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If you are going to invest in a quality double ended dildo, you'll be looking in the $85 - $130 range. Taking that into consideration, I suggest you pick out the one that is perfect for your needs and comfort. As it is, THIS one is perfect for my needs and comfort. The Share is versatile and comfortable, it keeps in place and doesn't limit you to a sitting or laying down position. The smooth lines are nice for both partners and can be used or worn solo as well.
Quality material. Easy to clean. Firm structure. Keeps in place during vigorous use.
Price (though, well worth it).
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extremely useful review
In order to review and recommend the double ended dildo, Share by Fun Factory, I need to address why it won over those in the Feeldoe series of double ended dildos by Tantus, and the Nexus Sr. double ended dildo by Vixen Creations. At the time of purchasing the Share, I had the unique opportunity to handle and examine sample dildos by the various companies.

Let's take those in the Feeldoe series first. The Feeldoes generally have a nice design, but upon examining it further, I felt it was too "rubbery". Even though it is made of the same silicone material as the Share, the Feeldoe was too flexible - in the sense that you could bend the shaft in a 90 to 110 degree angle. If it could do that, in my opinion, it was not firm enough.

So then I looked at the Nexus Sr., which seemed to be built more solidly. However, for practical use in our household, it had two design flaws. One, it looks like they took two dildo designs and literally welded them together, with their "base" dividing each. Practically, I don't understand how it could possibly be comfortable to have my clit keep pushing against this silicone wall. Perhaps it helps stimulation, but handling it in person was not reassuring, it didn't look very comfortable. Secondly the "top" dildo, which is curved and meant for the "wearer", seemed to offer little in the form of security - by that I mean it would just slip out.

Becoming ever clearer by the minute what I didn't like, and therefore what was needed instead, I finally decided on Share. A double ended dildo which was firm and had a "nub" or "bulb”, which would prevent it from slipping out during use. That, and the texture of the Share is smooth, not "waxy" or "rubbery" as with the Feeldoe design, for example.

Because the Share is easy to clean, with either soap and water or a quick boil in a pot, we took turns using each end. We both found it a comfortable fit, regardless of which end we were on. It was most especially nice after warm water and the friction through constant use, kept the dildo warm and "life like".

As it is, if we feel like gender bending in the bedroom (which is to say, we do all the time), it is easy to insert the Share dildo and have the other give it a "blow job" and have the sensation of it being your own. Because both thrusting and having someone suck or pull on the shaft of the dildo forces your muscles to contract around the bulb, triggering that sensation just behind your pelvis, which tells your brain, if you could ejaculate just then, you would. As it is, you can look down at yourself and see the Share, double ended dildo sticking out - with the erection your brain is telling you, you have - regardless of the physical biology you may have been born with.

Solo use of Share: I enjoy wearing share sometimes when the intention is not to have sex, but for some role playing or to satisfy my split spirit. Because the bulb keeps the dildo firmly in place, I can tug on the shaft in order to have the sensation/illusion that I am masturbating as a male. (Note: if I were to do this with any other toy, it would simply slip out).

The Share is amazing. It doesn't need random texture swirls or insertable vibrators - it's awesome all on its own. However, if you want a little more, the space between the insertable bulb and the main shaft is an easy place to rest a bullet vibrator or use something stronger for a more powerful vibration. The Share can be used in a variety of positions, but if you are trying something more acrobatic (along the lines of yoga), I would suggest using a harness and o-ring. Simply place the o-ring over the shaft and pull it back as far as it goes (though make sure the o-ring is not too big, in this case you want a tight fit so it doesn't slip off, onto the insertable part.) Then harness yourself up, inserting the bulb and now you can walk around or open your legs and still have the Share, double ended dildo with you.
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  • Contributor: Miss Cinnamon
    Great review! The price of this toy has always prevented me from getting it.... but it looks sooo nice!
  • Contributor: bunky
    Miss Cinnamon-
    It is a VERY nice toy. I'm traditionally a rather harsh reviewer (as seen in other posts), but I have nothing negative to say about the Share. If you decide to make the investment in a double-ended dildo, I highly recomend this one - even if it's $12 or $24 extra compared to another - the price won't matter once you have it and get to play with it, knowing it's EXACTLY what you want (and is never going to break down on you!)

    Good luck with your eventual decision making.
  • Contributor: Liz2
    Loved your review! Do try the Tango, if you can...the silicone even feels better then the Share to me and no comparison to the Feeldoe.
    I am curious if it popped out when you orgasmed, w/o a harness?
  • Contributor: Red
    Nice review! That little bean is quite the dream eh?
  • Contributor: Carrie Ann
    Excellent review!
  • Contributor: bunky
    Thanks for recomending the Tango, I'll consider it if we ever decide to get a second - as it is, the Share is our one and only double-ended-dildo-love-child.

    As for your question, I would say it has a 30% "pop-out" rate durring orgasms, depending on how you are seated/possitioned at the time. For me, I have strong muscles, but an ... shall we say, overactive natural wetness, which works against me in these sorts of situations when it's nice to cling onto toys.

    Hope that helps.
  • Contributor: sipoftea
    SheVibe has the best price on the Share, it's like $65 bucks and the $9 shipping was worth it because I also got some other items which still comes out so much less than other shops. Not staff, just a someone a budget and the price was just right and allowed for other toys!
  • Contributor: bunky
    I don't know what the SheVibe is, I don't see it listed anywhere on Eden Fantasys. Regardless, I have learned from experience that it is worthwhile to buy one excellent toy then several mediocre ones.
  • Contributor: Boxers Over Briefs
    sipoftea is referring to a different sex toy site that sells the Share cheaper
  • Contributor: bunky
    Boxers Over Briefs-
    Thanks for clearing that up. Now sipoftea's comment makes a little more sense.
  • Contributor: joja
    Thanks for the review! I am just lusting over this toy..
  • Contributor: Trashley
    Ugh, I've been oogling this guy for FOREVER. Your review just makes me salivate more for this baby!!
  • Contributor: LavenderSkies
    Excellent review Appreciate it!
  • Contributor: Ghost
    I'd love to try this, although my boyfriend isn't much interested at this time.
  • Contributor: Tuesday
    This toy appeals to me so much, especially after your review.
  • Contributor: MissCandyland
    Thank you for the review!
  • Contributor: Alex Time
    Nice review. I am planning to use it for pegging and I recently ordered it on special, so I cannot wait. Been looking at a number of toys and always kept coming back to this one! Let's see how it goes!
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