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It's Best Not to Get Your Hopes Up in Life.

I would recommend this toy to others to try. It's been a hit for many, and although I am not one of those many, I know many of you may be. I prefer to give it to you all straight and let you know what I don't like about the toy, and how it didn't work for me. Someone has to show the cons for this toy or else it just isn't a good review. So sorry, Life — It's not working out!
Good for travel
Not as powerful as I had hoped
Turns off on accident easily
The way the battery dies
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Life is a new clitoral/ pinpoint vibrator from the LEAF line. It should work great for most women as it has a unique pinpoint shape that can target small areas such as the clitoris, nipples, etc. It even has a great shape that allows it to be laid between couples during intercourse, which is really cool — I'll admit that much.

Aside from how cool all of these things are, we'll get into more reasons why I didn't find Life to be my "next best thing" throughout this review. My major reason, for those of you "skimming through" reviews, would be the fact that this toy is not good for pressure play. If you are one to squeeze your toys in a moment of heat or one who needs to press on the clitoris in order to orgasm, this toy is not for you. Why? Well, the simple press of the ONE button will turn off the vibrator immediately.

Material / Texture

The LEAF Life, which is made from 100% silicone, is the most clean material you will find on the market, and it requires almost no maintenance whatsoever. A simple wash with warm water and antibacterial soap and charging are the most of your worries with the Life vibrator.

The Silicone is very buttery, with little to no drag whatsoever. I found this to be a little annoying. My MiMi from Je Joue was smooth as well, but not as buttery as the LEAF Life. It slips and slides too easily with lubricant and made it hard for me to pinpoint the 1/3 of my clitoris that is sensitive. So I found that when using this toy, I had to use a very thin water-based lubricant, or no lubricant at all to achieve the best stimulation.

Life had a little bit of a smell to it for the first day that I had it. I suppose this is due to the fact that it maybe had a protective sealant of some sort, or some residue from being processed in the factory. After the first day, Life no longer had a smell and carried no smell from lubricants, soaps, etc. It’s completely non-porous.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of LEAF Life is... a leaf! Who would have guessed? It's not a bad idea for the design, actually. The leaf is curved so that it can be used in multiple ways. You can successfully lay it a top your vulva during intercourse so that the tip of the leaf stimulates your clitoris. You can hold it against your clitoris easily and move it about with not much of a hassle (unless you're a squeezer, like I mentioned).

The design is also great because it isn't suspicious. Our new dog actually devoured the Life vibrator about an hour ago, so pictures are out of the question. But I would have loved to take a picture of this leaf eraser I got from an Earth Day festival laid side by side with the LEAF Life vibrator. They look so similar that it would have been very easy for me to hide this toy if someone were in my home. I could quickly say, "It's just an eraser, like this one!" (Holding up the actual eraser, of course).

Even without owning an Earth Day eraser, the Life is still a very discreet vibe. Being only about 4 1/2 inches long and exactly 1 1/2 inches wide, it's easy to store anywhere you'd please. You do get a very cute storage pouch that appears to be made of hemp or recycled cotton. You can store the Life in that pouch, or even in something as small as a tiny coin purse. I was able to fit the Life in the small coin pocket on my jeans, to give you an example of how tiny it was.

I wasn't expecting such a small size, to be honest. I was a bit disappointed at how the toy wasn't larger. It would have made it a little bit easier for my to maneuver. I have small hands, but I often take comfort in wider vibrators because my hands are full and they reach a wider area of my labia. I may sound confusing, because I also like pinpoint stimulation — but everyone has their own weird needs!

Being rechargeable, coming with a little pouch, and being so small makes LEAF Life suitable for travel. Actually, it's more than okay for traveling. It's perfect. Fits in your purse, luggage, makeup bag, etc. You can take this toy anywhere.

I do want to mention that the placement of Life's ON/OFF button is a little stupid. The ON/OFF button sits directly on the hump, up top of the toy; the place where your hand will be sitting, and most likely applying pressure. Now, you may ask, what's so bad about that? Well, if you apply even the slightest of pressure to the leaf's ON/OFF button, you turn it off instantly. This can be bad in a moment of heat, right before that big orgasm. I could not bring myself to orgasm due to this. I had my husband try to use the Life on me himself, hopefully avoiding turning the toy off on accident. He kept doing it as well, so it didn't work for either of us. This may not be a problem for everyone. We just happen to be "squeezers".

