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There's a reason they say some of the most important life lessons can be learned in kindergarten; sharing Fun Factory's Share really is caring, and also a wonderfully fulfilling experience for the giver! Whether you have the immense pleasure of being driven around on this baby or if you're the one on the bulb and behind the wheel? You'll love joyriding with this double dildo, so long as its dimensions don't scare you off!
Stays in well with or without harness, non-porous, highly pleasurable for driver and driven
Bulb is MASSIVE, weight pulls the cock down making it unwieldy, no bullet cavity
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
Even with a wealth of great information out there (such as this review with a video comparison from ScottA) about all the fantastic new body-safe double dildos, I've been very reluctant to commit to one. For years I've wanted a double dildo, but every option available seems to have some kind of drawback that deters me. Finally, I took a leap of faith on Fun Factory's Share. I love nearly everything these loopy German sex toy engineers turn out so I felt it was the safest bet. As it turns out? My gut was 100% correct.

Fun Factory's Share is designed to function just as a good old-fashioned one way dildo would in a harness - without the cumbersome harness, that is. It works by providing the driver of the cock an insertable portion that is referred to as a "pony" - a reference to the "horn" of a stock saddle. The horn or "pony" allows to a cowboy or girl to retain the piece internally with the help of this hooked extension. As other reviewers have noticed, this end of the Share is shaped somewhat like a kidney bean. Strange though it may look it serves a very practical function.

The bean-shaped portion does double duty when used vaginally by hooking in behind the pubic bone. This bulb just a hair shy of 2" in diameter at its widest point, and between this tremendous girth and the curve of the bean I found it stayed in place far better than I had anticipated. I needed plenty of lube and warm-up to comfortably insert this end, but once it was nestled behind my pubic bone and pressing with heavenly force against my G-spot? Hallelujah.

Not only was it not going anywhere (if it started to slip my inner labia began to resist due to the sheer size,) but my goodness did it do an incredible job of stimulating me internally. Upon receiving my Share I pulled it right out of its cardboard packaging and put it to use. I wanted to try wearing it solo just to get comfortable being in control of such a heavy and strangely shaped dildo. Though I didn't begin with any intentions of self-loving, within only a moment of having it inserted I found myself unconsciously reaching behind the "saddle" between the dildo and bulb and fingering my clit gently. Soon I was rocking the curve of the saddle against my clitoris and enjoying the slight motion of the pony inside me. This winning team produced a fantastic combination orgasm before 5 minutes had passed.

The girth of this thing is no joke - consider if your bits can conquer a 2" wide and 4" long kidney bean before you purchase! Still, as challenging as its size was, as I reached orgasm and my PC muscles clenched around the pony I realized the benefits of its proportions. I had no issue keeping it in during the intense contractions of my orgasm. Unlike an anal plug that has the tendency to "pop" out when you are in the throes of pleasure, the Share really does stay put for me.

After one solo use I was convinced that if nothing else, the Share was a hell of a dildo to enjoy for my own personal use. But how about for my partner? Would he love it as much as I did? Well, yes. Absolutely. The cock of this double dildo - the end intended for the receiver - is overall a lot more approachable than the massive pony. Though the Share measures about 9" from one end to the other, 3" of that length can be attributed to the receiving end and the saddle that separates the two halves. This broad saddle can be a bit troubling as it's thin (only about .75" thick) so it tends to bend and droop a bit under the weight of the larger shaft. Nevertheless, it provides plenty of buffer between the driver's body and the beginning of the shaft itself. What does this mean? That inches of the cock itself are not "lost" between you and your lover's body. All 6" of the shaft beyond the saddle can be inserted. While the driver may need to hold and guide the shaft because of its tendency to droop, this is its only shortcoming.
The girth of the shaft varies throughout. Its vaguely phallic head swells into a smooth, rounded corona that is 1.5" across, though the cock remains a fairly constant 1.25" in diameter until it approaches the saddle. As it curves upward into this partitioning slope it widens to nearly 2" in diameter, however my partner and I never desired inserting it all the way to this width. I would say this dildo is reasonable for most intermediate players when it comes to both vaginal and anal penetration - perhaps too big for beginners, and maybe a touch too small at most parts for size queens. Its quite moderate, though it does possess a very nice upward curve that puts more pressure on the P/G-spot than other straight dildos of its girth.

My partner fell completely in love with our Share (yes, it's a joint property!) the first time we used it together. It's marvelously easy to clean because it's made of non-porous medical grade silicone. You can lather it up with antibacterial soap and hot water for day to day cleansing, and wipe it with a 10% bleach solution or boil it for 3-4 minutes for a more thorough sanitizing. Because it's non-porous you do not need a condom when sharing so long as you diligently clean between uses.

The matte silicone does had a lot of drag and the friction created by it rubbing against anything creates a serious static cling effect; it attracts hair and lint like no other silicone toy I own. I keep mine in a Ziploc bag, but you could just as easily store it in a lint-free pouch. Whatever you do, do not openly store the Share or any other 100% silicone toy with TPR/TPE/silicone composites, rubber, jelly or other soft non-silicone toys. These toys can be warped or even melted when they contact 100% silicone. Never use silicone based lubricants with silicone as these can bond to the toy and damage them.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with Fun Factory's Share. It could only be made better if the "stem" that leads into the saddle were thicker so it drooped less - and if it had a cavity for a bullet vibrator to be inserted into. Yes, I think vibrations are the only thing that could significantly improve this nearly perfect double dildo. It's a beauty, to be sure.
Follow-up commentary
I still like this...BUT. This bulb is huge. I can't stress this enough. Personally? I love the big-osity of this bulb, because for me it fits just right. I love that it tapers down to a thin neck that doesn't stress and strain my labia, but that it still fills me up to bursting inside. Mmmm...writing this makes me want to find an excuse to peg right about now, that's how good it is. Word to the wise at Fun Factory; make a single-person dildo that looks like this! You can call it the Jellybean. And you will sell a million to me, and I will hand them out and proselytize its awesomeness. I highly recommend this baby, but be warned it's a lot for the wearer to take!
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