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Leaf's Life is everything I had dreamed of when I first saw the Leaf line. It's strong and rumbly vibrations rival that of Mimi, but Life offers those vibrations with pinpoint precision. The shape forms perfectly to both the hand and body. It's made of soft, body safe material. The vibrations are powerful enough to carry into the hand during use, which some may find annoying. I'm willing to deal with it because Life is my perfect Leaf and maybe my perfect vibrator otherwise.
Strong and rumbly vibrations, Ergomonic, Pinpoint stimulation, Easy to use, Body safe material
Vibrations can be felt in hand during use
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Leaf is a new toy company based in Canada. They are manufactured by Swan who also manufacturers the Jopen toys. Like the Jopen's, they use Power Bullet technology. Life is one of the external vibrators in the line along with Spirit, Touch, and Fresh. Leaf also has two internal vibrators - Vitality and Bloom.

Each of the external vibrators has different strengths and types of vibrations. Life is a strong, rumbly toy. It is made of body safe materials and waterproof. It is intended for clitoral use, but could be used anywhere you'd like to use it externally. It's not ideal for vaginal insertion due to the small size. It should not be inserted anally as it does not flare and could easily get lost. No one likes an ER trip.

Life is great for solo or partner play. It is small enough to use during sex without getting in the way. It can be used as a stand alone clitoral vibrator or paired with a favorite internal toy. Since it's waterproof, it can go anywhere you do.

Material / Texture

Life is made of silicone which rates a ten on the safety scale. Silicone is body safe and non-porous.

Life's silicone has some drag to it. It's not the type of drag that will cause your finger to hop along the material if you run your finger down it, but rather cause resistance. This resistance can for added stimulation when used. If you prefer more of a glide just add lube and the medium amount of resistance the material has will disappear. Despite the resistance, the material does have a somewhat velvety feel under the drag. It's not the softest silicone out there, but it is soft. It's high quality silicone and feels good during use.

There is a light silicone odor to Life. There is no taste.

There is a seam that runs down the front and back of the body. There is also raised lettering on both sides. The front just has the Leaf logo. The back has the Power Bullet logo and some battery information. The manual states that this lettering is required by international law. It is not located in the area that will touch the body when you use it, so it's really just an aesthetics issue. The seam does run across the tip that is used, so if you are seam sensitive this may cause an "in use" issue.

Aside from the seam and the lettering, Life is a smooth toy. There is no added texture for stimulation such as ridges or bumps. This makes it good for beginners as well as advanced users that prefer smooth surfaces. It should appeal to a wide range of users at many experience levels.

Design / Shape / Size

Life is a handheld sized toy. It is 4.25" long as per the product page and my measurements. It is 1.5" in diameter at the widest point also as per the product page and my measurements. The smallest tip is .25" and the larger one is 5/8" in diameter.

Life is slightly longer than my middle finger, but much wider. Here you can see it in my hand for size and dimension reference:

Life is a great size. It's large enough so that you're not cramping up your hands to hold it and feel like your right up on yourself. It's not too big which means it can be used during sex or with other toys. The only bad thing is that the length isn't enough to weaken the vibrations near the tip that isn't used. This means your hand will feel a lot of the force of vibrations. It won't cause any numbing, but having your hand vibrate isn't the most fun experience.

The shape of Life is that of a leaf. I don't know enough about nature type things to know exactly what type of leaf. Both ends come to a rounded point. The curve towards the middle where Life is wide and has a bulge.

The small tip allows for super pinpoint stimulation. It's flexible material, so you can use it just at the very tip for the ultimate pinpointing or you can use the flex of the material to bend it against the body slightly for a still pinpoint stimulation but cover a larger area. My larger area, I don't mean a large one, mind you. Just larger than what you would get if you hold it straight up and use only the very tip itself. You can also use the sides or body to create more broad stimulation. You won't even get the same sensation that you would with a rounded head vibrator, but you can get broad stimulation with this. It really excels at pinpoint stimulation, however.

The shape is very ergonomic. I wrap my hand around it with my fingers resting right below the bulge. This makes the bulge close the gap that's caused when you cup your hand in that fashion. It makes holding this a dream. It forms perfectly to the hand and to the body.

Since it looks like a leaf, I don't think anyone will guess what this is unless you tell them. You could probably leave it out and no one would be any wiser. It's one of the most discreet toys I've seen. If you're concerned about the vibrations, you can lock it. This is good for prying guests as well as travel.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Let's take a look at the official information on Life and then I'll give you my breakdown.

Life is controlled from one button located about 1.5" from the tip. It works the same was as the Jopen toys do, but not like many other toys on the market. To turn on, press once. To turn it up, hold the button down until the desired speed is reached. You cannot turn it down once you reach a speed without turning it off and starting over. To turn it off, press it once. To lock it, press the button three times in rapid succession. To unlock, do the same.

The button sits slightly raised from the body. It is not raised by a lot and can hardly be seen. Once you get a hang of the controls, it's very easy to use. It can be a little too easy to press, which can sometimes result in accidentally turning it off during use. Here you can sort of see the button, though because it is raised only a very small amount it's a little hard to make out:

There are no preset power levels on Life. When you turn it on, it starts at the lowest level. When you hold it down, it gradually increases instead of jumping from one power setting to the next. This gives you a wider range of power options. There are no patterns available.

The lowest setting starts at two vrooms. It then goes up to a mid five vrooms at the highest setting. When I rate, I take wands out of the equation and assume those would actually rate somewhere more like a six or seven on the scale. Life is pretty much exactly the same power level as Mimi. It's not the absolute strongest thing you will ever run across, since wands take that crown, but for a rechargeable clitoral vibrator it is very strong. It is as strong as Salsa and a little weaker than Tango.