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrations are easily felt throughout the entire toy. I could turn the toy upside down, or even use the opposite end (the end near the charging hole) and feel the same amount of vibration. This is really nice for those who will be using the Life on its side, or maybe upside down. However you choose to use it, you'll feel equal vibration.

As far as vibration levels — I wasn't impressed, though I wasn't extremely let down. I was disappointed that this toy wasn't stronger than the MiMi, as many have told me it is. However, it wasn't so weak that it couldn't make me orgasm. The toy could easily bring any woman (I could imagine) to an orgasm. Except for me, because I'm a "squeezer". But seriously, it could. It may not be the strongest, most intense orgasm one has ever had — but you'll most likely have one.

Noise is not even an issue with the Life. This is one reason that I feel it may be a good beginner toy — a good toy for someone who is trying out their first vibrator. I know that when I was on campus, I could never find a decently quiet vibrator. I could have really appreciated this one back in the days. It's virtually silent compared to most vibrators.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is very minimal with this toy. A simple wash under warm water and antibacterial soap will do the trick. But if you prefer to use toy cleaner, toy wipes, or a rinse under a very light 10% bleach solution you can do just as well.

Charging is easy. The charger hole is open (however closes when plug is removed, making this toy fully submersible) so you can easily find it. Press the charging cord in straight until the red light comes on, and when the light goes off your toy is fully charged and ready for use. This takes roughly two hours. For me, it only took 1 hour and a half.

Lubricants should always be water-based ONLY with Silicone toys. Silicone lubricants can wear down Silicone and cause it to fall apart, bubble up, or peel. So avoid using these lubricants to prolong the life of your LEAF Life.


This toy comes packaged in a recycled cardboard box with magnetic closure. Similar to a small jewelry box, it is perfect for storing your toy and maybe even a few more toys. Your warranty information/ user's manual, mini tote bag, Life, and charger are all included inside and can be stored there safely. Shaking the magnetic box will not cause the magnetic bond to come undone. It's a little difficult to open this thing, but that's worth it.

The box isn't exactly discreet, as it shows the toy and calls it a pleasure object. So if you have older children who might know what this is, live at home with parents or roommates, etc. you may want to just trash this part of the deal and keep your tote, charger and Life. Life can easily be stored with the charger inside of the mini tote, and there's even room for a small lubricant bottle and the warranty information.

Personal comments

Apparently you can lock this toy by pressing the ON/OFF button three times. I tried this several times and could not master it myself. I'm not sure if my toy had a malfunction or if I was just doing it wrong. I followed directions of the user's manual, so I suppose that maybe it wasn't descriptive enough?

I would also like to note that as the battery dies, you can feel it. The power slowly lessens and lessens. With the Je Joue MiMi, the power was a constant high and only died suddenly, and not little by little. This also made it hard to come to an orgasm. I take quite a while, and when about 20 minutes into the game I start feeling the power die, it frustrates me and doesn't stimulate me enough to get to the big O.


Overall, my experience wasn't great. Although this is a one of a kind, unique, new toy — it isn't for me. The fact that I am a little more aggressive and squeeze (which I was never aware of until now) makes this toy hard to use. I constantly turn the Life off on accident, which means no orgasm and a lot of frustration. If the button was in any other place I would be fine.

The buttery texture of the silicone made choosing lubricants a picky job. It's bad when a toy is just too slippery. Don't get me wrong — that pointy tip is great for pinpoint stimulation — but when things are slippery, it's impossible to stay put on that one third of my clitoris.

I don't like that I cannot lock the toy easily. If a child (nieces, nephews, little brother) were to find this toy on accident, I wouldn't want them to be able to turn it on. To me, this is a privacy concern and I do not like that.

So even though my dog totally ate this toy, I can't say that I'm entirely disappointed that it's gone. I tried it out for a good five hours total (yesterday) with my husband and another two hours this morning (alone) and I can easily tell after that much time that this toy just isn't going to work out.
Follow-up commentary
Since this toy is never coming back (dog ate it) I will never get to have the chance to like it. But truly, I know that even if my dog didn't eat it, I wouldn't like it. Too weak for me, and not the right shape. Button was so annoying.
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