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Luxury clitoral vibrator by Leaf

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It's A Wonderful Green Life!

Life is designed to work for most women. It's designed to have pin pointed vibrations and broad vibrations, so depending on how you manipulate Life it should work for you. There are multiple levels of vibrations to fulfill sensitive kitties to the clit of steel ladies. Are you ready to enjoy Life?
Green(Color), Rechargeable, comes with a pouch, multiple settings, waterproof and powerful.
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Leaf line presents clitoral vibes like Life, Spirit, Touch, and Fresh, but they also have internal vibes like Bloom and Vitality. All of these vibrators are luxury vibes that come at a cost ($120-$140), but with that cost you can expect (at least with Life) to get a high quality toy. They are made from hygienically superior Silicone, are rechargeable, and a one year warranty(which is explained in the manual.)

Life is an external vibe that is meant to be used as a clitoral vibe, but is not limited to the clitoris. Other areas it can stimulate are nipples, base of the penis, testicles, and the external area of the anus, however you should not try to insert this toy, especially anally. It can penetrate the vagina somewhat, but this is more to dip inside to re-juice the outside of your vibe. Inserting this anally could result in an embarrassing visit to the ER, which no one wants, so please, if you ignore this warning, keep a good grip on the toy while using it internally.

There are multiple settings to this vibe and there is bond to be one to satisfy most levels of users, so from the sensitive ladies to the clit of steel ladies, Life just might be for you.

Material / Texture

Life and all the other Leaf line vibrators are made of Silicone. The silicone on Life is squishy until you feel the inside parts, very much a lint magnet, and has drag to it, but is gone with the application of lube. Silicone is latex free, phthalates free, hypo-allergenic, and non porous. Should you want to share this beautiful toy you can use a condom (with a water based lube only) or you can sterilize it washing it with bleach and water solution. The feeling of the silicone is not as soft and powdery/chalky feeling as Mimi, but it is still pretty soft. I actually like the feeling of this silicone more than Je Joue's, since I don't cringe from this silicone.

There is a seam all along the middle of the vibrator, this is definitely felt when you run your fingers across it. The tip of this clitoral vibe is pin pointed for direct stimulation, but there is no added texture, unless you include the light raised lettering of the Leaf logo, and some markings on the back side.

Design / Shape / Size

The color I am a little disappointed in the color. The product page shows this very visually stimulating lime green that is very bright and springy, but mine is not that exact color. I do really love most colors of green and I do love the color mine is, but it doesn't match the product page, however it is close. Mine is more earthy toned, but my images show it to be pretty vibrant. (Do keep in mind that your computer screen settings can change the appearance of colors.)

I looked up many types of leaves, so I could give an accurate name to my Life Leaf Vibe. What I found was that Life is a lanceolate leaf, which means it spear shaped, i.e. the base is larger and it lessens to the apex. To me the leaf shaped like what you would draw off of a steam for a rose. I have attached an image to compare it to Mimi's size. It is thicker, not as wide, but taller, however pretty well close to the same size.

Life totals in at 4.5" long, 4.5" circumference, 1.5" diameter, and 1.5" thick. (Thick is referring the Life laying flat and measured from top to bottom.) The back side has the hole for the charger to plug in, but around the hole is some lightly raised lettering. The front side has the push button, which might not stand out to everyone. Around the push button is slight grooves to let you know it is there, but this doesn't effect its use. If you still can't find it, it is above the Leaf logo. Once you hit the button the LED light turns on to indicate it is in use.

Life is very ergonomic to the clitoris. It was designed in with the intention of having indirect stimulation and pin pointed stimulation all in one toy. This is possible with different placements of the vibe on the clitoris. The size is very easy to hide and travel with. Should you want to travel out of the U.S. be sure to get an adapter to recharge your toy properly. The size doesn't favor to a level of users, since it is suitable for all.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Life is powered by a lithium ion battery that is rechargeable. You get a 57" cord to work with for charging, which is the same style charger as Jopen Vanity Toys, so if you misplace yours and happen to have one of those you can use that charger as well. (They do work to charge, I tested them and the other way around too.) Once you plug in your charger you will see a red light appear, this means it is charging, the light will shut off when complete.

Your initial charge will take 3 hours, however every charge after that (at least for me) only seems to be an hour tops. I have managed to have my Life last me 1.5 hours on the highest setting, but it will naturally last longer on the lowest setting. I have noticed that the closer to needing recharged it gets the weaker the vibrations are, but that is an indication that you need to recharge it.

The vibrations are deep and rumbly on the highest setting and are more localized to the pin pointed tip, but they can be felt on the flat base of the top too. You can apply pressure with this vibe, but it will lose some power, however it wasn't much. On the lowest setting the vibration are soft rumbles, but the highest setting they are low rumbles. Even on the lowest setting the vibrations shake the entire toy, but they don't numb your hands, tickle, or itch. The vibrations are controlled with a single button that has an LED light indicator. The vibrations are the same Vroom intensity as Mimi.

Once you click the button once the vibrations are turned on, but in order to go up in speed, you must hold the button until the desired speed is found. When you want to shut it off just one single click does the trick.

Life is also waterproof! It can be completely submerged into water. Don't worry about the charging hole not bubbling over and failing to work. It works just fine and I have tested it. Should it fail, contact Leaf, since that would indicate a malfunction and should be covered under the warranty.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning your Life is easy, just wash with warm soap and water before and after every use, but you can use toy wipes and toy cleaner if you wish. Should you share this item a condom is a good idea, but if you would rather go condom free there is another option. You can use a bleach and water solution to clean your toys (very little bleach is actually needed) in between partners.

Life comes with a pouch that is suitable for storage, which will hold the vibe and the charger.

Silicone is only compatible with water based lubes. Silicone based lubes could damage silicone products, so it is best not to risk that happening, especially with a toy that is not expensive to replace.


Comes in a box that is environmentally friendly in colors and design. The booklet that comes inside has a mini manual inside that explains how to use the toy and what the warranty is about.

Personal comments

Is it worth its high price tag?
If you have the money it certainly is worth the price for the high quality toy you get. However, I do believe it is high priced for average users. If you are in the market for a rechargeable toy that is cheaper I would check into Mimi or Salsa, depending on what you are looking for. (Direct/pin pointed stimulation is Salsa, but all over vibrations is Mimi.)

Excuse the many photos I included, but I wanted to really show the toy well and that could only be done with many images.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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