The vibrations are the same type as Mimi. They are rumbly, not buzzy at all. They penetrate the skin deeply. They do not cause any numbing or itching. They are low pitched and not whining. The vibrations of Life remind me very much of Mimi, so if you like Mimi's vibrations, you'll like Life.

The vibrations are located a little bit inward from the tip, as per the manual. These can be felt strongly in the tip as well as most of the rest of the toy. They can be felt less on the half of the toy that isn't used. When held, the vibrations will travel through to the hand. They won't cause numbing of the hand, but just be aware that your hand will be vibrating when you use this, especially at higher speeds.

When pressure is applied, Life doesn't lose power. It drops maybe the very slightest amount, but not enough to change the vroom level. I need a lot of pressure and I never had any issues with Life. I could press down hard with it and the very, very tiny amount of power change wasn't really noticeable unless I was looking for it.

Life is more quiet than a cell phone on vibrate. It can mostly be muffled through covers and cannot be heard through a closed door.

This is a waterproof toy, but the charging port is left often. When submerged, a bubble forms around the charging port. This is what allows it to be waterproof. I'm not exactly sure of the science behind this, but I have tested it on both my Leaf and Jopen toys and not run into issues. If you are concerned about it, you can just not use it in water if you'd like.

Life operates on a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. It requires a three hour charge before first use and in between uses. This charge should last 2 hours and 40 minutes if used on low or 1 hour and 30 minutes if used on high. I use mine on high and have gotten at least the 1.5 hours out of a charge. The charger connects near the tip of the toy.

I have not noticed that Life loses power before it dies. However, when I got Spirit it didn't lose power up until the last five minutes of battery life for a while. Then after a few charges it started to lose power about half way through the battery life. I don't know if this will happen with Life, but I wanted to mention that it did happen with another toy in the line.

Another side note is that with every Power Bullet I have, a strange thing will sometimes happen when they get close to dying. If they don't have much life left and you turn it on, sometimes the light will come on but the motor won't. If you shake it then the motor will start and you can get the last bit of life out of it. I wanted to bring this up because if it happens it appears that the toy is defective since there's lights but no power. As best I can tell, it just means you will need to charge soon.

Care and Maintenance

Care of Life is very easy. You can wash it with soap and water or toy cleaner. If you are concerned about the charging port, you can clean it with a wipe or by spraying it with toy spray. The toy spray can then be removed with a dry rag. You can also wipe it down with a damp cloth and soap.

Life does not seem to collect a lot of dust, hair, or lint. You can wipe it down before use if you like, but it's probably not a mandatory thing.

You should use only water based lubes with Life. Silicone lubes could damage the silicone material.

Life comes with its own storage pouch. It's done in a brown material to keep with the eco-friendly looking packaging and makes for good storing. The box can also be used if you don't like pouches. If you don't like either of those, a plastic baggie will do.


The Leaf toys come in a brown box that I suppose is meant to look more eco-friendly. The front says "Life" with the Leaf logo at the bottom. It also says "100% silicone finish, rechargeable, natural pleasure" at the bottom. The back has a drawing of the toy on it with the same wording as the front. It also mentions the "press and hold speed control" feature. The side lists additional features in multiple languages.

Inside the package is Life wrapped in plastic, the charger wrapped in plastic, the pouch, and a folder that contains the instructions. The instruction manual is very detailed and has enough information that should get everyone up and running.

The box can be used for storage if you want. It's nice enough to gift. However, due to the wording it's not the most discreet.

Personal comments

If you've been looking at the Leaf line and want something that's going to be strong and rumbly, Life is the Leaf you want to get. If you love Mimi but prefer pinpoint stimulation, Life may just be your new best friend. Now, if the only thing that will get you there is a wand, Life will fall short of that. If you're the type that needs a lot of power, but not a wand, Life will probably do it. It's also good if you like to apply pressure since it doesn't really drop in power in that circumstance.


When I first saw the Leaf line before they launched, I was obsessed. I loved the look of them and the Power Bullet motor (from my much loved Jopen's). It was a package that sounded too good to be true. I was sure each and every Leaf would be a new favorite.

I got Spirit first. It was strong, but not as strong as my favorite clit vibe - Mimi. It also went a little crazy when I applied pressure. The battery life was only 40 minutes, one or two uses for me. The shape was great though and it still because a fast favorite despite its flaws.

I got Touch and Life at the same time. Touch's shape was lovely and its charge held a longer time. However, it was a bit too weak and overly buzzy for me. I still really like it, but it's not my favorite Leaf.

Then I tried Life. Now this is the Leaf I had been dreaming of! A toy to rival my Mimi! The strong and rumbly vibrations work perfectly with my body. What makes this, dare I say, better than Mimi is that it offers pinpoint stimulation and it's ergonomic design. While I love Mimi, my hand cramps up after using it for extended periods. My hand curves so nicely around Life that I hardly notice I'm holding anything. It curves to my body well, which means I can use this with one hand. Normally I have to use one hand to hold back my hood and another to hold the vibrator. This one I can get to nestle under the hood because of the shape, freeing my other hand for my internal toy of choice.

Since I got Life, I've hardly touched Mimi. Now, some of that is the newness of Life, of course. Never before have I been able to have sessions without Mimi, so having something new is refreshing. It's so exciting to have two good silicone options for clitoral vibrators!

The only bad thing is that it does vibrate the heck out of my hand when I use it. It's slightly annoying, but I'm willing to deal with it for the amazing orgasms and the fact that I can use this with other toys. Other than that, this is pretty much perfect for me.

I cannot say enough how thrilled I am with Life. When I saw these Leaf toys I had dreamed that they would be equal in power to my beloved Mimi. Life is and because of that has quickly become one of my most prized possessions.
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