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Luxury clitoral vibrator by Leaf

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Life by Leaf:I have been searching for this toy my entire life!

Ladies, How long have you searched for the perfect clit vibe? I found it! The Life by Leaf is an intoxicating and orgasmic combination of rechargable power and pinpoint stimulation all wrapped up in an small, sleek, modern, package. My little Life is everything I have ever wanted and needed in a vibe! The powerful vibes will make you shake like a leaf with pleasure!
Pinpoint stimulation, Powerful, Rechargeable, Color, Shape, Small, Eco friendly.
Expensive, Charging port.
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I have been waiting patiently... Waiting for a small vibrator that is visually attractive, rechargeable, and most importantly: powerful and pinpoint. When my life arrived I was overjoyed and after a few test runs (Well, more than a few...) extremely happy. I haven't been able to find a vibe with all four of these qualities and feel like my search for the perfect vibe is over. With it's diverse vibe strength, multiple surfaces/points, this vibe will be appropriate for the beginner who may be new to vibes or the power queen like myself, who needs a lot of stimulation to orgasm.

This little vibe is perfect for external stimulation of the clit, nipples, or anus;(no insertion). I suppose you could try for some shallow vaginal G-spot play, but it does not have the length for this purpose. I also love that this toy is waterproof for shower and bath play. The Life is amazing for solo play, but I use it frequently with my husband during foreplay and I always use the Life during sex.

Material / Texture

The Life is made of high quality silicone. It is smooth and soft, holds heat, and is waterproof. There is a small seam, but the Life is otherwise free of texture. The life is firm to the touch with a little "squish," and the narrower tips have more give and flexibility. The Life has no smell or taste.

Design / Shape / Size

The Life has a graceful, ergonomic design and a light green hue that reminds me of an actual leaf. The Life easily fits in my small hand and also in my husbands large one when we play together with the product. The Life fits nicely between my body and my husbands when we have sex. It is extremely esthetically pleasing and is both unique in color and shape from any other toy on the market.

The size of the Life is as follows:
The length: 4 inches.
The Circumference: 4 and 1/2 inches.
The Diameter: 1 and 1/2 inches.

The smooth silicone finish is soft with a little drag but can become very slippery when lube is applied. The pinpoint tip is the perfect size and shape to almost 'hook' your clit around the point. One can sort of bury the tip in just the right place and have the perfect amount of stimulation, which in my case, is a lot.

Functions / Performance / Controls

In terms of power I would rate the vibe a 5 when fully charged, but a 4 after a few uses. I find that mine does go through charges pretty quickly and now I have just been keeping it on the charger when not in use. I have a Mimi and would say that the vibrations are less rumbly than the Mimi, but pretty similar in power. What gives this vibe its edge is the pinpoint design which I find focuses all the vibes on that small spot that some people (myself included) need to have an orgasm. I love my Mimi, and use it often, but it has become my backup vibe since my Life has been in the picture.

Life does not have any vibration patterns, personally, I don't ever use them so it doesn't bother me, but I could see others might miss this feature. The product is turned on by pressing a button that is located on the center top of the vibrator. You press it once and it turns on. If you hold the button it flashes green and the power increases. You can take your finger off the button at any time and stop the power exactly where you would like it. When the button stops flashing the power is on max. At that point, you can turn off the Life by pressing the button one more time.

I have found that the button can be hard to locate by feel alone in the dark as it is not very raised. Also, Life's light is pretty bright. I don't mind it but some people don't like a bright green light on while having sex.

When you apply pressure on the Life the power does diminish slightly, but is still more than enough to allow orgasm for me.

One complaint about the LIFE is its charging system. With the price tag and new advancements in charging technology, magnet chargers etc...I would think that one would not have to forcefully insert the charging prong into this small hole in the top of the product. I always feel like I am going to break it or that I am shredding the waterproof plastic opening when inserting the charging prong. I find that the Life's battery lasts a few uses, but then the power does diminish fairly quickly after that and it becomes clear that the unit needs a new charge.

ALthough I dislike the charging system, it is easy to charge, simply plug the Leaf labeled cord into the small port, at times it feels like you are forcing it in, push until it clicks and the light around the button turns and stays orange. I typically leave my Life on the charger when not in use, but it usually takes 2-3 hours to charge fully.

The Life does feature a locking mode by pressing the buttons a certain way. I have never used it but it would be invaluable if traveling as the button is in a location that does allow for easy accidental triggering

Care and Maintenance

The Life is easy to maintain, don't use silicone lubes and wash with soap and water or a toy wipe after use. It doesn't seem to collect much fuzz or dust, but to keep it clean, you may use a toy pouch or box for safe keeping. Be careful not to let your silicone Life mingle with other silicone toys as the silicone may degrade or become damaged.


The Life arrives in a earth tone cardboard package that has an insert with all of the Life's instruction nestled inside. I was able to cut a small hole in the side of the box to create a sort of charging station. This box sort of folds open like a book, it is sturdy, and can serve as a storage box if you wish. The life also comes with a cute little pouch, also earth tone, that serves as a storage bag. It has the leaf logo on the front.

Although the box is discrete and does not contain any hint that there is a sex toy inside, it still does invoke curiosity, so I would not say it is completely discreet. I would say the packaging is classy, modern, and sleek.
Follow-up commentary
I am still completely in lust/love with my Life by Leaf. There are no issues that have arisen after frequent use over the last few months.

Although I find it needs more frequent charging at times, this toy provides the pinpoint stimulation and five-vroom power that I love so much. Despite my concerns about the charging port, I have not noticed any break-down of the silicone around the port and am not having any trouble connecting the charger and the port.

This toy remains my go-to when I want a fast and powerful orgasm.

This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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    glad you like it!
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    Thanks for taking the time to share. I officially want one.
  • chicmichiw
    Life is definitely pricey. But I definitely don't regret mine!
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    Great review, thanks!
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