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Luxury clitoral vibrator by Leaf

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27 reviews

Life by Leaf has its minor shortcomings, but don't be fooled - it could easily become the crown jewel of your collection. The materials, battery and motor used to create this toy are well worth the price tag. It is powerful, durable and easy to maintain - just don't forget to charge it.

I loved the Leaf Fresh -- and the Life is even better. I'll try to compare 4 of the Leaf vibes in this review, but I can safely say that I love the Life the best due to its strength, aesthetics and design that can hold up to pressure and deliver on pin point stimulation. This clitoral vibe is not to be missed.

The Life is my perfect clit vibrator. It's more then strong enough for me and is rechargeable. Add on to that that it is mades from a luxurious feeling silicone and I am happy. Others may be disappointed by its lack of patterns, but for this girl, they were unnecessary.

The Life has quickly moved up the list of my clitoral vibrators. It's nearing the top, because of its waterproof and rechargeable features. The compact size and powerful vibrations have drove me into an orgasmic frenzy! If something ever happens to my Life, I'll be quick to get another. This is a must have product for me.

I think this is a great, simple toy! It is quiet and powerful. It is also a great toy for use alone or with a partner. My main con to this toy is that it is expensive, but I believe it to be worth the money for the safety of the material and the power behind such a quiet toy! I would only say if you like a toy with all the functions this is not for you! It speeds up and it slows down. Beyond that it has a travel mode.

Bring the vroom back into your love life with Leaf’s Life personal pleasure object. It fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to use. Perfect for solo or couple’s play, the design is discreet and intimate. Erotic to play with and lovely to look at, this clitoral vibe is truly a work of art.

The Life is pricey, but beautiful. If you are looking for something special for your first vibrator, this is a great choice. On the other hand, if you need lots of patterns and variety, this might not be the toy for you.

Like the other Leaf vibes, Life has 10 speeds of constant vibration, with no patterns or pulses. It also comes in the same eco-friendly, discreet packaging, as well as being waterproof, rechargeable, and a lovely bright green color. Unlike the Leaf Touch, which disappointed me with its weak and buzzy vibrations, the Life is thankfully more powerful and rumbly while still being nice and quiet.

I love my Life! I really like the ergonomic shape, and the press and hold button is awesome. The vibrations are strong enough for me, and they are really low and not at all buzzy. Plus, it's rechargeable and the battery lasts quite a while. I sometimes accidentally turn on the travel lock, but I love the other features enough that this doesn't really matter.

Leaf products will not cease to amaze me. Sure, they might be a bit pricey, but if you are looking for a green, rechargeable, and waterproof toy, Life is a great option. Her one button push keeps her from offering exciting new patterns, but the classic simplicity it offers is lovely.

If you're looking for a great clitoral vibe that will fit perfectly in your hand, Life is it! Life is made of 100% velvety, smooth, body safe silicone and is 100% waterproof. There are multiple speeds and it's pretty powerful making it bound to please just about anyone. Life is surprisingly quiet for how powerful it is and it's also discreet. This one is great for any user!

I love Life from Leaf almost as much as Mimi. She is a great clitoral vibe with both pinpoint and broad vibrations. The strong steady vibrations are perfect for me. She is also ergonomic, waterproof, and rechargeable. I don't think I would change anything about her.

A perfectly rumbly, external toy that is waterproof, silicone, powerful, quiet, simple, rechargeable, and not purple or pink? Oh yes, this is the Life.

Do you love green? The Life is a beautiful leaf-looking vibrator that comes in a vibrant green. It has pretty powerful vibrations, it's rechargeable, waterproof, silicone, quiet, and did I say amazing? It's also great for pinpoint stimulation. It might be pricey, but if you can get it without going into debt, I would.

Lost some hit points? You need some Life! Unfortunately this isn't a cheap restorative device... you'll be shelling out more than a few pieces of gold to get your Life on.

Ladies, How long have you searched for the perfect clit vibe? I found it! The Life by Leaf is an intoxicating and orgasmic combination of rechargable power and pinpoint stimulation all wrapped up in an small, sleek, modern, package. My little Life is everything I have ever wanted and needed in a vibe! The powerful vibes will make you shake like a leaf with pleasure!

I wouldn't buy this again if given the option because of the price and because of the low power level. A toy's sneakiness isn't a top priority for me so the cons outweigh the pros.

I would say that this Life Leaf product is worth the money. Three different levels of vibration strength, it's waterproof, it has a sleek/discreet design, and best of all - it's earth-friendly!

The gorgeous design, with the vrooms felt in the entire beautiful greenness is the main reason I obtained this wonderful pleasure item! The material, waterproof construction, small size and lockable controls make this little one to be a most amazing companion of delight! But I had to pay quite the price to find out that I won't want to obtain the comparable vibes! It is a wonderful arouser for the power queens, before they go on with the even better, much more affordable carriers of force!

Leaf's Life is a discreet silicone covered external vibrator that provides pinpoint and broader sensations. Rechargeable and waterproof, this ergonomically shaped toy is sure to please anyone with the funds to plunk down on it. Sadly, this lime green baby isn't powerful enough for this user.

The most amazing clitoral vibrator has literally rocked my world in more than one way. My life has definitely changed since I discovered the beautiful and deliciously pin-pointed vibrator named Life. If you love an external vibrator that teases you to no end and leaves you a hot, sweaty, wet mess of goo when you are finished, Life is the one for you. I highly recommend this high class silicone clitoral vibrator to anyone that wants an explosion of pleasure.

I would recommend this toy to others to try. It's been a hit for many, and although I am not one of those many, I know many of you may be. I prefer to give it to you all straight and let you know what I don't like about the toy, and how it didn't work for me. Someone has to show the cons for this toy or else it just isn't a good review. So sorry, Life — It's not working out!

Life is designed to work for most women. It's designed to have pin pointed vibrations and broad vibrations, so depending on how you manipulate Life it should work for you. There are multiple levels of vibrations to fulfill sensitive kitties to the clit of steel ladies. Are you ready to enjoy Life?

The Life by leaf surprised me with it's powerful vibrations. It is very easy to use, but only offers a constant steady vibe. The nice thing is that you control the strength, so it can be enjoyed by people with variable strength requirements. I love the storage pouch and the fact that the cord is actually labeled with the Leaf name. This vibe is powerful, rechargeable, body safe, and easy to use...what more could I ask for?

Leaf's Life is everything I had dreamed of when I first saw the Leaf line. It's strong and rumbly vibrations rival that of Mimi, but Life offers those vibrations with pinpoint precision. The shape forms perfectly to both the hand and body. It's made of soft, body safe material. The vibrations are powerful enough to carry into the hand during use, which some may find annoying. I'm willing to deal with it because Life is my perfect Leaf and maybe my perfect vibrator otherwise.

Not to be missed! This is a gorgeous and well-made clitoral stimulator that fits in the palm of the hand with a unique touch control system. Life is quiet, powerful, and well-worth the price.

If you’re looking for an exceptionally well designed line of products, that are as eco-friendly as they are unique, reliable and powerful, you definitely need to check out the entire Leaf collection. Even if Life doesn’t interest you I’m sure there’s one within the group that will.

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