Share - double ended dildo by Fun Factory - review by Gabe

Double the pleasure, double the fun

The Share brings a new experience to the bedroom in which both partners can enjoy penetration simultaneously. Fun Factory’s smooth, soft silicone will appeal to all, while the Share’s size will likely turn off a few.
Penetrative stimulation for both partners, pliable, hygienic silicone, realistically shaped shaft.
Color isn’t realistic, too big for many.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
Ah, the Share. Think of it as the luxury car of dicks. Soft seat covers, deep cushions and it rides as smoothly as it seduced you in the car dealership. Pros over the old model include a piece that goes inside the wearer and stimulates the g-spot and the potential for strapless action. You can imagine how excited I was to get this particular toy in the mail.

When I opened my new package, I was first struck by its size. I really like deep penetration, so the lengthy, curved shaft looked exciting. With that said, there’s no getting around the fact that the end intended to be inserted in the penetrator is huge. Huge. But, hey, size can feel great. So I pulled out two smaller dildos (the Acute and a silicone Doc Johnson dick which I got years ago as My First Dick) which came in at 1.25 and 1.5 inch diameters, respectively. I wanted to try masturbating with the Share in me so I warmed up with those before sliding in the Share. With the time I allowed myself to loosen up and the two smaller dildos, the Share’s shorter part didn’t feel too big though that should come with a grain of salt—I’m a fan of large toys and use them often.

My solo joy ride on the highway was pretty good. I’m still waiting for the miracle dick that I can jerk off and feel inside me, but this came damn close—I had to grip it and move it around inside me, but it still offered many more options than any dick without an insertable piece. When I gripped it with my kegels, I felt it hit my g-spot, which it continued to hit when I started to pull and push it towards me repeatedly. I also really appreciated the realistic angle which the Share juts out in, once it’s inserted. It has a realistic curve to it and, if not for the unrealistic color choices (bummer!), would look incredibly realistic from afar (up close, you can see how beautifully smooth and soft the silicone is- a true pleasure, but not really common in your standard non-detachable-dick). I also appreciated that it wasn’t hard to slip my fingers in to rub my clit. Solo orgasm? Check plus.

When my sexual partner, who generally doesn’t play with big toys, came over, we knew that it would take some time to warm her up enough to accept the shorter, thicker end. For her, we stuck with fingers, which didn’t seem to work as well as using other toys, in terms of loosening her up—she still felt some discomfort when she put in the Share’s wearer end. She found, though, that after a few minutes, the discomfort lifted and it felt really good, particularly when it was jolted or shifted around as she penetrated me.

For my partner, though the act of getting me off gets her off, she had been less physically stimulated by strap-on sex before this toy. Boy, did that change. Unlike some other users, she found that it felt best when she was on top of me, penetrating me from above (others have written that they enjoyed it when their partners rode them—we tried that, but she preferred topping). She mentioned that, though it felt amazing, the sensation was less focused than other toys she had used, likely because of its size. She didn’t have any trouble with the Share popping out, likely because it was a snug fit to start with, and because we used the Harness the Pleasure for some extra stability. With the help of the harness, though, my partner had no trouble controlling her dick, though it is heavy and may pose that trouble for others.

On my end, the Share’s long, curved shaft was every bit the pleasure I expected. I especially enjoyed riding her (figures, we’d prefer different positions) because of the extra control it gave me to direct that soft shaft to my g-spot and, more generally, to various deep places which short fingers can’t reach. It was also a huge turn on to look at my partner and realize that what felt good for me felt good for her too. This is one toy that defies mathematical reason: sharing the experience produced twice the pleasure. Go team Share.

The Share is made of 100% super safe silicone (that’s medical grade, if you want the formal name). It can be cleaned with warm water and soap and can be sterilized by popping it in a pot of hot water.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Victoria
    Great review! Thanks.
  • Bulma
    Looks like it would provide more stimulation for the wearer than the Feeldoe does. Thanks for the great review :)
  • Gabe
    In the pink- Thanks!
    Bulma- I think you're probably right, though I haven't tried the feeldoe so I can't say for sure. The only drawback I see to share as opposed to feeldoe is that the larger, more bulbous wearer piece means that those using it will need to spend more time loosening up the wearer than they might need for the feeldoe, especially the smaller model--folks in a hurry might not appreciate that.
  • TinyTease
    Great review! I really appreciate that you mention the smoothness, texture and feel of the toy so much.
  • Butterkups
    A giant among us/....
  • bodymodboy
    I love your review. As a FTM, do you find any hangups about using vaginal penetration? I have never found a gspot (I think it's non existant on my physical female body, but have definitely found a good spot anally), and my partner does not like vaginal at all. Hell, it took a bit to convince him to let me go down on him!
  • Gabe
    Thanks, Smile.
    In terms of my personal hangups, it depends a lot on how the person and I are interacting and especially about the language being used. I enjoy vaginal penetration in a physical sense, and with a partner who's respectful and takes my lead with language (I can use vaginal when I'm discussing it intellectually, but in bed, words like vagina/pussy/etc. are a huge buzz kill), it can be great psychologically too. I've never really gotten into anal penetration...though it should be noted that I wasn't really into vaginal penetration until about a year ago, well after I started T (I think in a lot of ways, I got less dysphoric about my body once most of it looked like I felt it should).
    re. you and your partner...I've known guys who were totally comfortable with all their bits and ones who couldn't come if any attention were being paid to them at all. I imagine you and your partner will find some happy place. I wouldn't recommend this as your first two sided cock if you aren't used to vaginal penetration by big toys, though, since the pony (wearer's) side is pretty big. You'd be better off with the Tango or one of the smaller Feeldoe options.
  • Sir
    I agree with you on the con. I've looked at double penetrative penises for a long time, and most of their shapes are so beautiful. But the coloring has made it so that I'm never buying one.

    I wish that they made prosthetics of that shape without the double penetration aspect. I've never been into penetration, so that doesn't strike me as interesting. Not only for dysphoric reasons, but because I don't find it to be pleasureable at all.

    Great review, Gabe.
  • kabuki1872
    i own this dildo personally, and if you are looking to use it for solo action with the bigger, bulb end inside you so you can jerk off, in a sense, i would suggest doing what i do! which is take a condom, any kind so cheapest probably, fill the tip of it with about a half inch of lube and then put it on the dildo, using the condom on the dildo provides some kickback action and i find that i get to an orgasm extremely quickly when i do this. I am sort of FtM and this dildo really has accomplished, in my opinion, the ability to jerk off just like a guy but have an orgasm as amazing as a woman.
  • LavenderSkies
    Excellent review Appreciate it!
  • Ghost
    Hope to try this one day. Thanks for the review!
  • MissCandyland
    Thank you for the review!
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