. Receive a handjob, blowjob, or penetrate someone for the first time and really feel it. The sensations the user receive set this dildo apart from all others, making it an absolute must to the collection of anyone interested in strap on sex.

This is the only toy I've jacked off with that was extremely pleasurable doing so. This toy is great for solo or partner play.

Overall I think Fun Factory did their homework and produced an excellent toy for awesome sharing and would highly recommend this product for any experience level. I am very happy with the purchase and may look into the share xl in the future.

I'd consider this toy worth the price of admission. It's excellent for non-binary folk of the female persuasion. However, you really should invest in a harness, in addition to this product.

While it may not be too flexible itself, this toy allows for maximum flexibility between partners. It allows couples to try out new things and play like never before!

If you or your partners get off on g-spot stimulation and having your own cock - free of an annoying harness - the Share might be your solution. However, in addition to unnatural coloring and texture, the Share is not for the petite, and it can take some Kegel practice to use without a harness. The Share is my favorite double-sided dildo - by far - because of the well-designed nub.

This item is not worth the money, even though it is a safe toy. It did not do the job for me or my partner, and we would rather use a simple strap-on than this. It is not versatile, and may not be right for all users.

The Share is ten tons of fun in a very small package. No batteries, easy to take care of, and with the addition of a harness to help combat droop and keep it in place more securely, the Share is darn close to perfect. If you're interested in anal play, cock sucking, and pegging, and want both participants in your sex games to really enjoy the experience, then you need to pick up a Share, and Share the Fun!

Ever wanted to experience what a guy does when he gets a blowjob or handjob? With the Share, you can! Because of the shape, every motion is transferred through the shaft and stimulates my clit and g spot. While this may not be the perfect strapless strap on harness for everyone, for me, it is everything I ever wanted! I love that I can come from a blowjob or jacking off, and for now, my penis envy is satisfied.

The Share is a beautiful double dildo with an amazing high quality of silicone. The apparent shape and smoothness of the dildo makes it ideal for beginners and advanced alike. Though it may not live up to be a "strapless" strap-on entirely, the pleasure it provides to the once left out giver of strap-on sex makes it worth the price. The Share is a notable addition to any collector, and currently the best strapless on the market.

This is the best double dildo ever! I would suggest it to any couple. It is fun and easy to use.

Somewhere between hypeworthy and okay - this toy isn't the best thing I've ever bought, but I don't regret the purchase.

The is one of those toys that is in a league of its own. Its the perfected concept of the double dildo. It isn't a daily driver, its more like the Ferrari in the garage. And when you occasionally take it out on the weekend its the ultimate thrill for two.

Even with the popping out problem, I/we love this toy and are so glad we purchased it. It feels great to fuck with as well as be fucked! I don't have penis envy, but I enjoyed getting a hand job with it. The materials are nice, the size is nice, and it is generally a great addition to our toy box. I will update once we get our harness!

This toy changed my life and fulfilled all my dreams of being on the "giving end" of things and actually being able to get stimulation from my actions. The Share isn't perfect, but it's worth every penny, and I always say to my partner that, "It's the best thing I've ever bought." If you want to really feel like you have a penis, buy this toy.

In conclusion, if you have the coordination, go for it. It tends to fall out of place easily so you still might need a harness.

The Share is definitely worth buying - if you know it's what you want and have the proper harness to make it most useful. It's a bit expensive for experimenting on something you're not sure will work for you and your partner.

I spent a lot of time researching toys for pegging, and I'm very glad I decided on the Share. I honestly don't think there's a better toy out there for it. I imagine it's excellent for female-on-female penetrative sex as well. Perhaps some vibration would have added to the toy, but I think it would just end up seeming like a gimmick on an already fabulous device.

This smooth, plush, sexy silicone toy is designed perfectly to fit into a woman’s body so she can be someone with a beautiful cock.

Say hello to harness free dildo sex! The Share allows one to get as good as they give and gives sharing a whole new meaning.

Fun Factory is a tried-and-true brand, and I was excited about receiving my first toy from them, the Share. Made from beautiful, silky-smooth silicone and available in a variety of vivid colors, it is a stunning pleasure object to be enjoyed by all the senses. Its two ends provide unique stimulation, and it is great for both giving and receiving pleasure.

The Share is an amazing experience and absolutely worth the investment. With nothing to buzz and no straps to figure out, Share is a simple toy with endless possibilities. Always wanted that dp experience but can't find two men? This is your answer. Want to know what it feels like to have a cock? This is the way. Wanna thrill your girlfriend? Have your boyfriend suck your cock and actually get something physical out of it? Trust me, this is a toy to enjoy!

