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My mother always told me to Share.

One of my new favorites! This toy offers a great experience for the giver and receiver or it can be used solo. It may be too large for those who like petite toys. It's heavy and a little difficult to control but not impossible, definitely worth the effort.
Effective design, Easy to clean and disinfect, Fun solo or shared
Heavy, Somewhat difficult but not impossible to control
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extremely useful review
When this first arrived I was so excited that I tore the package open to get a good look and feel of the newest member of the toy box. The first thing I noticed was how wonderfully soft and smooth it was, the silicone almost felt like silk in my hands. It’s somewhat heavy and firm yet surprisingly flexible. With a big grin on my face, I wiggled it and watched as it bounced. I was so intrigued, I couldn't wait to try it on for size. Being silicone, this toy is super easy to clean and disinfect. Since in it was brand new I simply washed it with soap and hot water but it can also be boiled, wiped with a light bleach solution, or put in the dishwasher (top rack, no soap). I was thrilled with how nicely it warmed up and it seemed to retain the warmth for quite a while. There were also ridges running down the sides of the sharable shaft that I had not noticed in the pictures.

After drying it, I decided I would see how it felt orally. It felt as splendidly on the lips and tongue as it did in my hands and there was no taste and no odor. The shaft is flexible enough that it was no problem to take it deep. But enough of that, I wanted to see how it felt to wear it. I put a little water based lube (never use with silicone lube!) on the curved bulb and inserted it. It’s fairly large so going in was an experience in itself but once it was in it filled me very nicely. As I stood there, I flexed my pelvic muscles and watched how nicely it responded; much like how a man can get his penis to bounce. The backside of the sharable shaft rubbed nicely against my clit. I started stroking the shaft, imagining what it would be like when I finally got to share and noticed that this toy was hitting all the right spots: g-spot and clit. I decided to lie down and for lack of a better term, jacked myself off! I don’t consider myself a g-spot girl, I’m more of a clitoral vibration type but I had an amazing orgasm. No noise, no batteries to replace, and no moving parts to break; this is one toy I will definitely use solo often.

When I did finally get the opportunity to share this with my partners(poly relationship) it was a learning experience to say the least. I found that when standing or kneeling, constant clenching is necessary and distracting. A couple times I forgot and it got loose; we all had a good laugh as we watched it bounce across the floor. Also, in some other more extreme positions clenching was nearly impossible. However, one can easily hold it much like the guys do with the thumb on top to guide it and the rest of the fingers wrapped underneath holding it in place. This worked very well but it requires a free hand. Maybe with more practice, it won’t be as awkward or I will use a harness with it when I want to share while standing or kneeling.

The absolute best position for me as the giver was lying on my back being ridden. It gave me the same sensations as I get from riding! As for my male partner, he took it anally with a condom and thought the size was perfect. Since I had to use a hand to stabilize it, I also held a bullet in my hand and the vibrations could be felt through the entire toy. With my female partner, she rode me like crazy. Although this toy is not small, she said would like a little more girth.

Overall, I think this is a very well thought out design. It takes some getting used to but the results are worth it. It definitely is an experience for both the giver and the receiver.
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  • Jimbo Jones
    Very nice review and excellent that you got to try it out with both male and female bodied partners. I always wondered how difficult this would be to hold without a harness and it sounds like with some practice it could be done. I really enjoyed the mention of bringing yourself to orgasm solo by "jacking-off". I wouldn't have considered that an option if you hadn't mentioned it. Do you think it would work for a guy to hold the handle end anally and give DP to a female partner? Also, do you think the handle end works well as a handle in a more traditional dildo application? Sounds like an awesome experience.
  • Arousing Suspicion
    Thank you for the compliment on the review!
    You could definately use it like a regular dildo by holding either the flat on the back of the shaft or holding the bridge between the bulb and shaft.
    As far as a man holding it anally for DP, I'd been trying to figure that one out myself and I see two potential problems: the large bulb and the small valley between the two ends. A man who is anally experienced and likes them large should be able to handle the bulb but I would be afraid that the shaft would either point to the man's feet or worse, would smash his testicles! However, I think I'm going to see if we can try this out because the sizing might be such that the shaft sits right under/behind the testicles and presses on the perineum.
  • Cock Wrangler
    Nice review! The angle looks like it might work well for holding in the ass, and Share is flexible enough that I think there'd be no unnecessary ball-smashing. I wish they'd make this in more sizes, now.
  • Arousing Suspicion
    Thanks! I hope there isn't any ball smashing, but I'm still trying to convince the guinea pig.

    They make a bigger one, the Share XL, but I've only seen it in European markets. I'm not sure how much bigger it as as I'm just not that good converting metric to english on the fly, but it certainly has more texture! It would be nice if they made a smaller one as I can see where this could be too large for a lot of consumers.
  • TinyTease
    Wonderful review! It's so great that you could try it with female and male partners. I quite liked the bit about you giving it a little head and also flexing your muscles and making it bounce - definitely sounds like it would rub your g-spot nicely!
  • Boxers Over Briefs
    Did you ever find out if the toy could be worn anally by a man for double penetration? I've been comparing the Share and the Feeldoe, and it looks like this would be easier accomplished on the Feeldoe, but I so want it to be possible with the Share... it looks so much nicer.
  • LavenderSkies
    Excellent review Appreciate it!
  • Ghost
    I'd love to try this, although my boyfriend isn't much interested at this time.
  • MissCandyland
    Thank you for the review!
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