The Share is an amazing toy, not too big or too small. Fun for both sides and the best strap on dildo I've come across yet!

There's a reason they say some of the most important life lessons can be learned in kindergarten; sharing Fun Factory's Share really is caring, and also a wonderfully fulfilling experience for the giver! Whether you have the immense pleasure of being driven around on this baby or if you're the one on the bulb and behind the wheel? You'll love joyriding with this double dildo, so long as its dimensions don't scare you off!

All in all, this item is definitely worth it. As long as you are buying it with a good knowledge of your body, you can't go wrong with it.

The Share is my top pick for a first strapless double if you don't want to use a harness. The large, well-shaped giver's bulb is the best of the bunch at staying in without help, and combines with the vulva-cradling saddle to provide a "Dolby surround" stimulation experience for the giver. The soft silicone works in almost any position, and the curved, tapered large dildo with a small head gives a good time to the receiver as well.

I believe The Share is well worth the investment. It may take a bit to get the hang of, but with some practice, it will be a great addition to any arsenal. The sleek black design has its place as much in the spicy vanilla bedroom as in the dark dungeon play space. The intimidation (if present) can be overcome slowly or used with in the scene.

I have had my Share for almost 2 years and it is in my top 4 sex toys in regular rotation. I have the Feeldoe violet as well and use both regularly. I use the Share when I want a velvet texture and the Feeldoe when I was a glassy smooth texture. I also enjoy the way the Share fits in a harness and that it fits closer to the body than other Double Dildos (like the Nexus). The Share is well worth what I paid for it and I would buy another if anything happened to it.

The Share is sexy, slick, and overall a sublime addition to our collection. I get more out of fucking someone with it, especially if I'm bottoming, and taking it is pretty sweet too. I enjoy the workout for my PC muscles, and I enjoy fucking without strapping even more. I do recommend double-checking the dimensions of the wearer's end before purchase to be sure you'll be able to accommodate it, though.

I absolutely recommend this toy to any couple that has an interest. The pros outweigh the cons by a landslide and I can't imagine a week without this wonderful toy.

For anyone considering reversing the tables on who is giving and receiving the penetration, this is a good toy to start with. While it does take some time to learn how to use the toy, it is well worth it. For those who want something smaller there is a smaller version out there and a larger version (the XL) also available. Given the alternatives to this product I think this is the best overall option for this style of toy.

A ton of fun for the sexually experience. Know what your body can give and take before using, but chances are if you think it might be the toy for you, it probably is.

This is our first share dildo and we absolutely love it. I gave it four stars because it defiantly takes practice to use without a harness and we would love to try one with a vibrator. The Share from Toy Factory is made of 100% medical grade silicone.

Share is an exciting product because it brings a couple closer, and there is mutual stimulation, and simultaneous orgasm is a possibility! I gave it four stars instead of 5, because the saddle is nearly 6 inches in circumference; a bit big for some. I wish share came in sizes. The insertable length is quite nice.

If you are going to invest in a quality double ended dildo, you'll be looking in the $85 - $130 range. Taking that into consideration, I suggest you pick out the one that is perfect for your needs and comfort. As it is, THIS one is perfect for my needs and comfort. The Share is versatile and comfortable, it keeps in place and doesn't limit you to a sitting or laying down position. The smooth lines are nice for both partners and can be used or worn solo as well.

The Share's name fits it perfectly and my wife and I get the most enjoyment from our toys when we can Share them at the same time! This toy has now replaced our Feeldoe slim as the favorite one in the tool box! Every night after I've satisfied her first we get our the SHARE and do just that. I think I've created a monster because she wants it just as much as I do! This is truly a toy where giving can be just as fun as receiving!

The Share brings a new experience to the bedroom in which both partners can enjoy penetration simultaneously. Fun Factory’s smooth, soft silicone will appeal to all, while the Share’s size will likely turn off a few.

One of my new favorites! This toy offers a great experience for the giver and receiver or it can be used solo. It may be too large for those who like petite toys. It's heavy and a little difficult to control but not impossible, definitely worth the effort.

Seconds later, I found myself riding away (back arched, gasping for breath) into a new kind of sex territory. The sensations it produced were amazing. It didn't feel too big like I had originally anticipated. Solid enough to hit the right spots but soft and bendable enough to not cause any pain. Check plus.

I threw my head back against the shower curtain-covered wall and let the water run down against my chest, between my thighs, making me even more moist. Who said lust was better shared? I found that being selfish was quite pleasurable.

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